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10+ Best Ways To Earn Free Target Gift Cards (Updated 2020)

10+ Best Ways To Earn Free Target Gift Cards (Updated 2020)
Stephanie Ford Feb 22, 2020
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

With the sheer number of sales, promotions and opportunities to get free Target gift cards, there really is no reason to pay full price for an item at Target.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in to our list.

10+ Ways To Get Free Target Gift Cards

We want you to keep in mind that not all of these methods will work best for everyone.

However, we do hope that you do find a few that you can work with to get you some free gift cards.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a site which can be used to complete surveys in exchange for points. The number of points you get per survey varies, usually based on how long it takes and the company the survey is for. Sticking to surveys with higher points means you’ll be able to cash out your points faster.

We’ve reviewed Survey Junkie previously (read our detailed review here). The major aspects of the site are:

  • It’s free to join
  • The signup process is fast and easy
  • Bonus points are available throughout the signup process
  • You receive your points straight away (after completion of the survey)
  • Payout threshold is just $10 (1,000 points)
  • Rewards are sent quickly
  • No fees to redeem points
  • New surveys are available daily
  • You receive points for your time  if you don’t qualify for a survey
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

You can cash out your points for gift cards to a heap of major retailers, including Target, or for cash via PayPal (if you’d prefer).

This is definitely one of my most favorite ways to earn a free target gift card or two.

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2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a market research platform that pays you for the information that you provide.

You can earn points for providing photos of your receipts, linking loyalty cards, making in-app purchases, referring friends, or taking advantage of the in-app bonuses.

The best part? You get a $10 bonus when you claim your first receipt.

The rewards programs are actually pretty generous. You earn $5 for every referral and your friends earn $10 after they scan their first receipt. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

They also run occasional promotions with really generous signup bonuses, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

What’s more is that the people you’ve referred become a part of your ‘team’. You can earn TeamWork bonuses for various tasks completed by your team. So the referral program really is a gift that keeps on giving.

You can cash out when you’ve reached $20 in your kitty. Your account balance can be exchanged for gift cards to Target or one of many other major retailers, or for cash into your PayPal or Venmo account.

We previously wrote an in-depth review of Ibotta, check it out for more information. We have also compiled a list of 13 Tips and Tricks you can use to get the most out of the Ibotta app, so that’s worth checking out if you want to get a bit more of an ROI on your time spent using the app.

Stretch your gift card even further

You can also use the Ibotta app to get an additional 3.5% cash back on any in-app purchases made. Simply locate the ‘Find Rebates’ section and hit ‘Mobile Shopping’ and get shopping!

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3. Shopkick

Shopkick is a free smartphone app that gives you points (called ‘kicks’) for both online and in-store shopping. You just download the app, pick your reward, sign up for an account and you’re on your way to being rewarded for shopping.

You can earn kicks by scanning receipts, scanning barcodes, linking your card, completing ‘bonus tasks’, or (in some cases) simply walking into a store. That’s right, you can get 25 kicks by walking into Target or Wal-Mart, amongst others.

Once you’ve earned enough kicks, you can trade them in for gift cards to Target or one of many other major retailers.

One criticism of the app is that it can take a long time to accumulate enough points to earn rewards. 250 kicks will earn you $1 and there is a 500 kick minimum trade-in balance. That said, earning points has been likened to taking part in a scavenger hunt, so if you aren’t in a rush to earn your gift card – it can be a fun way to earn.

The referral program allows you to earn up to 2,500 kicks, so referring friends is a great way to earn some additional rewards. There are also frequent opportunities to earn bonus kicks if you’d like to speed up the process.

Our detailed review can tell you more about the app, so check it out if you’re after some additional information.

4. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is another site that’s happy to shell out for your opinions. It’s a major research firm that operates in more than 88 countries. If you’re not from the US, the UK or Canada, you’ll be redirected to a local site with a different rewards program.

The site focuses solely on surveys and has partnered with some of the biggest brands around the world.

To get started, you’ll need to register. You’ll be entered into a prize draw for registering. After that, you’ll be able to take part in the available surveys that you qualify for.

If you get started on a survey and it turns out that you don’t qualify, you’ll receive 5 points for your time.

Generally, you can earn $10 for every 1,000 points. Surveys are worth anywhere between 10-100 points.

