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20+ Ways to Get Money Today

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We’ve all been there one time or another – needing a bit of cash right away. Are you running out of cash before your next paycheck?

Is a bill coming due before you have the cash for it? Whatever the reason I’ll show you 20+ ways to get money today.

1. Check Craigslist

Look on Craigslist for gigs to do for people. There are a multitude of jobs available – from cleaning someone’s house, doing some handy work, or yardwork and other chores.

You can do several jobs in a day and get $100 easily with the right ones. Do be sure the ads look legit and stay safe.

2. Donate Plasma

It takes no effort to donate plasma and you can earn about $20 – $50 in one day (depending on volume taken, body size and other factors).

You can donate plasma twice a week for more cash earnings. Find the nearest donor center to get started.

3. Share Your Opinion

Survey sites have become the easy way to quickly earn money online. Earn up to the minimum payout and you can usually cash out immediately after. The best part about all of these sites is that they’re 100% free, and some even come with a sign-up bonus.

Keep in mind that sometimes after cashing out there may be a short waiting period of a few days, but in general they are quick to pay.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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4. Pawn Something

A quick way to get cash today is to pawn something. Then when you get your paycheck, go back and buy it back (with a little interest). To get the best deal on your item you can list it on PawnGuru for local pawn shops to bid on and get the highest offer.

5. Open a Bank Account

Some banks offer a cash bonus if you open a new account with them. The cash you’ll get for free varies from bank to bank so it pays to shop around. For example, Chase Bank is offering a $350 coupon automatically when you sign up online.

6. Have a Yard Sale

Have a quick yard sale (especially if it’s the weekend). Go through your house and declutter, lay it out on your front yard, set out a sign and take any offer people give you.  This can easily make you a few hundred dollars in one day if you have a lot of stuff.

7. Babysit or Pet Sit

Call family and friends or look in your local classifieds for babysitting or pet sitting opportunities. You could easily make $100 in one night of babysitting, or one weekend of pet sitting, maybe even more if it’s a last minute request.

8. Delivery Driver

Check around at your local restaurants if they’re in need of a driver that day. In a big city, there’s likely to be a few that need one. You won’t receive an actual paycheck for a while, but you can still make some cash right away from the tips.

9. Help People Move

This might be a longshot but drive around your city and look for moving vans and U-hauls parked at houses and offer to help with the heavy loads for a few bucks. If you’re not up for the physical part of the job, offer to clean up their house before they lock up if they’re moving out, or help clean up and haul away the boxes and materials if they’re moving in.

10. Collect your IOUs

One real quick way is to pick up the phone and call your friends and family. Ask them to repay the favors you have done for them in the past or pay back any borrowed money.

11. Borrow from Friends & Family

Along the same lines of asking your friends and family for your money back – ask to borrow some cash from them. Offer to pay some interest with it and get it all in writing to avoid future hassles.

12. Work for Friends or Family

On a slightly different note from the last two, you can ask your friends and family if they have any chores or errands you can complete for them at the moment. Ask if you can mow their yard for $20. If they don’t have anything that needs doing at the moment try and work out a plan and get “prepaid”. Get some cash now for a future job – $200 to snowplow their drive all next winter.

13. Be a Street Busker or Musician

If you live in a big city, or a popular tourist town, you can earn money quickly as a street busker. Be sure to check local laws if you’ll need permission or a license to perform.  A street musician can make about $300 in 6 hours.

14. Bar Musician

If you’re a good musician and singer, go and check out different bars and ask for a gig. Depending on the bar but a 4-hour solo gig can get you about $300.

15. Recycle Cans & Bottles

If you happen to live in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, or Vermont you can return all your drink cans and bottles for a refund. Some have a limit on how many cans or bottles you can bring in one visit but it’s possible to get $100.

16. Enter Contests

Some bars and restaurants host trivia contests and other competitions almost nightly. If you have an aptitude for remembering facts and quiz answers this may be a good way to get some money on the spot.

17. Rent out your Truck or Van

Truck owners and large van owners know all too well the familiar phone call from family and friends asking for a favor with your truck or van.

If you live in a large city, you could quickly make money renting out your truck or van on Fluid Market.

It only takes about 10 minutes to get signed up, set your rate, and then share your link everywhere. One mom rents out her truck for $6 an hour or $32 a day.

18. Sell your Gold and Silver

We’ve seen the commercials on TV to trade in your gold and silver for cash. There are stores in every town offering to take these precious metals off your hands.

I strongly advise to research online on how much your stuff is actually worth because these places will certainly give you below value amounts.

19. Sell Scrap Metal

Go through your garage, drive through the neighborhoods for anything that can be sold for its scrap metal.

The average you can make is 35¢ a pound of aluminum cans, $1.30 a pound of electrical wiring, and 12¢ per pound of electric motors.

20. Offer Walking/Driving Tours

If you live in a vacation destination or your town has a lot of history, architecture, or other popular attractions, offer tourists a walking or driving tour.

You can easily make $100 on a weekend by giving several tours a day.

21. Rent Out Space

Got a large driveway, space in your garage, a large backyard, or a spare room in your house? Rent it out today for some quick cash.

If you really need cash now, offer a discount for the first month to attract more offers. It’s possible to get paid $320 today for renting out your driveway for the month.

An added bonus opportunity – if you live close to a sport stadium or event center, you can get $25 a day during events.

22. Ask your Boss

This might be a slim chance but you just never know – ask your boss for an advance on your paycheck. This may work with private owners and not corporations and such.

Ask for an advance and then pay him back by deducting it from the next several paychecks. For example – ask for $1,000 and then offer that $200 be removed weekly until it’s paid back.

23. Get a Cash Advance

I personally don’t like these as I used to work as a Bank Teller and had people coming in weekly to process these and the fees and interest can creep up on you.

But, if you only want to do this one time and you’re desperate, getting a cash advance on your credit card is a quick way to get cash.

The credit card fee typically is $10 or 5% of the cash value, whichever is larger, plus interest that starts on the day you request it.

So, you get a $1,000 advance – there’s a $50 fee plus 23.68% interest – you pay back $60 per month, it will take a year and 9 months to pay it off.

With this, the total interest is $391.73, so the cash advance really cost you $1,442!

The best option with this is to only advance enough that your next few pay checks can pay back right away – using the same amount mentioned but paying it back in 3 months costs you $346.57 per month is needed to pay the balance in 3 months. Total interest now is only $39.72.

24. Donate Bone Marrow

Along with plasma, you can get paid for donating your bone marrow – about $3,000, but only if you live in certain states that permits it. You can check on if you’re eligible.

25. Get a Payday Loan

I’m listing this one last as it should only be used as the very last resort for quick cash.

The reason why you really should avoid this option – they usually charge interest of 400% plus fees and are usually due in two weeks. Yes, those zeroes in there is correct.

So, let’s again ask for $1,000 – repayable in 2 weeks you now owe $1,240 and have to make 2 payments of $620 each.

Now you have a list of ways to make some quick cash. Did you notice I didn’t list any of the popular ways to make money? Such as:

This is because even though these are great ways to make money – you won’t get paid today.

With these options even though you did the work or assignment today – it’s likely you won’t be able to receive the monies for a week or more. So, if you need money but not right away, do check out those sites.

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