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Free Summer Burritos At Chipotle – Chiptopia Rewards Program

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Chipotle is giving away free rewards this summer with their Chiptopia Summer Rewards program. Get paid to eat the food you already love starting July 1st until the end of September. We’ll also teach you how to save 15% on all Chipotle purchases.

How Does Chiptopia Summer Rewards Work?

Chiptopia is a little bit different than your typical rewards program. Rewards aren’t based on the amount that you spend at a Chipotle location, or even the amount of points you earn. Instead, you get rewarded by the amount of times you visit a Chipotle location.

If you make a certain amount of visits within a given month, you can earn a free burrito. According to the program, there are three different status levels:

  • Mild – Need to make a minimum of 4 visits. Once you reach this status you get a free entree. You must make a qualifying purchase. Achieve this status for all 3 months and get an additional free entree.
  • Medium – Purchase 8 entrees to reach this level. You can count your free entree earned at the Mild level as 1 of your 8 entrees. If you achieve the medium status for all three summer months, you get $20 in free Chipotle merchandise on their website along with an additional free entree.
  • Hot – A minimum of 11 entrees need to be purchased to achieve the Hot level. Again, 1 of your free entrees from the medium level can be counted toward your 11 visits. Maintain the Hot status for all three summer months and earn catering for 20 people for free – a $240 value.

chiptopia rewards program

What Are The Rules?

There are a few rules that you need to abide by in order to keep reaching new status levels.

  • Each time you make a qualifying purchase on the 4th, 8th or 11th visit in a month, you automatically receive a free entree along with a new status level. If you’ve already reached your 11th visit, you can’t earn anymore free entrees until the following month.
  • The beginning of the month will reset your purchase count back to zero.
  • You need to make a minimum purchase of $6 (not including tax) in order for your visit to count.
  • You can’t make multiple visits on the same day to earn additional rewards. If you visit Chipotle twice in the same day, it will only count as one visit.
  • The rewards program can’t be combined with any coupons that you may have.
  • Register for the program in July and get free guacamole and chips with your first order.
  • You can read their entire list of rules and rewards on their website.

So how do you get started? All you have to do is go to any Chipotle location starting July 1st and pick up a Chiptopia card. You can start the program any time you’d like between July and September. However, if you want the bonus rewards that require you to participate for all 3 months, you’ll need to start in July.

How Else Can I Save An Additional 15% At Chipotle?

If you don’t want to participate in the Chiptopia Rewards or the program has already passed, there are still ways to save at Chipotle no matter what time of the year you’re hungry.

The quickest and easiest way to save on your next burrito is to buy a discounted Chipotle gift card through Raise. This online gift card vendor sells gift cards at an extreme discount from their retail value. Right now you can buy Chipotle gift cards for as much as 14.5% off.

raise-chipotle chiptopia rewards program

Keep in mind that their stock is limited, so if you really love eating at Chipotle you’ll need to buy them quickly. Registering as a new member at Raise and get a $5 off your first gift card purchase.

The great thing about this gift card is that it can be combined with the Chiptopia Rewards Program. Instead of using cash or a credit card, you’re just using a different form of payment. Get around 15% off of your burrito plus discounts toward future burritos.

Be sure to purchase only e-gift cards since they will only take a maximum of 24 hours to arrive in your inbox. Most of the time you’ll receive them within the hour.

What If Raise Is Out Of Stock?

In the past we’ve noticed that sometimes gift cards at Raise are sometimes out of stock. If this is the case, there are multiple online gift card vendors you can shop at. The quickest and easiest way to find the store with the best rate is to use a website called Gift Card Granny.

Type in the gift card you want to buy, and the results will display a list of vendors with their discounted price. You can see from the image below that Gift Card Spread currently has the best price. The reason we feature Raise on this website is because we know they’re quick, reliable and we’ve never had a problem with them.

gift-card-granny-chipotle chiptopia rewards program

Final Thoughts

If you want to devour a lot of burritos this summer, we recommend going with Chipotle due to their excellent rewards program. Even if you happen to miss out, be sure to go through gift card vendors such as Raise to get up to a 15% savings.

Do you have any other ways of saving money at Chipotle? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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