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Get Paid To Watch TV With The Perk TV Live App

Get Paid To Watch TV With The Perk TV Live App
Jason Wuerch May 30, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


The Perk Company does it again with another app, Perk TV Live. Last time we covered Perk Browser and how you can earn cash and prizes from surfing the web. This time you get paid for watching TV and sitting on the sofa. There’s never been an easier or a lazier way to make money from your phone.

What Is Perk TV Live?

For those of you who have been following this blog, you should know that Perk is a company that developed 10 different apps that provide different ways to earn cash from your computer or phone.

Perk TV Live pays you money for watching TV. You use the app to check into shows that you’re currently watching and earn points and tokens for doing so. Points can be exchanged for gift cards, bitcoins, or cash, while tokens can be used to enter one of many sweepstakes available on the Perk app.

perk-tv-live-what-isThe Perk app listens to the show you are watching when you turn on your smartphone’s microphone. Perk gathers market data about the shows you watch and also displays ads every once in a while on the Perk TV Live App. Each time this happens, Perk earns money and then gives a portion of that to you, the user.

How Do I Get Started Using Perk TV Live And Making Money?

The Perk developers made it very simple to get signed-up with their program and can be done in 6 easy steps.

1. Register. To register for a Perk account, go to You’ll be asked to enter some personal information, your email, and to create a password in order to register. None of your personal information will be given to third-parties. You can also sign-up via Facebook.

perk-tv-live-register2. Watch TV. Open the app and log-in. Perk will award you for watching both TV shows and movies. You can choose from a selection of popular shows or search for the TV show or movie that you are currently watching.

search2-perk-tv-live3. Wait for audio detection. When you first installed the app, Perk will automatically ask you if they can access your microphone. If you selected no, you can always go back and change this in your phone’s settings. Sometimes it takes up to a few minutes for the app to detect the show you are watching, or even as long as ten minutes. Make sure to turn up the volume on both your phone and your TV so that the app will detect the audio.

audio-detection-perk-tv-live4. Receive points. When Perk detects a commercial you will be given a certain amount of points. If you want to go ahead and earn points immediately, click the center of the screen and watch a Perk ad. Sometimes multiple ads will play, and you’ll receive 3 points per ad. When the stream of ads finishes playing, click the ad button again to play more.

earn-3-points-per-commercial-perk-tv-live5. Earn tokens. Tweet with other Perk TV Live users about the show you are watching and receive tokens. Just make sure to use #perktv when tweeting or you won’t be rewarded. You’ll receive 10 tokens each time.

earn-10-tokens-per-tweet-perk-tv-live6. Cash out. You’ll need a minimum of 1250 points to cash out. You can redeem rewards from the Perk TV Live app directly, but the easiest way to cash out is by downloading the Perk Wallet app. Simply log-in with your Perk account that you already created and redeem your prize or enter a sweepstakes with tokens.

Rewards are given every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday via email. Be patient when receiving these rewards, as Perk has many users and it may take until the end of the day before you receive it.

perk-screen-gift-cardsHow Much Can I Earn With Perk TV Live?

The amount of points depends on the user. The more TV or movies you watch with Perk TV Live, the more points you are going to earn. 1,000 points is equal to $1 dollar in cash. However, if you redeem for high-value Amazon gift cards ($25, $50 or $100 dollars worth), your points will have a slightly higher value.

You can usually make about 200 points per hour using Perk TV Live. This means you can make about $.20 cents per hour or $4.80 dollars per day. However, you have to click a button each time you want an ad displayed, or you have to search for a new show each time the show you’re currently watching ends.

That’s why I only recommend this app to those who are already watching TV in the first place. Otherwise, it might not be worth your time for the small amount of money you can make.

Final Thoughts

Perk TV Live uses a lot of data. It’s important to check with your ISP to see if there’s a data cap on your current internet plan. For residential Comcast customers, the standard is about 300GB per month. Using one phone for Perk TV Live for an entire month will use about 50GB of data.

Only one phone can be used for Perk TV Live per account, but you can have up to five accounts per household. Usually households with more than one account will have to send in their ID’s to Perk to verify that they are actual users. Perk doesn’t want anyone scamming them for extra points by having one person create multiple accounts.

Take note that this app is not passive. While it’s easy to earn money, you have to click a button each time you want to listen to a commercial after the app detects audio.

How much are you making with Perk TV Live? Leave questions or comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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