You can redeem for a mere 500 points ($5) with some retailers. You’ll need more if you want to cash out your points via PayPal. Target allows you to access a $15 gift card for 1,500 points or a $25 for 2500 points.

Our detailed review concludes that it’s a convenient way to make an extra $30-$40 a month. It’s possible to make more if you’re willing to put in the time, assuming you qualify for enough surveys.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of, if not the, biggest online rewards site. You can earn ‘Swagbucks’ by completing tasks, like watching videos, playing games, shopping online, referring friends, clipping coupons or completing surveys, polls or free trial offers.

As you’d expect, you earn ‘Swagbucks’ for watching sponsored videos (you can earn up to about 150 a day) or playing games through the app. You can get bonus points if you’re really good at the game but generally, it’s not worth the time-investment earning points this way unless you’d be playing anyway in your spare time.

Earning points by shopping online works like a cashback – if you shop using the Swagbucks app, you’ll earn Swagbucks for your purchase. Be sure to clear your cookies before purchasing though as Swagbucks is very sensitive to other affiliate sites referring customers.

There are a number of additional tasks you can do to build up points, like searching using the Swagbucks search bar.

Once you’ve earned 100 Swagbucks, you can exchange it for a gift card to Target (or one of many other retailers, including larger stores). The points are worth about 1 cent each, so 500 points are usually worth about $5.

Check out our in-depth review for more info about Swagbucks. You can find out how to earn an additional $281 a year through the app.

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel pays you to complete small tasks online. The tasks currently offered are surveys, offer walls and watching videos. You can earn points via their referral program too (ongoing 20% referral points for anyone that you refer).

It’s free to sign up to the site and, once you’ve verified your email and completed your profile, you can get started earning points straight away.

The amount that you earn per task varies drastically per task. There isn’t any real rhyme or reason to the number of points offered for each task, but they do tell you how many you’ll earn before you get started.

You can cash in your points for Target gift cards, cash, or gift cards to many other major retailers. Keep an eye on the number of points that each retailer requires in exchange for the gift cards. They do vary slightly.

You will usually receive your reward within 7 days of cashing in your points.

Check out our in-depth review for more information about Prize Rebel if you’re interested.

7. Drop

Drop is an app that targets millennials hoping to receive relevant benefits for their shopping.

Users sign up, link a credit card and choose 5 stores from which they can earn points. Points accumulate as you spend. We recommend using the app to get some rewards on spending, not spending to accumulate points. It isn’t worth it!

You should check out the ‘List of Earning Options’ in the app before choosing your 5 stores. Some stores get a bigger return than others, so it will pay to do some research first.

You can get a few bonus points here and there for verifying your email, referring friends, enabling the app’s notifications or visiting the Drop social media pages. You can also access occasional bonus points promotions.

1,000 points will get you $1. You can check out our detailed review for further information about how points accumulate.

You can’t redeem the rewards for cash, but you can get gift cards for stores like Target, Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, Starbucks and a heap of other major retailers.

8. InstaGC

InstaGC (short for Instant Gift Cards) is a rewards program that allows you to exchange points for gift cards.

You can earn points completing surveys (you’ll earn a point even if you’re disqualified), watch videos, taking advantage of offers, use InstaGC’s search engine, take part in trials, visit specific websites and refer friends. You’ll earn 10% of any earnings your referrals earn. You can also get a bonus 10 points for any referral who confirms they are from Australia, Canada, the UK or the US.

You’ll get $1 USD for every 100 points earned. The site has rates for the Euro, CAD, AUD and the British Pound as well, although they fluctuate with changes in conversion rates.

You can cash out with as little as $1 USD in your account. You can get gift cards for Target, Groupon, Amazon, American Airlines or one of hundreds of other retailers. You can also redeem your points for cash.

Reviews for the site state that redemption is instant.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints also rewards users for completing tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, reading emails or printing coupons. You’ll also get a cash back reward for shopping online with partnered retailers (although you should shop around for rates, as usual).

It’s free to sign up and has a mobile app version, so you can earn points when you’re on the bus or train to work.

As with the other similar sites, My Points has a referral program that allows you to receive an additional 10% of any of the points your referrals make. You’ll also get 25 points whenever someone signs up using your referral link.

