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Get An Ivy League Education For Free With iTunes University

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Can’t stomach the thought of paying the tuition fees of an Ivy League School? Now with iTunes University, you can listen to podcasts and lectures along with completing assignments at no cost directly from the App Store. The only thing you need is your iTunes account.

What Is iTunes University?

At iTunes University (also called iTunes U), you can listen to pre-recorded lectures from different professors across the nation at absolutely no cost directly from your smartphone or tablet. Most lectures that you listen to will have a video recording, but you can also hide the video in your background and choose an audio-only option.

Only specific universities post their course materials on iTunes U, but you’ll find that a majority of them come from exceptional schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, among many others. Although you won’t receive a degree or credit for the courses that you complete, you’re still getting an excellent education for free – you can’t beat that.

These courses are not just podcasts. Most classes comes with a complete lesson plan, assignments, study guides, worksheets, web links, photos, and videos right from your Apple device. However, since there’s no university credit involved, you won’t be able to have someone grade your assignments or give you feedback on how well you’re doing.

The one downside that many may find to iTunes U is that it severely limits personal interaction among your peers, but their new update includes a message board so that you can at least discuss what you’re learning with others directly from the app. In terms of convenience, if you own an Apple device, accessing iTunes University is incredibly easy to access and get started on listening to lectures. You can do this directly from your tablet or phone, and is a great way to pass the time while going for a walk or taking the subway.

The way the app is laid out is incredibly organized. You can choose by course, topic, university, or even language! Right now they’re offering courses in French, Dutch, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Catalan, and many others. I’ve personally found this beneficial to help break off the rust from not using Spanish for a while.

Stil lin high school? They also have high school courses that can help you pass your next exam, but the selections for this are very limited. Under the high school section, they mostly have biology, anatomy, history, pre-calculus and literature. If you don’t have an iPhone and want to use iTunes University, you can buy an iPhone 4 from Amazon Warehouse for under $80.

How Do I Get Started With iTunes University?

You can use iTunes University with either a tablet or smartphone from Apple. It’s very easy to setup, and we’re going to show you how to get started in just 3 simple steps.

1. Select a course. You can download the iTunes U App for free by clicking this link here. Browse through their courses and select the one that you’re interested in. I guarantee that due to their wide selection, you won’t have any trouble finding one that you like. You can also browse by university as well.

2. Subscribe. Once you find a course that you like, subscribe to it. This will give you access to all of the lectures and materials. Most lectures have a video with it, but you don’t just leave it running in the background if the only option you have is listening. This is definitely my favorite feature of the app.

3. Obtain Knowledge! I’ve already listened to over a dozen lectures just from driving in my car. While I don’t retain all of the information, I’m learning a lot more than I ever did, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free and I’m getting an Ivy League Education.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in getting a university education outside of the classroom, I highly recommend iTunes University along with MOOC courses that also provide free, recorded lectures. Times are changing, and education is starting to make the shift toward a completely online-based platform.

Even though it won’t get you a degree, those looking for work can always save a section on their resume for continuing education. Employers love to see that you’re still trying to learn whether you’re still in school or have been out of it for a long time. Don’t underestimate what the power of these courses can do.

While this may not be ideal for others, it’s a great alternative for those who need a flexible schedule or can’t afford expensive tuitions that colleges are putting up these days. Have you ever tried iTunes University? Let us know about your experience down below.

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