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GiftHulk Review: Is This Small Task Survey Site A Scam or Legit?

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Paid survey and small task websites are a very popular way to make money online. These are often called “get paid to” sites or GPT sites.

With many of them, you can earn money just by doing things you already do online – shopping, browsing, and more. The concept is pretty simple, and the tasks are usually low-effort.

GiftHulk is one GPT site that pays you to take surveys and complete a variety of easy tasks.

But since these websites are so common, it’s hard to know which ones are scams. In this review, you’ll learn everything there is to know about GiftHulk. Read on to see if this money making option is worth a shot.

About GiftHulk

Founded in 2011, GiftHulk is a fairly new GPT site founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. Their About Us page says GiftHulk was founded so that people can earn money through their online daily activities.

Additionally, they believe people should be rewarded for viewing ads and discovering new brands.

Shortly after the site launched, GiftHulk was featured on CBS TV. They’ve also been positively reviewed by Insider and CNN Money.

To date, GiftHulk has given out $1,000,000 in rewards to users. The founders of this site also created the rewards app Tapporo, which is very similar to GiftHulk.

GiftHulk uses a currency called Hulk Coins, and each task you complete pays a set amount of coins. Hulk Coins are converted into cash payouts and gift cards. We’ll discuss this currency and the payment options later in this post.

GiftHulk Pros And Cons

Every survey and small task website has good and bad features. I found a lot of detailed feedback from current and former GiftHulk users. I also spent a lot of time on the site to explore and form my own opinion. Below you’ll find a list of GiftHulk pros and cons.

  • GiftHulk is 100% free to join – no strings attached.
  • GiftHulk is available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany.
  • You can easily earn money through the GiftHulk referral system.
  • You can get paid through PayPal, or you can choose from a large selection of gift cards.
  • You only need $5 to start getting rewards.
  • There are several different ways to earn rewards, so you likely won’t run out of tasks.
  • GiftHulk users a tiered level system, so you’re eligible for more bonuses and rewards if you’re active on the site.
  • Users report that they occasionally receive bonuses for surveys and other tasks.
  • I’ve seen legitimate proof of payment posted by users.
  • You can’t view the pay per task until you join the site.
  • Most reviews say that the pay per task is pretty low.
  • Some users report poor experiences with GiftHulk customer support.
  • Some users report issues receiving payouts on time as well as missed payments.

At first glance, the pros outweigh the cons for GiftHulk. The low payout amount is pretty impressive compared to similar websites. There’s also a nice variety of rewards to choose from. Lastly, they seem to offer good bonuses – I’ll discuss exact numbers later in this posts.

Unfortunately, the reports about poor customer support and payment issues stood out to me. This isn’t a great sign, but it’s not too uncommon for GPT sites.

The good news is that I found reviews from November 2017 where users confirmed that they received payments. Hopefully, that main issue has been resolved.

How To Sign Up For GiftHulk

Signing up for GiftHulk is a quick and easy process. It personally took me about 1-2 minutes at the most. The only requirement for signing up is that you’re 13 years of age or older. Here’s how to sign up:

    1. Go to the main GiftHulk page. There are three links for signing up based on your preference.
    2. Click on what you want to use to sign up – Google, Twitter, or e-mail. I used e-mail to signup.
    3. Create a username and password.
    4. Fill out the Complete Your Registration form. You’ll need to provide your first name, last name, e-mail address, gender, and date of birth.
    5. Fill out the CAPTCHA security code.
    6. Click the Create My Account button.
    7. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard, and you can start earning coins.

You’ll also receive an e-mail confirming your sign up. Make sure to click on the link in the e-mail to confirm.

Check your spam folders and promotional folders if you don’t see the e-mail in your main inbox. I made sure to bookmark this e-mail because it contains my username – just a tip for you to consider!

Ways To Earn Hulk Coins

There are many different ways for you to earn Hulk Coins. Some options only take a few seconds to do. Others require more effort, but they also offer better pay. Below you’ll find a detailed list of ways to earn.

Sign Up Bonus

You’ll receive 250 Hulk Coins just for signing up with GiftHulk using a referral code. This is a decent bonus to get you started on the site.

My Prize Goal

On your dashboard, you can set your prize goal. You earn 50 Hulk Coins the first time that you do this. Visit the store, select a gift card or PayPal option, and click the Set As Goal button.

Offer Walls

The Offer Wall is where you can complete different offers from third-party companies. Some of the companies include Peanut Labs and SuperRewards. You start out by selecting your gender, then several different offers are presented to you.

Most of the offers require you to use a valid e-mail or social media account to register for a free service or free trial. I’ve read that you can also accept offers for paid services, too.

Offers with really simple e-mail sign up pages seem to pay between 12 to 75 Hulk Coins. More in-depth offers pay anywhere between 200 and 3,200 Hulk Coins.

EZ Coins

The EZ Coins tab is similar to the Offer Walls tab. However, these are the easiest offers to sign up for picked out by GiftHulk. You can easily sort through them to only sign up for free offers.

When I narrow my search to free offers, there are five offers that pay between 140 to 600 Hulk Coins each.


When viewing the surveys, I received an error message. So I’ve gathered some numbers from reviews and comments across the Internet. Some reported numbers as low as 20 Hulk Coins, but others reported surveys that paid 250 to 2,500 Hulk Coins.

It seems that your mileage may vary. Several reviews also mentioned that you’ll receive some coins when you’re disqualified from a survey.


