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Get $20 For Free When You Buy A $300 MasterCard Gift Card

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When you buy a $300 MasterCard Gift Card at Staples from March 20th – March 26th, you automatically get a free $20 Staples Gift Card.

To our knowledge, this purchase must be made in-store, but we haven’t tested making this purchase online. If you notice in the ad below, you can see the dates of this promotion in the tiny print below.

How Can I Save More On This Purchase?

When you purchase a Visa, AMEX or MasterCard gift card at any retail location, you typically have to pay an activation fee of around $5.95. This can seriously dampen the amount of cash you earn. However, there are certain ways to help mitigate this charge.

Get A Credit Card With A High Amount Of Cash Back

Fortunately when you purchase one of these gift cards at Staples, you’re able to use a credit card to do so. A lot of office supply stores won’t allow this which is very unfortunate. There are certain credit cards that give you 5% in cash back on all purchases made at office supply stores.

The Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Card for example gives you 5% back, and they come with a bonus of $200 when you spend $3,000 within your first months. Furthermore, there’s no annual fee.

If you purchase the $300 with the activation fee, that’s $305.95. But when you get 5% cash back on it, you’re essentially only paying $290.65. Use the MasterCard on a normal purchase and you’re actually only paying around 97% of the actual purchase price, or 3% off everything you purchase with it. Don’t forget the $20 Staples Gift Card that comes with this promotion!

You do need a credit score of at least 700 to get approved for this card. If this is too high for you, we recommend just trying any credit card that gives you cash back since every little bit helps!

How Can I Save Even More At Staples?

There are also two other main ways that you can use to save money at any Staples location.

Buy A Discounted Staples Gift Card

You can buy Staples Gift Cards at discount from their retail value through a Gift Card Reseller. These resellers buy unwanted gift cards from people like you who don’t want them, and then resell them for a higher price. However, this price is still lower than their actual retail value.

The gift card reseller site that gives you the highest percentage off for Staples Gift Cards is Raise. We currently see that their highest discount at the moment is 8.5% off of a $45 gift card. Keep in mind that these values may change depending on the gift cards in stock.

It can take up to 24 hours for an e-gift card to arrive in your inbox, but it normally only takes just a couple of hours at most, or even just a few minutes. We recommend not purchasing their physical gift cards as they can take up to a week to arrive at your door, and they’re also much easier to lose.

Go Through A Portal

You can also go through a shopping portal to get more cash back. These portals are online websites that partner with thousands of online retailers and post all of their affiliate links onto one single website. When you click on their links to make a purchase, they earn a commission and give back a large portion of it to you, most of the time 100% of the commission.

The portal with the highest rate that we recommend is the TopCashback portal. Search for ‘Staples’ in their search bar and you’ll find that you get 3% for each online purchase on all products (there may be exceptions listed on the portal page) made at Staples when you use their link.

When your account reaches a minimum of $20 you’re allowed to cash out directly to your PayPal account or request that a check be sent to your door. Not only that, they give you a $10 sign-up bonus just for registering for a new account.

Keep in mind that while in this example we’re using Staples, you can use this cash back portal for any online retailer. Just as long as it’s partnered with the portal that you’re using you’ll get the cash back.

Final Thoughts

The steps we listed above are also helpful for other retailers as well. As long as it’s well-known, you can get a discounted gift card and use a portal for almost any retailer. Have any questions or comments? Feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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