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Get A Free Phone Plan With RingPlus Mobile

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Maybe you’re sick and tired of that monthly phone bill, or you just don’t like paying a high amount for a phone service that you rarely use. If this is the case, RingPlus Mobile has the perfect solution: Get a free phone plan without any contract and no credit card required with RingPlus Mobile.

What Is RingPlus Mobile?

RingPlus Mobile is a cellular telephone company that strives to give cell phone service to consumers at a low-cost. They recognize that phone companies tend to exacerbate their monthly rates and want to provide you with a solution.

Instead of generating their revenue through minutes and texts, RingPlus works to receive an income through advertisers and music rather than charging its customers. While you may have to put up with ads on your phone once in a while, it’s a small price to pay for getting a phone service that’s completely free.

One way that RingPlus advertises its music is through the ringtone. ‘RingPlus Radio’  is the music, deals, and news that they play when your phone rings. They believe that since they are giving you a free service, the least you could do is allow them to choose your ringtone and get something back for their time.

Ringtones are interactive, in which you can press ‘5’ to view more information about the content you are listening to. No costs are associated with minutes, texts, or megabytes. The best part? You can keep your old number. All you have to do is port your number into RingPlus (which they will gladly help you with).

Is It Really Free?

To put it simply, yes! But there are limits. Let’s take a look at their current free phone plans from the image below.

As you can see, their current phone plan allows 200 minutes, 50 texts, and 10 MB of 4G data per month. If you go over this amount, each call is 2 cents, all international texts are 3 cents, and sending images or videos costs 4 cents per text. Not a bad deal. Right now only the “Free” plan is available, but catch them during a promotion and other options will be available

Maybe you don’t use your phone that often, but still want a little bit more in your phone plan. They still have other options that are extremely cheap, ranging from only $1.99 per month to $49.99 per month (plus sales tax). It’s still a great deal, and remember that there are no contracts.

Do I Have To Buy A New Phone?

That really depends on what phone you have. You can Bring Your Own Device if and only if you have a phone that can be used on the Sprint network. Otherwise, you’re going to have to buy a new one.

If you don’t have a phone and are looking for the cheapest one possible, I recommend buying the Sanyo Taho Phone on Amazon for $15 or the Samsung Transform Ultra for $24. Both are serviced by Sprint. If you want a higher-end phone, you can view a list of current sprint phones here.

What Features Come With RingPlus Mobile?

Other than you basic texting and voice call service, there are quite a few other features that RingPlus offers.

  • Access to Sprint Network that currently reaches over 210 million households
  • Free Wifi roaming calls from any location
  • 40 free radio stations with in-call apps available
  • Free news from RingPlus Radio
  • Transcripts of your voicemail are automatically sent to your inbox
  • You can speak in over 29 different languages live by using their cloud translator

Final Thoughts

If you’re paying too much for your current phone service or you’re looking for something really cheap (or free), RingPlus Mobile is probably your best solution. Take note that this is not a good plan for those who use their phone frequently or like to browse the web from their mobile device.

Are there any other really cheap or free phone plans out there? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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