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GiftBox App Review – A Simple Way To Earn Cash From Your Phone

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The GiftBox App is a recently launched rewards program that awards you to complete tasks from your smartphone. This includes downloading apps, daily check-ins and more. Here we break it down by noting how much you can make and if  the app is worth it or not.

What Is GiftBox?

As mentioned above, GiftBox is a free mobile app that’s currently only available for iOS devices. Each time you complete a task from the app, you earn a certain amount of coins. These coins can be exchanged to popular retails such as Amazon.

Here are the activities you can participate in to earn coins:

  • Download apps
  • Daily check-in
  • Free Trial Offers
  • Social sharing
  • Rating the app
  • Referring Friends

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With GiftBox?

Your potential earnings entirely depends entirely on the task that you’re completing and the type of task that you are participating. Even though there’s a quite a few ways you can earn with GiftBox, we only recommend referring friends, downloading apps and doing the daily check-in. The other tasks aren’t really worth your time. Registration is completely free.

You need a minimum of 1,500 coins to cash out, and 500 coins is equal to $1 USD. The more you earn, the more value your coins will be worth. For example, you can buy a $3 Amazon gift card for 1,500, or you can save and buy a $25 Amazon gift card for just 9,000 coins. In the second case, 360 coins is equal to $1 USD.

Download Apps

When you first download GiftBox, there enough offers available to earn $5 almost instantly. The majority of this income will come from downloading apps. Most of the time, the only thing you’re required to do to earn points is to simply install the app and open it once. However, in order to ensure that coins get credited to your account, we recommend leaving it open for at least 30 seconds.

Keep in mind that there are a few exceptions. Some apps require you to do a bit more. For example, the Pirate Kings app requires you to install and register using your Facebook account. Other apps may require you to get to a certain level before you earn credits.

In any case, once you earn the coins you can delete the app. Until they’re deposited into your account, we recommend leaving the app installed just for precaution. If you don’t get rewarded for a certain task, contact the GiftBox support team – they’re incredibly helpful.

Refer Friends

Referring friends is by far the easiest way to earn with GiftBox, and they have an incredibly generous referral program. For each friend that signs-up using your referral link, you get a 30% of all their earnings. Your friends also get 200 coins for free when they use your code (equivalent to $.40 cents).

We just mentioned above that you can quickly earn $5 when you first install the app. Get 10 friends to sign-up and do this, and you’ve already earned and extra $15. A great way to spread the word is to post a link and your referral code to Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d like to support FFL, we’d greatly appreciate it if you use the referral code ot8y9ed upon registration. Thank you!

Daily Check-in

While you can’t earn a lot with this task, it literally takes the press of a button to complete. The more days you check-in in a row, the more you earn. The first day only pays you 2 coins, the second day 3, and it keeps building up from there. You can get up to a maximum of 10 coins (or so we believe) per check-in.

Other Tasks

The other tasks include completing free-trial offers and sharing the app. We aren’t against these tasks, but they either aren’t worth your time or require much more effort. As for the free-trail offers, sometimes you have to enter in your personal or credit card information.

While you can simply cancel any free-trial, sometimes the companies make it extremely difficult to do so. Overall, we just suggest to stay away unless you’re willing to work through it.

Is GiftBox Worth It?

Given the activities available and amount of new offers available, we estimate that you can make about $10 per month completing tasks. This doesn’t include referral bonuses. It’s not much money, but the amount of effort you’re putting into the app itself is very little.

Installing and opening apps only takes a few seconds, and the daily check-in happens in an instance. Furthermore, given their excellent referral program, you can earn 30% of your friends’ total earnings by essentially doing nothing.

Compared to other apps that pay you to download apps, we highly recommend using GiftBox. The referral program is great, the payouts are high, the layout is easy and they always pay within 24 hours. You can’t ask for much more.

How Do I Get Started With GiftBox?

Even though getting started with GiftBox is quite simple, we’re going to break down for you the registration process in just 5 simple steps.

1. Install. You don’t need to register for a new account as the app is tied directly to your phone. Unfortunately, for the time being, there isn’t an Android version. You can download the app directly from the App Store. Enter in the code ot8y9ed to receive a 200 coin bonus on sign-up.

gift box install

2. Complete tasks. As mentioned above, we suggest only downloading apps, referring friends and doing the daily check-in. The free-trail offers come with other stipulations that we prefer not to get involved in.

gift box complete tasks

3. Redeem. Exchange coins for the gift card of your choosing. Remember, the more coins you save, the higher their value they will be. 500 coins is equal to $1 USD. You will be required to give them your email since this is where they will send your gift card.

gift box redeem

4. Refer friends. This is by far the most effective way to earn with GiftBox. Your friends get 200 bonus coins and you get 30% of all their earnings. Thank you to those who use are referral code!

gift box refer

Final Thoughts

Even though GiftBox is a recently developed app, their payout structure is much better than most rewards apps out there. Even if there aren’t any new offers, you can still get paid each time you log-in just by doing the daily check-in. Expect to earn $10 per month completing tasks. You can earn more by referring friends.

Have you used GiftBox before? Let us know how it’s been for you. Otherwise, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling.

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