The site does have a few associated cons: the points do expire, the cash out amount is quite high and the site tends to send several emails each day. The rewards can also take up to 14 days to arrive. That being said, it’s one of the oldest rewards sites on the internet and has plenty of users.

If you’re after rewards for doing tasks you’d already do online, plus some coupons and offers that you otherwise wouldn’t get, My Points is definitely worth checking out. You can find out more about it in our detailed review.

You can redeem points for miles, gift cards from Target and other major retailers, cash via PayPal or a prepaid Visa debit card.

10. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is a bit different from the other sites in this post. Whilst the focus of the site is on saving you money, you can still complete tasks via the site to earn some rewards.

The site specializes in the sale of discounted gift cards. You can buy new gift cards at a discount, or buy second-hand gift cards from other users. These are usually unwanted gifts that people are hoping trade or to earn some cash for.

You can also earn gift cards reading emails, downloading apps, referring friends ($5 gift card), leaving ratings on the site and even just for signing up (200 points). Once you’ve earned 1,000 points, you can exchange them for a $5 gift card.

The site has a forum with secret deals, a coupons page and a money saving blog that you can check out if you’re hoping to be extra frugal.

Have a look at our detailed review for further information about the site.

11. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another app that allows you to claim rewards for scanning your receipts. You can use it in conjunction with the others mentioned earlier in this article.

You can sign up for Fetch Rewards using our referral link. The code HH3MN will get you a $1.50 bonus. After you’re signed up, you and your friends can earn $1.50 each whenever they sign up using your referral link.

Fetch’s point of difference is that you need to buy specific items, but it doesn’t matter where you buy it from. Just scan your receipt showing that you’ve purchased the requested item and you’ll be eligible for a cashback reward.

The amount of cashback available varies depending on the offer. You’ll often find offers providing rewards of 250 to 2,000 points. That translates to about .25 USD to $2 USD per offer.

There’s a minimum cash out amount of $3 USD. You can use your points to get gift cards for major retailers, including Target. Alternatively, you can choose to donate your reward to charity.

Our detailed post explains how you can sign up to the site and how to use it. Check it out for more information.

12. iRazoo

iRazoo is a program pretty similar to Swagbucks. You’ll earn points for searching the internet, using coupons, completing surveys, playing games and taking advantage of special offers.

Once you’ve signed up and finished your profile, you can get started.

You can earn free points daily by clicking through to their offers page (5 points), reading their emails, entering promo codes from their social media pages or completing daily goals.

The site also has a referral program, but it isn’t as generous as many others. Your friend will receive 500 points for signing up using your referral link. You’ll later receive somewhere between 100 and 500 points after your friend receives their first 1,000 points. There’s a bit of fine print, for example, the first 1,000 points don’t include points gained from promo codes. The amount you receive from your referral varies from country to country as well.

Once you’ve earned 3,000 points, you can cash it out for a $5 gift card. It’s not a site that’s going to make you rich, but you could definitely rack up a $5 gift card every 3-4 weeks without too much trouble.

You can redeem your points for gift cards for Target or other big brands, or you can cash out via PayPal. The number of points you need to redeem varies from store to store, so it’s worth making sure you’re getting the best deal before cashing out.

13. Toluna Opinions

Without making a mockery of the rest of the quote, Douglas Adams was definitely correct when he stated that all opinions are not equal. That’s because, if you find the right site, your opinions can make you money! Toluna is an online site that pays for your opinions.

It’s free to join and you’ll get emails alerting you to any new surveys. You can also get points for creating content, completing quick votes and referring friends.

The number of points you receive for completing the surveys seems to vary widely, ranging from 15 points to 50,000. According to our detailed review, you can earn 6,100 points in your first month with very little effort. Many users also claim to make about 60,000 points per month quite easily.

One drawback of the Toluna site is that the cashout amount is pretty high. You’ll need a minimum of 30,000 points to cash out. 30,000 points will get you a $10 gift card to one of many major retailers.

Of course, you can claim Target gift cards via the site as well. With a bit of effort in your spare time, you’ll probably be able to access rewards every 2 months or so.

14. Target Trade-In

Target’s Trade-In allows you to receive Target gift cards in exchange for your old electronics. So you’re essentially earning gift cards from things you don’t use anymore.

