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Get Your First $15 Gift Card Purchase For Free At Raise

Get Your First $15 Gift Card Purchase For Free At Raise
Jason Wuerch Nov 25, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Raise is a website that sells gift cards from multiple retailers at a huge discount. They’re currently holding a special promotion during the holidays that gives you a $5 sign-up bonus and $10 off your first purchase when you use their promotion code. Offer only valid to new members.

What Is Raise?

There are multiple sites across the web that buy unwanted gift cards at a price lower than their card value, and then resell them for a small markup. Raise is one of the best websites to buy your gift card from since they usually have the highest discounts.

From the image down below we see that we can get 19% off Victoria Secret and roughly 16% off TJ Max. In this example, this means we can get a $100 gift card to Victoria Secret for just $81 dollars.

Be Careful When Making A Purchase With A Gift Card

We highly recommend you don’t buy expensive electronics with a gift card and use a credit card instead. This is because a credit card has two things that gift cards do not: price protection and an extended warranty.

  • Price Protection: Credit card companies understand that sometimes prices can change dramatically. If you buy a product and find it for a cheaper price within 30 days, they’ll usually refund the difference.
  • Extended Warranty: Most credit cards will extend the original warranty that comes with a piece of electronic equipment by 1 – 2 years. Take note that this only covers fault due to the manufacturer and not to the consumer.

How Do I Get The $15 Off My First $15+ Purchase?

We’re going to break down how you can get your first $15 gift card purchase on Raise for free in just 5 steps. We want to emphasize that this is for new members only.

1. Register. In order to get a $5 bonus, you’ll need to sign-up using this link here. Enter in your name, email, and create a password to get started.

2. Select a gift card. Either use the search bar to find a gift card of your choosing or view the special deals on their homepage. Select a card and add it to your cart.

3. Enter promotion code. On the checkout page, enter the promotion code RIDE10 to get $10 off your first purchase. If you’re using this with the $5 discount, your minimum purchase amount must be at least $15. Electronic gift cards can take up to 24 hours to arrive in your inbox, but they usually take no longer than 1 – 2 hours.

4. Refer a friend. Receive an additional bonus of $5 for every friend you refer. Your friends will also receive a $5 credit on sign-up. A great way to spread the word is through Twitter and Facebook. By using our referral link, you’ll get $5 and help support FFL. Thank you!

How Can I Save Even More?

Use A Shopping Portal

The real reason Raise is one of the best retailers to buy gift cards from is that they’ve teamed up with cash back portals so you can get even more off of your gift card purchase. By going through TopCashBack, you get 2% off of all of your purchases by using their links.

Sign-up for an account and search for “Raise” in the search bar. From there, you should notice that you get 2% off all Raise purchases. Click on the link to be redirected to the Raise website and make a purchase like you normally would.

Within about a week, you should receive the extra 2% of your total purchase in your TopCashBack account. You can withdraw this once you hit a minimum balance of $20. It’s basically free cash!

Use Another Promotion Code

Every once in a while Raise will offer an additional 5% off certain gift cards. While you can sign-up to receive notices via email about this promotion, you don’t necessarily have to since they use the same promotion code each time. Upon checkout, enter the promotion code TAKE5. If they’re currently holding a sale and the gift card you want is currently offered at an extra discount, you’ll save a bonus of 5%. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Final Thoughts

With Christmas coming up, this is a great chance to get a $15 gift card for either yourself or for someone as a gift. Make this purchase as soon as possible since it’s uncertain as to how long this promotion will last for. If you’re interested in other gift card resellers, you can view our list of reputable and trustworthy sites here.

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