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Gift Card Granny Review: How To Get Gift Cards At A Discount

Gift Card Granny Review: How To Get Gift Cards At A Discount
Tracy Stine Jul 13, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Gift Card Granny is a unique way to save money on your everyday shopping.

Unlike all the standard cash back and scanning receipts shopping apps out there, this site offers discounted gift cards that were pre-owned by folks and you shop with those.

The gift cards on this site are 100% guaranteed to work and you can save money on pretty much anything – groceries, gasoline, clothes, restaurant outings, and more.

Granny’s focus in less on gifting gift cards and more on selling discount gift cards to save our users money.

Let’s look at all the different features:

Buying Discounted Gift Cards

There are two types of gift cards offered at Granny’s:

Brand New: These are brand new cards direct from the merchandiser and are 100% guaranteed to work for life.

Used: These are bought from sellers who no longer wanted them. They’re higher discount cards and are also 100% guaranteed to work for life.

The categories and discounts vary and are many. Such as up to 30% off groceries, up to 46% off gas, up to 46% off travel, 57% off restaurants, 45% off clothing and so on.

There are more categories on Gift Card Granny than I usually see on other shopping websites and apps, such as art and crafts, bags and purses, birthdays, flowers, jewelry, and movie tickets to name a few.

You can either buy an actual plastic gift card or an eCard to use instantly.

Selling Unwanted Gift Cards

Not only can you buy gift cards but you can sell your unwanted gift cards on Granny’s as well. This is great for those gift cards you receive from places you don’t even go to.

It works by going to the seller page, entering your gift card information such as the brand and the balance on it, submit it and then choose your offers. Payments can be made by PayPal, check, or direct deposit into a bank account.

Additionally, you can also find the nearest gift card exchange location nearest you, sell your unwanted gift card through Granny’s to other top gift card websites, name your price and monitor offers made on the card and accept the highest one, or trade it in for another gift card you rather have. The money you can make.

It’s possible to make up to 92% of the card’s value, depending on the brand name, the demand for that card and the card’s value.


Not only can you buy and sell gift cards here, but you can earn points towards free gift cards as well.

You get 200 points just for signing up for Granny Rewards to get you started. Then you earn points in a number of ways:

  • Reading email newsletters
  • Purchasing gift cards
  • Leave a rating on the site
  • Refer a friend
  • Downloading the Apps

Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 points, you can redeem them for a free gift eCard. 1,000 points equal a $5 gift card.

Mobile Apps

Downloading the Gift Card Granny app gives you saving “on the go”.  Find the best deals on discount gift cards or sell your unwanted gift card for cash.  Use the app before you shop to find the best deals on gift cards, grab it, and use it right away on the spot.

They have both the iOS and Android versions of their app and not only can you buy and sell gift cards, you can also check the gift card balance, get deal alerts on special offers, and receive reward point opportunities.

Chrome Browser Extension

Add the Chrome browser extension to your web browser for even more savings. The extension is called “Otto” and Otto automatically displays the best discount gift card for use at your favorite online stores.

While you’re browsing online stores, Otto will show you any available gift cards available to buy at that store. If you like what’s shown, you just purchase the gift card and then copy and paste the gift card code into the store’s check out page for instant savings.

These aren’t for obscure stores you may find, but for highly popular sites such as Target, Bests Buy, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and hundreds more of online stores.


Granny’s has their own coupon page for finding a variety of great coupon codes. These aren’t your typical coupons you find on popular coupon sites such as 50¢ off toothpaste. These coupons are big names and big discounts.

Coupons such as 20% off everyday items at Walmart, 70% off certain Amazon products, 20% off Best Buy, or 40% off Lowe’s appliances to name a few.

Money Saving Blog

Gift Card Granny has their own blog like many companies do, but this one has a variety of articles on how to save money in your everyday life.

Articles such as:

  • 202 Discounts just for Seniors
  • Best Buy Rewards and Money Saving Secrets
  • How to Save at Disney World with Discounted Tickets

So, even if you have no interest in buying or selling gift cards, the blog alone can give you some ideas how to save money.

Secret Deals

Granny’s actually has a page called “Secret Deals”. This is where members can submit deals they’ve found on the internet or in stores to share with other members. Then other members get to rate the submission as well as use them.

Secret deals such as:

  • A list of Target purchases that will get you free gift cards
  • Get a $100 Stone Cold Creamery gift card for only $70
  • $85 for a set of 10 Cinemark Movie eTickets
  • $10 off a $50 Papa John’s Gift Card

And many more listed for either a limited time or in limited quantity.

Corporate Gift Cards & Bulk Cards

If you’re an employer wanting to reward your employees for a job well done, thank your loyal customers, or have them available for your salespeople to usse – it’s all possible with Gift Card Granny’s bulk cards.

You can either log into your corporate account on Granny’s, request a quote online, or give them a call (they even listed the name and extension number of the person in charge). You can order anywhere from 1-100 cards all the way up to 5,000 or more cards.

Refer a Friend

Just like many websites, they have a refer a friend option. Refer your friends to Gift Card Granny and receive $5 for each friend in Granny rewards after they’ve made their first purchase.

Remember I explained that 1,000 points equals $5 gift card value? So, for every friend you referred that signed up gets you 1 free gift card already. Refer 10 friends and that’s an instant $50 gift card. Pretty good earnings just for sharing your referral link across your social media connections.

Comparison to Similar Websites

I searched online for other gift card buying websites and the top three that came up were CardPool, Raise, and CardCash. Let’s quickly look these over and compare with the Gift Card Granny’s site:


  • Get up to 35% off gift cards (Granny’s can offer up to 57% off)
  • 1-year Guarantee (Granny’s offer life time guarantees)
  • Up to 92% cash back on selling your gift cards (Granny’s is the same)
  • iOS App (Granny has iOS and Android)
  • Bulk Buy & Sell (Granny’s is the same)
  • Refer a friend get $5 by email only (Granny’s has a link to share everywhere)

I don’t see a coupon site, browser extension available, and a few other features on this site that Granny has.


  • Instant pop-up screen to save $5 when you purchase $50 (Granny doesn’t annoy visitors like that)
  • Very Straightforward – Buy & Sell cards, no extra menus (Granny has much more on front page)
  • 1-year Guarantee only (Granny’s is life time)
  • Raise has a Rewards program, but only for referrals (Granny’s let you earn points with more activities)
  • Raise has both an iOS and Android App available (Granny’s is the same)
  • Bulk gift cards seller program (Granny’s has a bulk buyer program as well as seller)

I could not see any other features available on Raise.


  • Instant pop-up screen to enter your email for discount notifications. (Granny’s doesn’t have any pop-ups)
  • A straight-forward site with only a buy and sell option (Granny’s has much more on its front page)
  • Sell your gift card for up to 92% of it’s value (Granny’s is the same)
  • Offers a gift card design site (Granny’s doesn’t offer this)
  • Does not offer an in-person location to sell or exchange cards (Granny’s does)
  • Has both an iOS and Android App (Granny’s too)

I did not see any other features on this site.

So far what I’ve seen is that Gift Card Granny offers a lot more features and options for its members.

Website Reviews

Here are some reviews from various sites across the web.

First the positive ones:

Best Site ever for Shopping Savers – Giftcardgranny does not sell cards directly but compiles all of the cards available from the various reseller sites. GCG is the fastest way at locating the best buy available for the cards you want and redirects you to the site you choose with the click of the mouse. I have been using GCG for years and have saved thousands of dollars and many hours of my time in doing so. I tell everyone I see to go to their site and try it out.” – 5 of 5 Stars

Gets you the most money – Gets You The Most Money For Your Gif tCard-Quick And Easy To Use!” – 5 of 5 Stars

OTTO Chrome Ext Is the best thing Ever.” 5 of 5 Stars

Some (but not all) of the best deals – Gift Card Granny has some (but not all) of the best deals on gift cards that I have found so far on the internet. Thank you!” – 4 of 5 Stars

Now the negative ones:

You must use the gift card immediately – Gift Card Granny scammed me out of a ton of money because I didn’t use the gift card immediately! Don’t ever their cards as gifts, you must use it in 45 days or you will loose your money!” – 1 Star

Digital Gift Card Bummer – I was going to a national restaurant for dinner so I decided to look for a coupon online. I didn’t find a coupon but found a digital gift card for this restaurant at “gift card” so I purchased it. 8 hours later on our way out to eat, still no digital card. I guess electric from Chicago doesn’t move very fast. I bought one in the past on eBay and had it within 5 minuets to my email account, Chicago must be sending it to my email server by way of pony express. Now nearly 24 hours later, still no digital gift card in my email. If it ever comes I’ll use it but if your using it soon don’t go to Gift Card Granny also known as “gift card” – 1 Star

I find that your website has changed – I find that your website has changed from a year or two back. I find no way to contact you with comments on the web page. I can’t find how to filter for plastic cards only as in the past. When I go into a specific vendor for a particular card I can’t go back to where I was before I went after that card. Instead I get bounced back to what I will call page 1 and have to start all over again. And many times you show a discount on a card I want and when I go there no such discount exists or it’s Ebay with their bogus, non-existent auction nonsense.” 2 of 5 Stars

Gift Card Granny responded to this review with the following:

“Thank you for your review and feedback. We really would appreciate if you would send this feedback to our support team. They will be able to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

Final Thoughts

I was overall impressed with Gift Card Granny’s website and all the different options and offerings. The site is very easy to navigate and it’s quick and easy to find what you are looking for.

Other similar gift card buy and sell websites seem straight-forward but “cold” the layout, lack of a real menu and lack of options feels like a “take it or leave it” attitude as opposed to Gift Card Granny where they have several options for buying and selling your cards such as locations, name your price and wait, exchange your card for another one of similar value, and more.

I’d take Gift Card Granny over any other site. If you have a similar experience or a negative one, please let us know in the comments.

Tracy Stine

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The only disadvantage is GCG acts as a middle between your email address and the source. That means there is a lag and if your searching for great deals on popular cards you will find when the link opens in your browser the best cards are sold out.

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