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Freemit Will Give you $10 In Free Bitcoin When You Join Their Waitlist

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Freemit is new alternative for transferring money. They haven’t launched their product and they won’t until late 2016, but in the meantime you can join their waitlist and get $10 in free Bitcoin when they finally do decide to launch.

What Is Freemit?

Freemit is a free Bitcoin exchanging app that allows you to spend and get money at any place in just seconds. This way you can skip the bank with their Bitcoin-powered exchange and never have to pay any fees.

You can transfer money to anyone including your friends and family in matter of seconds. Furthermore, you’ll be able to spend money on your Freemit Debit Card without the need to pay any foreign transaction fees, allowing you to spend money freely anywhere in the world.

If you find yourself abroad and need some cash locally in a local currency, you can get the best possible rates with their world-wide cash pick-up feature.

What’s The Deal?

Freemit hasn’t launched yet, but they plan to in late 2016. When you join their waitlist, they’re offering to give you $10 in Bitcoin for free. Make sure to claim this offer now, because once the launch apps you won’t be eligible for it.

How Do I Get On The Waitlist?

You can sign-up for the Freemit waiting list by clicking this link here, and you must sign-up before May 31st, 2016. All you will have to do is enter you email and be 18 years of age or older.

Once they officially launch you’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to proceed in order to claim the $10 bonus. This will consist of linking a current credit or debit card for identification purposes as well as registering for a new account.

Final Thoughts

Now only will you be getting $10 in free Bitcoin by the time Freemit launches, but it can also be a useful app that will help you save money on certain fees that you might otherwise pay at a bank or other financial institutions. Keep in mind that you can only get the sign-up bonus once. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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