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Get $10 In Under 20 Minutes With The Gift Bay App

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A new version of the Gift Bay App has come out (code 3b92e05 for sign-up bonus), and this holiday season the developers are doubling every cent that you earn for simply downloading apps. This will allow us to earn $10 in under 20 minutes on our first use.

What Is Gift Bay?

Gift Bay is a free mobile app that’s available for both iOS devices and pays you to download and try out apps. Developers partner with Gift Bay in order to get their product promoted, and are willing to pay to get more downloads and increase their ratings.

Each time you download an app and open it, you are awarded a certain amount of coins. In order to celebrate the spirt of Christmas, the makers of Gift Bay have decided to celebrate the holiday season by giving away double the amount of normal coins that you can earn.

While downloading apps is the main task that you’ll be doing in order to earn some cash, there are also other tasks that you do:

  • Downloading Apps
  • Complete Offers
  • Invite Friends
  • Daily Check-In
  • Rating Them In The App Store
  • Spreading The Word
  • Watching Videos

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

The main difference between Gift Bay and other apps that pay you to download apps is that they have a tremendous amount of offers available. When you start out, there should be roughly 50 different apps for you to install.

Expect to earn anywhere from 50 to 500 coins per download, and 1,000 coins is roughly equivalent to $1 USD. The more coins you save up for, the higher amount their value will be (e.g. $1 for 600 coins or $25 for just 9,000 coins).

Most of the time, the only requirement is that you download the app and open it in order to get coins. However, we suggest leaving it open for a minimum of 30 seconds in order to ensure that you’re credited.

You can delete the apps off of your phone once you are awarded coins. Payouts are done within 24 hours from redemption and I’ve never had a missed or late payment. Given the fact that it takes about 1 – 2 minutes to download an app and open at most, we can easily make $10 within our first 20 minutes of using the app.

Finally, we recommend also doing the daily check-in since it just takes a few seconds. You are rewarded 2 coins the first day, 3 coins the second, and this value gradually increases each time you don’t miss a day.

Referrals Are Incredibly Generous

The best part about all of this is their referral program. They pay you 30% of coins made by your friends that use your referral code on sign-up. If you’d like to support FFL, you can use the code 3b92e05. We’d greatly appreciate it!

How Do I Get Started With Gift Bay?

Getting started using the Gift Bay App is very simple and can be done in just 5 simple steps.

1. Download. You can download the Gift Bay App on either the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Enter referral code. Enter in the referral code 3b92e05 to get a sign-up bonus upon registration.

3. Complete tasks. Go to the “Task” section at the bottom of the app and select “Supersonic Task Center.” This is the category that is offering double the normal amount of coins. The “Fyber Task Center” will also reward you for downloading apps, but there’s no special promotion currently going on.

4. Refer friends. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with Gift Bay, as you get 30% of what your friends earn for life. Convince your friends how great the app is and get them to use your code. A great way to spread the word is through Facebook or Twitter.

5. Cash out. You need a minimum of 600 coins to cash out for $1 USD, but we recommend saving for higher cash outs as your coins will be worth more. You can claim them for gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon, or direct deposits to your PayPal account. You only need to wait 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Gift Bay has a huge selection of offers available, and they frequently replace their selection with new ones. This is by far one of the best apps I’ve used to earn cash from my phone.

In fact, the makers of Gift Bay have two other apps that work exactly the same way. You can easily make $50 a month or more if you use all three of them together:

If you had to choose one app this holiday season to start off the New Year right, let it be this one. We also recommend you do this quickly before their double-coin promotion ends. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, Happy Holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

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