You simply input the information about your device into Target’s Trade-In site, see how much it’s worth, send your electronics to Target and receive a gift card in return. Target pays the postage for you as well, so you don’t have to worry about incurring expenses.

You’ll earn more from your device if it is working and if you include the charger. To claim that it’s working it needs to be free of damage, functioning and can’t have security codes or pin codes.

You can trade in phones, tablets, games, consoles, wearables, MP3 players and speakers.

15. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a GPT website and app that’s extremely popular. The platform has been around since 2000, and they’ve paid over $56,000,000 in cash and rewards to members. 

This ‘get paid to’ site has thousands of short and simple tasks that you can do in your spare time. You can earn money by completing surveys, watching ads, browsing the web, reading emails, referring new users, and more.

Inbox Dollars doesn’t use a point system; every task is worth a dollar amount. You always know how much surveys and tasks pay ahead of time, and surveys always have a time estimate. 

How Much Can You Make With Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is like Swagbucks when it comes to earning potential. You’ll never run out of tasks and complete them whenever you want. Here are some real examples directly from Inbox Dollars:

  • $5.00 signup bonus when you confirm your email address
  • $0.50 for completing a five-minute profile survey
  • $0.50 bonus for completing a short new member checklist
  • $1.75 for a 13-minute survey
  • $0.25 for a 10-minute survey
  • $0.50 for a 20-minute survey
  • $1.00 bonus for every referral up to five referrals 
  • 30% of your referral’s earnings as long as they’re active
  • $1.00 to register with a website for free samples
  • $1.00 to $2.00 each to register with various partner survey sites
  • $0.01 for every three short videos you watch
  • $0.02 for opening Inbox Dollars emails up to four times per day

As you can see, the pay per task isn’t very high. The good news is that most tasks are effortless, so your earnings will add up nicely with consistent use. 

How To Get Target Gift Cards From Inbox Dollars

Once you have at least $30 in your account balance, you can get a free Target gift card through InboxDollars ePayment. 

More Inbox Dollars Gift Cards And Rewards

Inbox Dollars now offers PayPal as a payment option, and they’ve always offered paper checks for cash rewards.

If you want gift cards, your options include Amazon, Walmart, VISA, Best Buy, and dozens of other popular retailers. 

Frugal For Less InboxDollars Review

Other Ways To Stretch Your Free Target Gift Card Even Further

Good old-fashioned coupons

Check out sites like RetailMeNot, Business Insider, Coupons, Hopster or Redplum for coupons that will give you an additional discount on your Target purchase.

You can also use the browser add-in Honey which will check whether any coupons are available for you (it doesn’t check 100% of the sites, but it’s my usual starting point).


Ebates is an online shopping portal that gives users access to cashback rewards for making purchases through their partner retailers.  The cashback rewards can be more than 10%. At the time of writing, the cashback offered at Target was 1%.

The platform is incredibly simple to use – simply search for your retailer and the site will let you know whether it’s an affiliated site and how much cashback you’ll be entitled to. The platform has more than 1,700 partner stores.

The portal is free to join plus you’ll get a $10 bonus for signing up. The referral program is also really generous AND there are routine double cashback opportunities.

We’ve reviewed the site in the past. Check it out for more details about the site.

Mr Rebates

This platform is basically “same same, but different” to Ebates. Those in the know suggest that Mr Rebates has a better cashback program during the off-peak season, but it really fluctuates. I’d check both sites if I was really intent on getting the best deal.

Mr Rebates has partnered with a few more retailers (currently about 2,000) than Ebates and offers more frequent cashout opportunities, but it also has a higher cashout threshold ($10).

If you’re not in the US, Mr Rebates has partner sites in various countries around the world.

Keep your eye out for sales and clearance items

Generally, nabbing yourself a sale or clearance item is the best way to save yourself some money. Coupons and the like can definitely save you some money, but prices are often slashed in half (or more) for clearance items.

Check out Deal News, Offers, or Price Grabber for deals. Alternatively, you can download a browser add-on like the one from

These will alert you to better deals on other sites as you shop. It’s a great option for those of you who (like me) don’t always have time to scour the web for the best price.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any ways to earn free target gift cards that wasn’t mentioned on this list and should be?

We’d love to hear about them. Let us know in the comments below!

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