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Grubhub Delivery Driver Job Review: Earn $10+ Hour

Grubhub Delivery Driver Job Review: Earn $10+ Hour
Amy Baum Jan 25, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Delivery driving is a very popular side gig, and it’s easy to see why. There are several companies that hire drivers to work as independent contractors.

That means you get to set your own flexible schedule, so you can work whenever you want. This freedom is great if you need a part-time job or just a bit of extra cash.

Grubhub is one well-known food delivery service that hires drivers. It’s pretty easy to meet their requirements, and it doesn’t take long to get started. If you’re interested in this gig, our Grubhub review is a must-read. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about being a Grubhub driver.

What Is Grubhub?

Grubhub is an extremely popular online food ordering and delivery platform. Customers are connected to local restaurants and food chains that offer takeout. Food is picked up and delivered by local Grubhub drivers. The company has more than 16.4 million active customers across 1,700 cities.

Grubhub is the result of two companies merging. In 1999, an online food ordering service named Seamless was founded. In 2004, Grubhub was created by web developers Matthew Maloney and Michael Evans. Seamless and Grubhub merged in 2013 and launched the popular delivery service in 2014.

Grubhub hires delivery drivers to work as independent contractors. Prospective drivers apply online and go through a basic qualification process. Within a few days, applicants can start making money delivering food using their own vehicles.

As of 2019, Grubhub processes more than 416,000 orders per day – making them the nation’s leading food ordering and delivery marketplace.

Grubhub Driver Pros And Cons

Every delivery driving gig has pros and cons. There are thousands of online reviews from current and former Grubhub drivers. I made a list of the most common positive and negative points I found. You’ll also find some simple facts I found that fall into either category.


  • Drivers keep 100% of the tips they earn.
  • No previous delivery driving experience is required.
  • Drivers get to create their own flexible schedules.
  • Grubhub has more deliveries than any other platform.
  • The driver eligibility requirements are easy to meet.
  • The application and hiring process is pretty quick.
  • There is no interview process.
  • Drivers are paid weekly.
  • In some cities, drivers earn a guaranteed hourly minimum rate.
  • The work is overall laid back and easy.
  • Many driver reviews say that working alone gives them a lot of freedom.


  • Delivery driving increases vehicle wear and tear.
  • Drivers aren’t paid mileage for picking up an order.
  • Drivers aren’t paid for the time they wait at restaurants.
  • Some reviews say that the app’s estimated delivery time isn’t accurate.
  • Drivers may experience slow days with few orders.
  • Drivers aren’t offered traditional job benefits.
  • Drivers are responsible for paying taxes on their earnings.
  • Drivers may face a lot of competition from other Grubhub drivers.

Overall, these pros and cons are similar to any other independent delivery gig. The freedom and flexibility are great for many people. Scheduling and hours are 100% set by each driver. It’s pretty easy to get hired, and there’s no prior job experience required.

Gigs like this always come with some downsides. Some days there aren’t many deliveries available. Normal vehicle wear and tear is enhanced due to driving. