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Get Paid To Download Apps With The Coin Pouch App

Get Paid To Download Apps With The Coin Pouch App
Jason Wuerch Feb 10, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We love writing articles about apps that pay you to install other apps– they’re some of the easiest ways to earn some spare cash on your phone. Today we’re introducing Coin Pouch (bonus code 7f8140). Get paid to download and run apps or complete other tasks. You even get $1 immediately after downloading your first app.

What Is Coin Pouch?

Coin Pouch is a free mobile app that’s currently only available for Android devices. They reward you for completing specific tasks from your phone:

  • Daily Check-In
  • Inviting Friends
  • Leaving a Review
  • Watching Videos
  • Downloading Apps

While all of these tasks are great, we’re only going to focus on downloading apps. This task has the highest payout and it’s the only one that’s worth your time. While we won’t discourage participating in other activities, we personally feel that it might be worth the effort.

The reason Coin Pouch is willing to pay you is because developers need to find a to promote their app. Each time you install an app, the developer pays Coin Pouch a certain amount and they give a portion of this cash to the user, you.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

The amount you can earn with Coin Pouch depends on the amount of effort you put it. However, the amount you can potentially earn when you first install it is completely different than from when you’ve been using the app for a while. This is because there’s a large amount of initial offers.

500 coins is equivalent to $1 USD, and you can either redeem for PayPal or gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon. You need a minimum of 2500 coins to cash out. As a bonus, you’re automatically given $1 (500 coins) after your first install.

Most apps will give you anywhere from 20 – 1,500 coins on average. However, the higher-paying offers usually require you to sign-up for a free trial. You don’t need to do these in order to earn a decent amount on Coin Pouch. If you do end up signing-up for a trial and don’t wish to pay, just be sure to remember to cancel before you get charged.

Putting these type of offers aside, we estimate that you can make about $5 within your first hour of installing Coin Pouch. After that, offers won’t be as frequent, and we expect that you can make about $10 per month. While this isn’t as high as other apps of this type, it’s still a decent amount.

While the only requirement is simply installing an app and then opening it, we recommend that you leave it open for a minimum of 30 seconds to ensure that your account gets credited. If you don’t receive your coins for a particular download, contact support as they’re usually pretty friendly.

One other activity that we might recommend doing is the daily check-in. It only takes a second and it takes literally 5 seconds to complete to earn 25 coins. At this rate you’re essentially earning over $30 per hour, but at a really slow rate.

Refer A Friend

The referral program is one of the best parts about Coin Pouch. For each friend that you refer, you get 10% of their entire earnings for life. On top of that, your friends will start off with a 250 coin bonus. Facebook and Twitter is a great way to spread the word. If you’d like to support FFL, use the invitation code 7f8140. We’d greatly appreciate it!

How Do I Get Started With Coin Pouch?

As long as you have an Android Phone, you can get started with Coin Pouch. If you don’t have one and want to purchase one in order to use Android apps, the Samsung Galaxy III Mini isn’t super expensive and usually supports all Android apps in the Google Play Store.

1. Register. You can download the Coin Pouch app by visiting the Google Play Store. Create a username and password to get started.

2. Complete activities. Complete tasks to earn cash. Again, we recommend that you focus on downloading apps as this is where the majority of your cash is going to come from. The daily check-in is also good.coin-pouch-tasks

3. Refer friends. For every friend you refer you get 10% of all of their earnings and they also earn a 250 coin sign-up bonus.

4. Redeem. Once you have a minimum of 2,500 coins ($5) you can redeem them for a gift card or a direct deposit to PayPal.


Final Thoughts

Coin Pouch is a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. If you’re looking for apps that pay really well for downloading apps, we recommend these 3. Remember to do the daily check-in as well since it only takes a second. If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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