Under the apps tab, you start by selecting what type of smartphone you have. You’ll then see a list of apps you can get paid to download. Right now I have three offers for the RetailMeNot app, Wallapop app, and RewardTV app.

These pay 40 to 400 Hulk Coins each. I know that the first two apps are 100 percent free to download, so this is an easy way to earn some quick coins.


On the Tasks page, you can choose from Crowdflower Tasks or GiftHulk tasks. Crowdflower provides tasks like categorizing pictures or verifying company information. Right now, there are over 2,000 Crowdflower tasks available. Each one pays between 4 to 16 Hulk Coins.

Under the Gift Hulk Tab, the tasks are a bit different. There are three tasks, and each of them requires you to post about Gift Hulk somewhere. You can post on YouTube, a blog, or create an Internet forum thread. These tasks pay between 250 to 1,000 Hulk Coins.


Under the Search tab, you’ll be presented with a web search bar that’s similar to Google or Bing. I typed in ‘earn money online’ and received 4 Hulk Coins just for doing this.

Users mention that there’s a set amount of searches you can do per day before you max out. This seems like the easiest way to earn coins besides referrals.

GiftHulk TV

Under the GiftHulk TV tab, you’ll see a page full of videos in different categories. Some of the categories include business, fashion, and life tips.

Every 10 videos are considered a TV Round, and you earn 10 Hulk Coins per TV Round. You can earn a maximum of 30 Hulk Coins per day with this feature.

You also earn extra coins when you reach certain levels. For example, you get 40 Hulk Coins when you hit TV Round 5. This goes all the way up to TV Round 30, which earns you 60 Hulk Coins. If you enjoy watching videos online, this is a unique and fun way to earn coins.


Under the Shopping tab, you’re presented with a list of cash back offers from major retailers.

You earn 50 free Hulk Coins by simply choosing your five favorite stores. When you shop at the listed stores, you earn a certain amount of Hulk Coins per dollar spent. Current offers range between 8 to 100 Hulk Coins per dollar spent.

There is also a My Coupons page under the Shopping tab. This presents you with a list of coupons that are offered by various stores. When you use the coupons, you’ll get paid per dollar you spend. The offers on the first page range between 10 to 40 Hulk Coins per dollar spent.


You receive up to 600 Hulk Coins each time you refer someone to GiftHulk. You get 100 Hulk Coins when a user register using your invite code. You can get the remaining 500 Hulk Coins when the user earns 1,000 Hulk Coins on the site.

I did the math to see how much I could earn using only 100% free offers and earning the lowest amount of Hulk Coins listed. So this total excludes any shopping I’d do, and it’s the absolute bare minimum.

By doing only one of each task above, I’d earn 1,140 Hulk Coins with very little effort. This is over 20% of the payout minimum, so it truly impresses me how easy it is to earn.

GiftHulk User Levels

Earlier I mentioned that GiftHulk uses a tiered-level incentive system. It has five different tiers, and you earn more perks the higher you go. These are the tiers and what they offer:

  • Bronze (register with GiftHulk) – 5 chips for Guess The Card, which is a game that enters you into drawings for free Hulk Coins and other rewards.
  • Silver (earn 1,000 Hulk Coins) – 10 chips for Guess The Card
  • Gold (earn 10,000 Hulk Coins or invite 10 users) – 20 chips for Guess The Card and a 2.5% rebate on prize purchases.
  • Platinum (earn 25,000 Hulk Coins or invite 25 users) – 40 chips for Guess The Card, a 5% rebate on prize purchases, and faster delivery of prizes.
  • Diamond (earn 50,000 Hulk Coins or invite 50 users) – 60 chips for Guess The Card, a 10% rebate on prize purchases, faster delivery of prizes, and a $10 digital gift card once you reach this level.

GiftHulk Payment and Rewards

1,000 Hulk Coins is equal to $1.00. You can start getting cash and gift cards when you’ve earned 5,000 Hulk Coins or $5.00. There are currently 130 different rewards listed on their store page. Some popular options that are available include:

  • $5 PayPal payment
  • $10 PayPal payment
  • $25 PayPal payment
  • $50 PayPal payment
  • $5 Amazon gift card
  • $10 Amazon gift card
  • $25 Amazon gift card
  • $50 Amazon gift card

Gift cards in similar amounts are available for Target, Wal-Mart, Nike, Burger King, and other major retailers. There’s even a section featuring rewards for 80% off their normal price.

According to the FAQ page, you’ll receive your reward within 7 business days of requesting it. They also mention that high-tier users receive rewards faster.

Final Verdict: Is GiftHulk A Scam Or Legit?

My final verdict is that GiftHulk is legit. It’s not the highest-paying GPT site, but it does offer some solid perks. You can start earning prizes pretty quickly, and you can choose from tons of different tasks. The tiered-level system is a nice feature that rewards you simply for using the site.

If you’re worried about the negative user reviews, that’s perfectly understandable. In my opinion, the site is still worth a shot. You can test the payout system once you’ve earned $5 to make sure rewards get sent out on time.

As I showed you above, it’s pretty easy to reach $5 quickly.

More Ways To Earn Free Money And Gift Cards

GiftHulk is only one of the many different small task and survey sites available. I always recommend using a handful of different sites and apps. It’ll keep you from getting bored, and you can earn as much as possible. To get started, read these Frugal For Less posts:

We provide tons of info about all sorts of unique, fun, and free apps and websites. Take some time to find the ones you enjoy the most. In no time, you can start earning cash and gift cards for free.

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