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10 Best Jobs That Pay You to Online Chat: No Experience Required

10 Best Jobs That Pay You to Online Chat: No Experience Required
Jennifer Leach Jul 31, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

get paid to chat onlineAre you looking for a work from home job with steady pay and consistent hours?

You are serious about finding a good remote job but you don’t want to talk on the phone?

So, what’s left?

Online chat!

There are jobs that pay you to online chat.

It’s great because you don’t necessarily need a quiet space to work in and there’s a lot more flexibility depending on the company you work for, like:

  • No dress code
  • Working from your computer or cell phone
  • Flexible schedule

The work climate is changing.

More and more companies are turning to the internet to connect with their customers.

Consumers are becoming more internet savvy and are looking online for help, instead of calling or visiting in person.

With these changes, online chat jobs are more in-demand and abundant for career goers looking for remote work.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Now’s your chance to work an online chat job that pays well.

Who Are Online Chat Jobs For?

Online chat jobs are the perfect remote job opportunity for people who need flexible work environments like:

  • Stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads
  • College students looking for a no-commute job
  • People who don’t have a quiet, private workspace to work
  • People who don’t like to talk on the phone for work

As more and more people are turning to communication methods that are faster and easier, more online chat jobs are being born. One of the biggest perks of an online chat job is that the quiet workspace many remote jobs require, is not needed!

This is actually a hinderance to a lot of remote workers who just don’t have that quiet space to work.

Think about how difficult it would be for parents of small children who are in the home. A phone job with a quiet environment may feel impossible to them. Or, college students living in a noisy college dorm. Online chat jobs are the solution!

The ideal candidate for this kind of work is someone with former customer service experience, working in a customer-intensive environment, either in-person, over the phone, or online.

Chatting with customers is less stressful than high stress phone jobs. There is greater opportunity to deescalate calls which results in a better customer experience.

Keep reading to learn about 12 best jobs that pay you to online chat!

The Requirements of Online Chat Jobs

The requirements will vary from company to company. Generally, candidates must qualify and meet these basic requirements:

  • Reliable, high speed internet
  • Minimum typing speed
  • Clear communication
  • Professional attitude
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage workload in a remote setting

You can find full-time and part-time online chat jobs. Some companies may require former customer service experience or equivalent in education (high school diploma or GED).

Places to Find Online Chat Jobs

There are many places to find online chat jobs. The list of companies below are some companies we recommend you should check first.

Some hidden requirements:

The following requirements vary from company to company. I’m sharing these so you aren’t surprised if some of these skills are needed in order to qualify for the job. Again, it’s different for every company so these requirements are not the same for all online chat job opportunities.

  • College degree
  • Must be located a certain distance from nearest office
  • In-person office visits
  • Virtual or phone meetings

College Degree

This one is pretty simple. Though not required for all companies, it may not be surprising that a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university is a requirement for some online chat jobs.

Location Requirement

This one is probably shocking to some but, living a certain distance from the nearest office or headquarters, may be a requirement.


Because in-person visits may be required, either you visiting the office, or your manager visiting you at your home.

In-person Visits

As mentioned above, in-person visits may be a requirement. You might find that once a month or once a quarter visits are required where your manager can check in on you in your workspace or you visit the office to meet one-on-one with management and staff.


This is a job and most jobs require meetings. At meetings you’ll come together with your peers and management to discuss various work key metrics. These meetings can be virtual, telephone, or in-person in nature.

If any of these potential requirements is a “no” for you, make sure you read the job requirements carefully to make sure you don’t fall in love with an online chat job that has one of these “deal breaking” requirements you can’t live with.

1. Arise

Work from home, be your own boss and enjoy a more balance life with an online chat representative job at Arise. Arise connects customer service representatives running small call center businesses with prestigious clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Arise is an established company since 1994 with real remote opportunities. Check them out to learn more.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace that connects clients with freelancers. As a freelancer, you can post a gig for $5 or more as an online chat agent.

These jobs are perfect for small businesses operating retail businesses that need online customer support for their customers. I’ve been a Fiverr member for years, as a buyer and a seller, offering many gigs to companies in the customer service space.

You will have the ability to accept as many jobs as you’d like and this could even be an opportunity to make more money than if you worked for an employer as an online chat agent.

3. Upwork

Upwork is an online job bank that connects freelancers and clients. This is a great hub to find online chat jobs. After you sign up for free as a freelancer, next, build your profile. You want to fill out all the fields including submitting your bio photo.

With Upwork you will be bidding for projects, including online chat projects so the idea is to dress up your profile as much as possible:

  • List all your accomplishments, education, and background
  • Share your skills
  • Take free skills tests, provided by Upwork
  • Talk about successful projects, best outcomes, case studies

There are a lot of ways to shine on Upwork just using your profile. They even have a new feature where you can create a specialized profile by industry. Take advantage of these features to make your profile stand apart.

Then, once your profile is complete, start your job hunt. Head to search and type terms like “online chat,” “chat” and related terms.

Lastly, bid on projects. Upwork is free but if you pay for the upgraded membership, you’ll have access to competitive data like how other freelancers bid and where your bid falls, so you better know how to competitively bid on projects.

Best Practices to Win the Bid

Here are some best practices to help you land Upwork gigs:

  • Write your cover letter concisely
  • Take every opportunity to include attachments (like samples, portfolio, resume, etc.)
  • Answer all client questions fully
  • Do some work for clients before they ask

Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter is your chance to pitch your client. Tell them why you’re the right fit for the job, why your background and skills make you the best candidate, reasons why you’re excited to work with them, ideas you have, goals you have in mind, and any other helpful information.

Taking Advantage of Attachments

Attachments are golden. The job bid form will have an area for you to include attachments. Take advantage of this, where necessary. If a client asks for samples or other attachments, make sure to send them.

And, if you feel like attaching relevant case studies, your resume or other info would help your chances of getting the project, feel free to attach. Just keep in mind that attachments are not required and should only be used when they make sense. The majority of job bids I have put in for have not had attachments. Just something to think about.

Answering Client Questions Well

Another part of the bid process are client questions.

You’ll find that most job bids are pretty straightforward and only ask for a cover letter to be sent but sometimes clients have questions. When the client receives your bid, they’ll see the questions first, before your cover page so make sure you answer all questions fully.

A common pitfall from freelancers that keep them from landing the job is that they don’t put enough effort into questions. This is crucial so don’t miss this.

Do Work Ahead of Time

Then, the magic sauce that will set you apart from all other applicants. Do some work for clients, before they even ask. This will increase your chances of landing that client by leaps and bounds.

For example, if a client is hiring for an online chat job, you might take some time to review the client’s website then in your cover letter tell them parts of the site you like, pros and cons of their current line of communication (email form, contact us page, etc.), or chat programs you might recommend.

Check out Upwork for work opportunities in online chat!

4. Apple

The Apple At Home Chat position comes available at Apple from time to time. You’ll get excellent training, you’ll be well connected and all the perks of being an Apple employee like career growth and paid vacation.

Apple is known for their amazing support advisors.

You’ll be chatting with customers on a number of issues, helping them troubleshoot their problem, providing advice and education along the way.

Here are some skills you should have:

The ability to problem solve and troubleshoot hardware and software problems on some of Apple’s most popular products. You should be a multitasker, navigating across various systems with excellent communication skills. Being a self starter will help, as you’ll be working independently in this position, doing work from home providing technical support and helping Apple customers.

