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10 Easy Frugal Hair Care Tips That Will Save You Money

10 Easy Frugal Hair Care Tips That Will Save You Money
Diana Star Oct 29, 2019
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Hair is an essential asset to very many people.

Regardless of your choice of hairstyle, nicely-styled and maintained hair contributes to a person’s attractiveness.

It also keeps the head warm during the cold season and is just fun to touch when you need to relax or think.

The problem is, maintaining it can be costly. It gets even more expensive if you have kids with long hair. Lots of people spend a lot of money on hair products in a month. Others love being experimental and will get their natural hair done in salons.

Combine this with the crazy amount needed to keep it looking good and your jaw will drop. taking care of your hair may be expensive, but cutting it all off isn’t the only solution.

Also, getting a second or third job to cover for hair costs does more harm than good to you.

Not only do you put yourself under stress and, in most cases, get less time to relax, but you’re bound to get tired and drop that extra job(s). No matter how much you adore your hair, it’s a no-brainer that getting into debt because of it is a big no.

Do some extensive research and you’ll realize that there are ways to keep your beautiful locks without having to snip them off or go through the unbearable hassle.

Of course, trimming your hair regularly is alright to keep it from growing excessively long and to remove the strands that get out of place frequently.

If you love your hair but don’t want to spend lots of cash on it, let alone get rid of it, you don’t have to put so much effort into it. Here are some frugal hair care tips that you should try out:

1. Wash Your Hair Daily

Following instructions to the letter is important, but when it comes to instructions on the shampoo bottle, probably not so much. Most shampoo brands encourage you to lather, rinse, and repeat.

Repetitive lathering and rinsing is a waste of precious shampoo and water. It’s even worse if you shampoo your hair daily. You may choose to do it to avoid having even a single greasy strand on your head.

The best solution is to wash your hair daily with a little shampoo. It has a couple of benefits apart from saving on cash such as:

It Protects Your Skin

If you work out or are active, you sweat a lot. Not washing your hair at the end of the day could cause a buildup of excess oil on your scalp, which may result in skin problems.

It Keeps Fungus from Growing on Your Scalp

Washing your hair at least once a day if you have a too-oily scalp keeps it from nourishing fungus that brings about seborrhea, which is a condition that leaves the scalp scaly and itchy.

It Encourages Hair Growth

The simplest way to keep your hair growing is through washing it. Getting it clean frequently removes dead hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth.

It Helps if You Have Thin and Fine Hair

Fine and thin hair means hair that gets greasy quickly. Oils from your scalp easily go down your locks to give them that oily look. Washing hair daily helps keep the grease under control.

It Helps Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is dead skin cells that clump up and fall from your scalp. It may stick to your hair as well. A good old daily washing keeps these nasty flakes away.

2. Go for a Cut That’s Easy to Maintain

Getting the hairstyle of your choice always leaves you looking and feeling like a supermodel. Most times, after washing and styling it, you realize that it looks nothing like it did before.

Another trip to the salon is inevitable. To avoid that kind of stress, why not ask your stylist to give you a do that looks fabulous even after only shampooing it? Check out these low-maintenance haircut tips for every hair type:

Wavy Hair

  • If you love your hair long, a shoulder-length shag is the way to go
  • A tousled pixie cut works best if you prefer keeping it short. Put some styling cream on it and you’re good to go.
  • Consider asking for plenty of face-framing layers so your natural texture won’t overpower you.

Thin Hair

  • Don’t fuss too much with heat and product styling if it falls just below your shoulders
  • A one-length cut is best
  • Avoid bangs. Choose a blunt cut instead

Straight Hair

  • If your hair is thick, long and straight, don’t fight it. A few layers below your chin will do the trick
  • Try going for the long, overgrown shag look. Tousling and air-drying it will help add some texture to it
  • Cascading layers work too

Thick Hair

  • Avoid blunt cuts. Long layers are more ideal
  • Too short is a disaster for this type of hair. Keep your locks under your shoulders
  • Long layers around your face provide a face-framing and flattering shape

Curly Hair

  • Keep your layers long at the front to avoid fighting with curls in your face
  • Choose an angular lob that’s slightly shorter behind and long in front
  • Ask for curls that fall under your collarbone and get lots of layers

3. Learn to Cut Your (And Your Kid’s) Hair

Work. Kids. Gym. These are a few of the commitments that make paying attention to your hair impossible. If you’re on a budget, cutting your hair is inevitable.

Before taking that pair of scissors or rushing to YouTube for a how-to video, consult an expert first.

Realize that you can create a nightmare look with a single clip, especially if you don’t use a mirror to see what you’re doing.

It may seem obvious, but you need to know your hair type before cutting it down. Textured or curled hair has to be moisturized before the trim.

You should also wash your hair first because clean and hydrated hair is easier to cut.

