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Get Amazon Products For Free Or Dirt Cheap With Deals For Reviews

Get Amazon Products For Free Or Dirt Cheap With Deals For Reviews
Jason Wuerch Aug 27, 2015
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If you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon, there’s a way to get heavily discounted or free products. A website called Deals For Reviews gives you products for dirt cheap or for free in exchange for your honest product review.

What Is Deals For Reviews?

Deals For Reviews is an online database of Amazon products submitted by sellers who wish to promote their products and receive a higher product ranking.

These sellers attract consumers like you and I by offering a promotional code that can be used during checkout. This code allows you to receive a large discount (80% off or more) on a product or get it for absolutely free.

However, simply buying the product and testing it isn’t enough. In exchange for your discount, you are agreeing to leave your honest review after receiving the product. This is extremely important, as sellers are able to view your Amazon Profile to see how good of a reviewer you are.

The better reviews that you leave and the more frequent you leave them, the more likely sellers are going to give you a promotional code. Here are some of the items that I’ve received so far using Deals For Reviews:

If you end up receiving a few items on Deals For Reviews but don’t leave any reviews, you’re risking getting your account banned. Writing a review isn’t difficult and only requires around 4-5 sentences (we show a sample below).

There is one caveat that needs to be taken into account when leaving reviews. According to Amazon’s TOS, you must leave something along the lines of this phrase when leaving a review for a discounted product:

“I received this product at a discount/for free in exchange for my honest review.”

Registration is absolutely free and no fees are involved. The one thing that most people forget is shipping. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account that gives you free two-day shipping, you may end up paying a few extra dollars than the listed discount.

For this matter, we highly recommend getting Amazon Prime in order to save some cash. Don’t want to pay the annual fee of $99? You can try a free-trial for 30 days to see if you like it. Read our full Amazon Prime review here.

Currently, there are no limits on the amount of products that you request. Just be sure to claim them fast if you’re interested because the good ones tend to go out of stock quite fast.

If you’re a seller, you can also sign-up to sell products on Deals For Reviews currently at no cost.

How Do I Sign-Up & Get Started Receiving Discounted Amazon Products?

Signing-up for Deals For Reviews is very simple and can be done in 4 simple steps. We’re also going to give you a sample of what a good review looks like.

1. Register. You can register for a Deals For Reviews account by clicking this link here. Select the review option and fill out the relevant information, such as your name and email address.

2. Grab a deal. There are two different categories of deals that you can snag. The first type consists of discounted deals for non-members which doesn’t require any coupon codes. The second type of deals are for members only which require a seller to send you a code.

It’s a little difficult to find on their website, so we’ve listed a direct link to member-only deals here. Browse through the deals to see which one you like best. Enter your name and email to request a code, and it will be sent to your inbox within seconds.

3. Order your product. Go to the Amazon checkout page and type in the promotional code that you received in your email. Your discount will be applied and you can go ahead and make your purchase.

4. Leave a product review. This is not optional if you want to continue receiving discounts. After receiving a product, you have up to 1 week to leave a review, with the exception of certain supplements that allow you to wait until 28 days.

We’ve left a sample review in the image below (click to enlarge). Notice how we mentioned that we received it at a discount in exchange for our honest review.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a product on Amazon, I always check Deals For Reviews to see if the product that I need is on there or if there’s something similar that I can use instead. We don’t need to stop there. There are many sites like this that work in the same manner. Here’s a list of ones we’ve covered thus far:

If you’re looking for other ways to save on Amazon, we recommend the following articles:

If you have any questions about Deals For Reviews or anything else related to Amazon, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We appreciate any feedback and love interacting with our readers. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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