Key Qualifications (as shown on Apple Jobs)

  • Professional troubleshooting expertise or proven technical ability
  • Customer service focus and passion for support
  • Discipline to work remotely from home
  • Availability to attend approximately four to five weeks of required online training on a fixed schedule that may include weekends
  • Flexibility to work between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:30am AEST, including weekends, with the possibility to flex up hours depending upon business needs
  • Successful completion of a pre-employment assessment and criminal background check
  • Successful completion of initial training
  • Minimum typing speed of 35 wpm
  • Must have a private and quiet workspace with an ergonomic chair and desk
  • Must have High-speed Internet service (5 Mbps downlink and 1 Mbps uplink or better) from a reliable provider

If you’re looking for a well paying job with great benefits, company stock plan, paid time off, employee discounts, opportunities for career growth and more, check out this job from Apple. Read more about it here.

5. Capital Typing

Capital Typing offers various online positions including transcription, data entry and customer support. The company actually calls itself home of the world’s smartest offices, offering services like:

You can check out their job vacancies including online chat jobs here to learn more.

6. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands pairs virtual assistants with clients that need help. These are one-time gigs perfect for people who can work with a fast internet connection and basic knowledge of use of common software and websites. The work is varied and can include online chat, among other work, like:

  • Making phone calls on behalf of people. Canceling their cable (a lot harder than it sounds).
  • Scheduling appointments (doctors, business, etc)
  • Tracking down the best price for something.
  • Finding hotels that meet certain criteria.
  • Data entry

Job Requirements:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Must have a computer and a stable internet connection
  • Knowledge of different fields
  • Self starter
  • Must have an audio headset (with a microphone)

Pay Details:

  • Pay per task (dependent on factors like how fast the job can get done, complexity, and time of day). For example (from Fancy Hands) , let’s say you have 5 different tasks to make reservations at a restaurant. To start, tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00 to $7 per task and go up from there
  • Promotion opportunities to managerial positions within company
  • Payments go out every other week (on Tuesday) via Dwolla

Interested? Learn more about the assistant position at Fancy Hands.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy is known for hiring online agents. You’ll be responsible for helping customers with basic tasks like order completion and related website questions.  Check out available online agent jobs at Best Buy.

8. Concentrix (formerly Convergys)

Looking for a full-time job with benefits, working for a good company. Check out Convergys (now Concentrix)!

Convergys was actually the second job I had. I started my job experience working for a small retail restaurant chain in my town. I was hired at 15 and started working at 16. Four years later I made way up the ranks from phone support to service manager. I was working 48+ hour weeks plus attending college full-time. I wanted to transition into a professional office setting job with a higher hourly rate so I accepted a position with Convergys.

As an at home agent you’ll be providing customer service and technical support to customers, helping by answering questions and troubleshooting basic and complex issues.

Minimum Requirements:

Candidates must have a High School Diploma or GED and meet the following requirements.

  • Must have at least one year customer service experience
  • Must have your own PC (less than six years old) and high speed Internet service (both will be tested as part of the application process)
  • The monitor size must be at least 17”
  • Must be able to work in a  quiet, distraction-free, location
  • A telephone (landline or cell) is required
  • An approved headset and flash drive will be required
  • A strong candidate will be computer/Internet savvy, comfortable operating in several applications simultaneously
  • Candidates should be a “people person” who enjoys talking and assisting others
  • We require 7 days/week availability (schedules vary and will be discussed during the interview)

Work Benefits/Perks:

  • Includes benefit options like: medical, dental & vision benefits, and 401K.  We also offer attendance based wage increases, performance bonuses, and some programs include sales incentives

Check out the career opportunities at Concentrix.

9. Ginger

Ginger provides on-demand behavioral health coaching, teletherapy, telepsychiatry, guided self-care and referrals. Depending on the jobs here, you might be required to have a background and educational experience in mental and behavioral health.

