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Get Paid To Play Trivia With The Perk Pop Quiz App

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We’re finishing off the week with yet another Perk Rewards App. With Perk Pop Quiz, you can get points for answering trivia questions on your phone from various categories. Don’t know the answer? It doesn’t matter, as you’ll still be rewarded points whether you get the question right or wrong.

The best part of this app is that there’s a way to make it completely passive, meaning you don’t have to click on any buttons to make it work. Let’s get into the details below.

What Exactly Is Perk Pop Quiz?

Perk Pop Quiz is a free mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Answer trivia questions from your phone and you’ll be awarded points. The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you’ll earn. If you don’t answer any questions correctly, you’ll still be awarded points for your effort.

When you start playing Perk Pop Quiz you’ll have the choice of answering trivia questions from the category of your choosing. 5 questions will be given per round with 10 seconds to answer each question. If you don’t answer any questions, you’ll automatically be marked as wrong but will still receive credit.

Before you get a chance to answer each set of questions, an ad will be displayed for roughly 30 seconds. This is how Perk makes their money. Advertisers pay Perk to display these ads, and then Perk gives a portion of this to you, the user.

The points you earn can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards, cash deposits to PayPal or Bitcoin. It takes a minimum of 1,250 points before you can redeem your first prize.

After each set of questions, you’ll also be given tokens that can be used to enter in Perk Sweepstakes. The amount of tokens that you earn also depends on the amount of questions that you answer correctly.

How Do I Get Started Making Money With Perk Pop Quiz?

Getting started with Perk Pop Quiz is relatively simple, but there are some confusing steps along the way. We’ll break it down into 5 simple steps.

1. Register. Perk has 10 rewards apps in total. If you already have an account on one of them, you don’t need to register again. To sign-up, you can go to Perk or you can download the Perk Pop Quiz app for iOS or Android devices. You’ll be asked to enter in some personal information such as your name, email, and to create a password. A Facebook account can also be used to register.

perk-tv-live-register2. Select a category. Once you log-in, you’ll be asked to select a trivia category of your choosing. Choose the one that interests you. Keep in mind that if you know more about a specific subject, you’re likely to answer more questions correctly, thus earning you more points. After selecting a category, you can choose to either play solo or against friends through Facebook.

perk-pop-quiz-category3. Answer questions. You’ll be given a set of 5 questions with 4 multiple choices before you earn any points. Try to answer as many questions as you can correctly within the allotted time. Do not turn off video ads or else you won’t be given points or tokens after each round.

perk-pop-quiz-questions4. Cash out. Points will be awarded after each round. You can cash out your points and redeem tokens from the app directly, but it’s much easier if you download Perk’s other app called Perk Wallet. Redeeming your points for Amazon gift cards gives your points a higher value than if you were to redeem for any other prize.

perk-tokens-redeemHow Much Can I Make With The Perk Pop Quiz App?

As discussed above, the amount you make with Perk Pop Quiz entirely depends on the amount of questions you answer correctly. 1,000 points is the equivalent of $1 USD. Here’s the breakdown of how many points you can earn per 5-question set:

  • No Questions Correct – 1 Point
  • 1 Question Correct – 2 Points
  • 2 Questions Correct – 2 Points
  • 3 Questions Correct – 3 Points
  • 4 Questions Correct – 4 Points
  • 5 Questions Correct – 5 Points

Obviously, it’s better to answer more questions correctly so you can get more points. We’re going to assume that on average you get a total of 3 questions correct per set. It takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds to go through all 5 questions with the advertisement at the beginning. Using this figure, we calculate that you can earn roughly $.96 cents per day.

perk-pop-quiz-4-pointsWant to earn even more? Go into your settings tab and enable lightning round. Instead of ten seconds to answer each question you’ll only have 5, but you’ll save 25 seconds every time. Lightning round will give you $1.33 per day.

perk-pop-quiz-lightning-roundAs for tokens, sometimes it varies greatly on the amount you can earn. Just keep note that points are a lot more important since tokens can only be used to enter sweepstakes. These are usually incredibly difficult to win because so many people participate.

How Can I Make Perk Pop Quiz Passive?

If you want to be completely lazy and simply watch the screen show ads and quiz questions without playing trivia, you will still earn points. Every time you complete a set without any questions answered you’ll still gain 1 point.

Change the settings to lightning round and you’ll be making roughly 1 point per minute. This calculates out to be roughly $.6 cents per hour in passive income. Sit back, watch a screen, and earn some easy money.

If you’re serious about earning passive income with Perk Pop Quiz, we suggest getting a dedicated phone for this app that won’t crash after running so many videos. The one we recommend is the LG Optimus Fuel. This smartphone can be found for about $20 dollars at Walmart or Amazon.

You can create 5 Perk accounts per household, but only one account per person. Each account only allows a maximum of one phone used for Perk Pop Quiz, but you can use additional phones for other Perk apps.

Can I Make Any Extra Money?

Refer a friend! Each time you convince a friend to sign-up for Perk Pop Quiz or another Perk app you gain $.50 cents. While it’s not much money, it doesn’t take much effort to put up a quick Twitter and Facebook post or send a mass email to all your friends.

perk-referralFinal Thoughts

Perk Pop Quiz takes up a lot of bandwidth. If left constantly running, it can be about 50GB/month on just one phone. Be sure to check with your ISP if there are any data caps on your current Internet plan (Comcast residential plan has a cap around 300GB/month).

This is an easy way to earn some extra, passive income if you feel like being lazy, or a great way to earn even more cash by answering trivia questions and learning something new at the same time.


Tell us what you think of Perk Pop Quiz by leaving comments or questions below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling.

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