To cut your hair short:

  • Style your hair into a ponytail on top of your head
  • Measure where you’d want the end to be from your hairline using the end of a comb
  • Hold your ponytail and cut in a blunt and straight line at the length you measured above
  • Enter the ends of your scissors into the tail and cut into the newly blunt ends to soften the blunt look you caused before by chopping it into a straight line
  • Take off the hair tie and shake your hair for your new cut to fall into place

If you’re trimming your kid’s locks:

  • Have them stand while you sit for you to be at eye level with their hair
  • Divide the hair into three sections with the middle falling down the back
  • Cut the center part straight across while their backs are directed to you and they’re looking down to the belly button
  • Let them face you and look to one side so you can cut a side section. Do the same for the other end

4. Make Your Detangler

Anyone with long hair that’s prone to tangling and knots understands what a nightmare it is to untangle those knots with a comb. Sitting through the ordeal requires a whole lot of guts.

Thanks to the introduction of detanglers to the market, that horrible experience is now a thing of the past. Rushing to the store and getting some takes a couple of minutes and is beneficial. But you can save some dough by coming up with your detangler.

You will need:

  • Hot water that isn’t boiling hot
  • An empty spray bottle. You can use a standard 12 oz. bottle if you wish
  • Essential oil of your preference (optional)
  • Approximately 3 tablespoons of regular conditioner

To make the detangler, first, put 3 tablespoons of your fave conditioner into your squirt bottle.

Then, fill the bottle with hot water until it is full. This allows the conditioner to melt into the water fast instead of clumping up at the bottom

Add two or three drops of essential oil to give it a pleasant scent.


Finally, spray your creation on dry hair as you comb through. You’ll notice how easy and fun it is to comb your locks with a detangling brush. Alternatively, you can spray it on damp hair so you can use it as a leave-in conditioner.

Both alternatives give you a soft, shiny, and silky head of hair.

Remember to divide your hair into sections before detangling. The knots are less likely to give you a headache when you slit them up.

5. Teach Your Kids How to Use Shampoo

Kids are naughty. It’s a quality that can be cute sometimes, mostly when they complement their minor mistakes with an innocent smile.

Other times, this naughtiness can be frustrating. One of those times is when they don’t seem to realize that you’re trying to cut on costs by using shampoo sparingly.

Monitor your kid during shower time if they’re little and you’ll notice that they cover their whole hand with shampoo! Ordinarily, a drop or two is enough to get the job done even for adults.

A good way to go about teaching your children to use shampoo correctly is to figure out why they use the shampoo in the first place.

They may not always use shampoo to wash their hair. Children love bubbles and might misuse shampoo to marvel at the bubbles formed when they mix it with water.

Solve this problem by buying shampoo that comes in pump bottles. These bottles are made in a way that no matter how much force is applied to them, they pump an amount that is just right for both kids and grownups.

You’re halfway in solving the problem. The bubble bit is still staring at you in the face. It can be a source of alarm since it can cause your little one to slip in the bathroom. Consider using old soap containers for the shampoo in the kid showers.

With these kinds of containers, kids can squirt out the right amount every time. Be sure to indicate the name of the product if you’re using bottles of the same kind to store conditioner and body wash.

You could jazz up the labels by using markers of different colors to write different letters or stick to writing the name directly on the container.

6. Use Coupons to Buy Hair Products

The trick to leading a frugal lifestyle successfully is to identify money-saving opportunities and grasp them.

The economic downfall shouldn’t keep you from keeping your hair looking fantastic. Coupons are the answer to maintain a stylish look while spending less. Most people use them to buy groceries but there’s no harm in trying something new now and then.

Shoppers use them to buy stuff from physical as well as online stores. Interested in using coupons? Here are some tips on maximizing your couponing experience:

Begin Collecting Coupons

There are lots of places to find coupons. Sites like Smart Source and are some places to start. They have printable coupons.

You can also find coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper weekly and in selected stores like Target, that has printable store coupons and gives them to its great customers.

For the newspaper option, you need to buy plenty of papers on Sunday to get at least five of those coupons.

Buy a Binder and Become Organized

Get some baseball card holder sheets and a binder. Organize your coupons according to the kind they are in the sheets.

Research! Research! Research!

Don’t assume that every store has a similar policy on coupons. Stores like Smith’s and Walmart allow a limitless number of coupons per transaction. Others allow four like-coupons per transaction. By learning store policies, you avoid frustrating the cashier and hence making your transaction smooth.

Find Out How Coupons Work

Target allows you to use two coupons on one product. The catch, however, is one of those coupons must be the store coupon while the other should be a manufacture coupon. Stacking these two coupons together on great sales days means you can get a free or cheap item.

7. Stick to Cheap Hair Products

Many salons sell expensive styling products to their clients. They sweeten the deal by guaranteeing quality results for each use.

If you go to such a saloon, the best way to avoid getting sucked into the money-spending craze is to stand your ground.

Ask your stylist to stop selling those products to you and explain that you can’t afford them. Sounds hard? Saying you’re not interested is another way of putting it.

There are some fantastic hair products you should stick to that go at an affordable price. Go for any of these, and you’ll never go wrong:

  • Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream that cures static hair pronto with its nutritious mix of Vitamins B3 & B6, argan oil and citrus protein. This way, your hair will stay smooth for longer.
  • Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo that cleans away any scalp-clogging mess you’ve had since you last washed your hair and boosts its volume.
  • The Aussie Miracle Curls that pampers curly hair with its jojoba and coconut oil content. It nourishes your curls and restores them.
  • Invisibobbles that are lightweight and flexible and hold your ponytail in place without hurting a single strand of hair on your head.
  • Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat Flat Iron Protection Spray that forms a strong barrier that seals the cuticle for healthier hair, keeps your hair safe from damage caused by your styling tools. It also helps in maximizing the strength of curling and flat irons by providing slip.

8. Get Free or Cheap Haircuts

Is your hair full of disorganized strands but the idea of cutting your hair doesn’t work for you? Paying for an expensive haircut doesn’t have to be your only solution. In fact, it doesn’t have to be the answer at all.

Look around and you’ll see that there are countless ways to get nice-looking free or cheap haircuts without having to put in much effort. Here are some of them:

Get a Hair Modeling Gig

Many salon owners want to show off their hair skills to other stylists by applying their styles on a hair model’s hair. That can be you if you’re interested. Don’t expect payment and to be on the safe side, find out about pricing discounts, payment, and pricing before taking the gig.

Go to a Work-at-Home Stylist

Some stylists cut on the costs of owning a commercial salon by working from their home or yours. Work-at-home stylists charge less than salon stylists and often charge more when your entire family needs their services.

Loyalty Programs and Coupons

You can find coupons for Regis Salons, Supercuts and Fantastic Sams by simply looking up ‘Salon Coupons’ on Google.

Signing up at the salon websites to get special promotions and coupons directly on your phone or via email works too.

Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Many cosmetology and beauty schools have student salons which provide an array of salon services to the public either for free or at a pocket-friendly cost.

Call such schools in your location and discover which days they’re open to the public, their prices and the services they offer.

9. Change the Color of Your Hair Yourself

Changing outfits isn’t the only way to adjust your look. A change of hair color is excellent as well, as long as you do it yourself.

It can be hard if you’ve never done it before considering the range of techniques, hair color products, and shade options available.

What’s your style? Blonde? Balayage? Auburn? Dark brown? Whichever your pick, it’s possible to get salon-gorgeous colored hair from the warmth of your couch. But first, let’s focus on essentials you should stock up on:

  • Clear solid lip balm
  • Boxed hair color
  • Latex-free disposable gloves
  • Makeup removing wipes
  • Color brush

When dying, try not to go for extreme transformations like going blonde. Such changes may involve multiple processes that only a salon colorist can pull off.

Also, if you’ve recently permed or relaxed your smooth locks, a dye job isn’t for you. Both processes can damage your hair. Wait for a minimum of one week to apply the color on your hair.

Some tips you’ll find useful before dying your hair are:

Protect Your Skin from Spills and Dye

Don’t make it obvious that you’ve dyed your hair (in an unprofessional way). Using a goopy salve to keep your skin safe isn’t effective. Try gliding a clear solid lip balm along your hairline. Use facial wipes to soak up dye splatters as they happen.

Test a New Shade on Trimmed Hair First

This prevents you from making a hideous mistake of dying your hair unevenly or with several shades at once!

10. Donate Your Hair

Major national organizations such as Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids accept hair donations for adults and kids with cancer.

Note, however, that they have strict requirements. For example, some require hair not to be bleached, be a minimum length, and be bundled into a ponytail. Take your time to know the requirements of the organization you choose before donating.

You may not get some dough for it, but a free haircut at your salon for your good deed is worth the trouble, right?

As long as the stylist doing your hair is familiar with the donation process and supports it, you’re all set.

Before donating, ask yourself if you can deal with the extreme style change on your hair, especially if you’ve never done one on it before. Have some style ideas that you prefer in mind and share them with your stylist.

If you’d love to keep donating your hair in future, keep taking good care of it. Deep condition as necessary, don’t go nuts with heat styling and use excellent conditioners and shampoos.

Treasure Your Locks

Your hair does enough to keep you looking great. You don’t have to ignore it just because you’re living on a thin budget.

Whether you choose to seek an expert’s opinion or do some research, always strive to maintain the beauty of your hair without splashing green.

Use any or all of the tips above and you’ll always be smiling.

Diana Star

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