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Fuel Rewards Program – Earn Cash Toward Gas When You Shop, Travel, & Dine

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I personally tend to do all that I can when it comes to saving money on gas. With the new Fuel Rewards Program, each time you spend money when shopping, traveling or dining out, you can earn points which can be applied toward a discount on your next fuel purchase.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to earn some extra discounts on your next fuel purchase, and requires almost no extra work once you sign-up. Simply swipe your Fuel Rewards Card along with your credit card upon checkout and you’ve just earn some cash toward your next fuel purchase.

What Is The Fuel Rewards Program?

The Fuel Rewards Program is meant to help you lower the cost of everyday expenses by paying less money each time you fill-up at the pump. Unlike other rewards programs, the Fuel Rewards Program gives you points immediately which can be applied toward a discount on your next gas purchase.

How it works is that each time you shop, eat out, or make other purchases at a merchant that’s currently participating in the Fuel Rewards Program, you earn a certain amount of money that can be applied as a discount to your next fuel purchase.

Instead of making it complicated by using a point system, the Fuel Rewards Program simply keeps track of how much you’re going to save by telling you how many cents-per-gallon you’re getting off on your next fill-up.

In short, you’re turning everyday purchases into savings on fuel. There’s no cap on the amount of money you can build up, and there are tons of way in which you can build up Fuel Rewards savings.

The only downside is that there’s only one gas station in which you can use these savings toward: Shell. Even if you find that your local Shell Gas Station has higher gas prices than other ones nearby, you can still keep earning discounts until it becomes a lot cheaper due to the amount of savings you’ve racked up.

What Are Some Of The Ways I Can Rack Up Savings?

There are four basic ways in which you can earn savings toward your next fuel purchase. We’ll cover this more in detail below.

  1. Dining. Every $50 dollars you spend on dining will award 10 cents into your Fuel Savings account. However, you must pay with a linked MasterCard, Visa, or American Express Card.
  2. Card-Linked Offers. You earn 5 cents toward your next fuel purchase each time you spend $50 dollars with a linked MasterCard Credit Card.
  3. Online Shopping. Each time you shop at one of their participating retail partners, you 5 cents off toward every gallon for every $50 dollars spent.
  4. Travel. Each time you book any type of travel with Priceline, you earn 5 cents toward fuel for every $50 spent.

These discounts are not cents off your next purchase, but rather cents off each gallon. This means that if you’ve saved up 30 cents off per gallon and you fill up a total of 15 gallons on your car, you’re actually saving a total of $4.50 off your next fuel purchase.

Take note that the Fuel Rewards Program is not a credit card. First you’re going to enter your Fuel Rewards Program number and then finish your transaction with a normal credit or debit card.

How Do I Sign-Up With The Fuel Rewards Program & Start Saving Money On Gas?

We’re going to walk you through how to sign-up for the Fuel Rewards Program as well as well as all of the ways in which you can earn cents-off-per-gallon. This should make it easier to understand. Here we break it down into 12 easy steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new Fuel Rewards Program by clicking this link here. You’ll need to enter some personal information such as your name and email address. None of this will be given out to third parties. Registration is 100% free.

2. Link A Card. While this section is not required, it’s highly recommended. Almost half of your cents-per-gallon savings will come from linking a card. You’ll even get a free 25 cents off per gallon as a bonus for linking your first card. If you’re looking for a good card, I recommend the Citi Double Cash Back MasterCard. It gives you 2% back on all purchases.

3. Order a Fuel Rewards Card. Once you link your card and sign back in, you’ll be brought to the main dashboard. Click on the “Account” tab at the top and then click on “Manage Cards.” From there, order your Fuel Rewards Card. Remember to link it to your account once you get it.

If you don’t want to, you can also go carless by signing-up for an ID and key it in at the pump. This can be found on the side of the page.

4. Earn with Featured Offers. Now that your cards are linked, we’re going to go through the different ways in which you can earn cents-per-gallon. Click on the “Earn” tab at the top of the page to view the many different offers.

The first one we’re going to go through is Featured Offers. These include special deals that have an expiration date. Take note that you must use a linked Visa or MasterCard to get your points.

5. Earn with dining out. By eating at participating locations, you can add savings to your account when you dine. Click on the “Find Locations” button and they’ll show you a list of places in your area that are participating in the program.

6. Earn through travel. Each time you book a ticket through Priceline, you can earn 5 cents/gallon every $50 dollars spent. This can be done by buying tickets, booking hotels, renting a car, or buying vacation packages. Take note you must use their link to earn points. However, I personally don’t think this section is worth it with the invention of online cash back portals. Click here to read more on how you can get a better deal.

7. Earn through Card-Linked Offers. Pay with a linked Visa or MasterCard credit card and you can get earn cents-per-gallon at participating retailers.

8. Earn through Shopping. View their list of retailers and earn cents per gallon each time you make an online purchase. Again, you must use their links to get cents off toward your next gallon, yet I highly recommend using cash back portals instead.

9. Earn with Shell Offers. Usually you can rack up a large amount of savings when you buy things specifically at Shell. A great trick I use is to buy gift card in $50 denominations or more at Shell locations. You get 5 cents off per gallon every $50 spent. You also automatically get 3 cents off per gallon as a bonus each time you fill-up at Shell.

10. Earn with the Fuel Rewards MasterCard. Apply for their credit card and earn more cash in your Fuel Rewards Account balance. Each time you spend $100 dollars with it, you earn 5 cents off per gallon, and it comes with no annual fee. It doesn’t matter where you use the card. Plus they give you more rewards when you shop at participating locations. I recommend you either get this card or stick with the Citi Double Cash Card.

11. Redeem your rewards. Now that you’re done earning, it’s time to redeem your rewards. Simply go to any Shell station, select Fuel Rewards, swipe your Fuel Rewards Program Card or type in your member ID, and then swipe your credit/debit card to finish the transaction. Discounts will be applied to your total.

How To Save & Earn More

I know that some of you are thinking that you can simply get free gas by saving up until you get $3 dollars off your next fuel purchase and then fill up tons of gas tanks. Unfortunately, there’s a limit of 20 gallons per fill-up.


However, I still bought this 5-gallon gas tank and put it in my car. My car holds about 15 gallons, and I put the remaining 5 gallons of the 20-gallon limit in the container. This way I’m basically getting 5 gallons for free if I save up enough cash on my account balance.

Refer A Friend

Each time you refer a friend, you earn 5 cents off per gallon in your account. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use our referral link here. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Final Thoughts

You can even keep track of your balance by downloading the Fuel Rewards Program App using your iOS or Android device. This is great way to save money on Fuel, especially since it doesn’t involve any extra work, nor does it require you to keep track of points. In that case, it makes it almost passive.

Even if you don’t live near a Shell Station (like myself), you can save up rewards and use them next time you drive to another city. If you’re looking for more ways to save money, we recommend the following:

If you have any questions regarding the Fuel Rewards Program or would like to comment on how much it’s saved you at the pump, feel free to leave them down in the comments below. Again, we greatly appreciate all of our readers. Thanks for reading and good luck saving on your next fill-up.

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