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GiftMe App – Discounted Gift Cards Sent Immediately To Your Phone

GiftMe App – Discounted Gift Cards Sent Immediately To Your Phone
Jason Wuerch Nov 29, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We’ve already mentioned a few websites that sell you gift cards at a discount, saving you anywhere from 10% – 20% on average. However, sometimes these cards take a little while to arrive in your inbox, and if you’re ready to checkout in a store you don’t have a time to wait. GiftMe works to solve this problem by delivering gift cards immediately after purchase.

What Is GiftMe?

GiftMe is a free mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Their simple interface allows you to quickly buy gift cards on the spot and have them sent to your mobile phone immediately. This enables consumers to hold up their phone during checkout and have the gift card bar code scanned for purchase.

Before, in order to buy gift cards at a discount, you were usually required to go to a reseller website and buy the card, and then wait for it to be delivered to your inbox. This can take anywhere up to 24 hours. This is definitely a better and more convenient way for the money-conscious consumer to save some extra cash.

The one thing we would like to warn you about using gift cards is that you should not use them on purchases for expensive electronics. Using a credit card instead will allow you to qualify for price protection and extended warranty benefits that credit cards usually offer.

How Do Their Rates Compare?

When I first heard about the GiftMe app, I was a little skeptical about how great their gift card discounts would be. Other popular gift card reseller such as Raise and Cardpool already offer great rates, and I didn’t think there would be another vendor that could compete with their prices.

We decided to do a little comparison shopping first to see how much we could save. Let’s take a look at a few examples below.

1. Starbucks

We’re covering Starbucks due to its incredibly high popularity. After checking, I found out that I could get it for 2% off on Raise and 7% off on Cardpool. GiftMe wins by a landslide by offering a $20 Starbuck gift card at 10% off the original price.

2. Target

Target is our second example. These gift cards sell for a 1% discount on Raise and a 3% discount on Cardpool. GiftMe provides the same $20 Target gift card for a 6% discount. So far that’s two for two.

3. Amazon

It is incredibly difficult to find Amazon gift cards at a higher discount than 2% – 3% off. However, GiftMe really surprised me by offering Amazon gift cards at 5% off.

As you can see from these examples, not only does GiftMe offer the best rates around, but they also have one of the most convenient ways to spend your gift card. But the best part is that these cards are all delivered immediately to the wallet in your app. If you’re waiting in line at a store and find a discount, you can purchase it right away and have it ready for checkout at that instant.

Additional Notes

If you have a gift card that you want to get rid of, you can sell it to GiftMe. This is great for those that receive those unwanted gift cards during the holidays and have no other way to spend it. You can either sell one from your wallet or enter a gift card code that you want to sell.

You can also add gift cards that you already have to your GiftMe Wallet. This will allow you to have one convenient place from which you can scan your gift cards from. Just enter in the gift card number, the pin, and balance.

The final note we’d like to make is regarding GiftMe’s limited selection. Since they just recently started up, their selection isn’t as big as other gift card resellers. However, they currently have about 30 – 40 retailers available, and most of them are companies that you’ve heard of already. Yet you should keep checking back since they’re constantly adding new retailers to their inventory.

Here are a few examples of the gift cards they are currently with their associated discounts:

  • Apple Store – 6% off
  • Applebee’s – 20% off
  • Best Buy – 6% off
  • GameStop – 5% off
  • H&M – 27.70% off
  • Macy’s – 9% off
  • Southwest – 5% off
  • Victorias Secret – 16% off

I usually don’t have gift cards lying around, and I often kick myself when I forget to buy one before going shopping. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, if I buy a gift card and no longer wish to use it or only use a portion of it, I can always sell it back for a decent rate on the GiftMe App.

Final Thoughts

For the money-conscious consumer, this is one of the most convenient ways you can save some cash at your next retailer. Gift cards are delivered immediately, and they offer the best rates out of some of the most popular gift card reseller websites. Have questions or comments? Feel free to leave them down below. Happy holidays!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

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Great discounts, but BE SURE to use within 7 days! If you can’t, at least visit the retailer and see if you can transfer the balance to a new gift card (Walmart will do this). Every single card I did not use in that time frame, had a $0 balance. I’ve lost several hundred before I realized this (restaurant cards I don’t necessarily frequent often but like to have on hand). The 7 day guarantee is an extremely short period, and every other reputable gift card site offers at least a month to a year guarantee. I understand they wait to pay the seller until the 7 days are up, but they need to keep the sellers payment info on file in case they spend it themselves later.

Do not buy from Giftme. I tried buying a Panera card that was listed as 25% off and I got a card that was 16% off. I instantly let them know I needed that refunded since it was not what was advertised. They said gift cards with balances cannot be refunded. I told them I would have to dispute on my credit card. They deactivated my account, referred me to their “fraud department” and said they were contracting the local police. I kid you not that was their exact response. So apparently fraud is now notifying a company that they gave you the wrong product.

Spent over $1500 on fraudulent gift cards – wouldn’t return them even before 7 days. Company reports $10 million annual revenue from this scam. I reported to my credit card and got every penny back. Deals are too good to be true because sellers have sold the same card to other people. It’s all about who uses the card first. Amazing they are not in jail. Service is down now probably due to trying to find another merchant willing to process for companies who steal from their customers. It took 3 months to figure this out – you will get screwed over time if not up front. Don’t play with fire.

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