Here is some information about the online mental health coach position which is currently available nationwide with the ability to work remotely:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 6 months of supervised experience as a coach, counselor or therapist (intern positions included)
  • Must possess a MA degree in a psychology related field OR coaching certification (preference for MA or both)
  • Is unlicensed (we are unable to hire licensed clinicians for this role or individuals 6 months from licensure)
    • At least 6 months of supervised experience as a coach, counselor or therapist (intern positions qualify)
    • MA degree in psychology related field OR coaching certification from an accredited training program
    • Knowledge of coaching techniques such as Motivational Interviewing, SMART goal setting, assessing stages of change / readiness, etc.
    • Fluency in Google Suite
  • Preferred but not required:
    • Bilingual
    • Experience with triage and working within a team-based care model

Benefits and Pay:

  • Robust health coverage (medical, dental, vision, life insurance), including an EAP
  • Annual wellness budget, covering both physical and mental health
  • Professional Development ‎budget, which can cover any kind of learning that helps you develop professionally, including personal life/health coaching
  • Financial wellness seminars, resources and 401(k) – designed to help people manage their finances both short and long term‎

Want to be part of an amazing mission that helps 70% of members improve their symptoms? Apply here.

10. TeleTech

Working as an at home representative with Teletech means that you’ll be delivering exceptional customer experiences in a flexible position from the comfort of your home.

Read testimonials from employees on their work at home team:

“I love working for TTEC@home, I’m a single parent who moved to a new state where I had no family or friends. I started a job where I felt like I was working just to pay daycare for my four-year-old son. My son hated the daycare and I never had time to spend with him. I was referred to TTEC and I’m in love with it. Now, I put my son on the bus and log in for work. By the time I get off work, my son is almost home. It’s wonderful!” -Shantell J.

Common Questions:

Here are some common questions you might have about working for TeleTech.

What are the age and educational requirements?

  • Must be at least 17 years old
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED

What are the computer requirements?

  • Strong working knowledge of computers
  • Comfortable using internet and email

Can I use an Apple/Mac computer?

No, not at this time. TeleTech does not support Apple/Mac computers.

Is there on-the-job training?

Yes, specific product and client training is provided through their certification program.

What if I have questions while working?

You will be assigned a trainer or team lead to help answer all your questions.

You can read more about the FAQs and start their application process online if you’re interested!

11. The Chat Shop

This company offers live chat services to their clients to help them increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. The live chat position at The Chat Shop is perfect for you if:

  • You enjoy interacting with people
  • You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others
  • You like to go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience for customers

Skills Required:

  • Native English speaker
  • Highly organized and great attention to detail
  • Strong multitasker
  • Can maintain focus in high pressure situations
  • Excellent learned with an inquisitive mind
  • Upbeat, positive personality
  • Typing speed 65+ wpm
  • Ability to work 20-40 hours per week

As a chat agent, you will enjoy work that isn’t boring, as each chat conversation is different. You will get the chance to learn valuable skills while getting world class training and be part of a global team.

Application Process

Once you complete the online application, if you’re selected to move forward in the process, the recruitment team will contact you to arrange a live chat interview, assessment test and phone interview.

Ready to apply?

Click here to start the application process with The Chat Shop.

12. Outplex

Outplex is a customer contact center supporting companies that need teleservices and Live Chat help. Their work at home team employs agents helping customers answering general questions and problem solving issues via chat or phone.

Minimum Skills Required:

  • Ability to type 30WPM – 50WPM error free
  • Ability to multi-task and resource product information via tools that are provided to you
  • Ability to independently research information using the internet
  • Sales experience recommended
  • Outstanding spelling, grammar, and communication skills required

Computer Requirements:

  • Must be hardwired to the internet
  • Must have Windows Operating System (MAC not compatible)

Education and Qualifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited institution
  • General Education Degree

Outplex is constantly on the hunt for amazing employees working in the United States or Dominican Republic. Check out their career opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Every company needs customer support and in the tech-forward world we live in today, online chat is a growing communication channel from consumers.

If you want the freedom and flexibility of working from a computer, chatting with customers over the computer as opposed to in-person or on the phone, we hope you enjoyed this list of 12 best jobs that pay you to online chat.

As you peruse the list, keep in mind that job opportunities open and close from time to time so you might want to bookmark this post so you can come back to it in the future, if your desired job is unavailable at the moment.

Do these jobs meet your mark?

What kind of online chat jobs are you looking for?

Comment down below to share your thoughts!

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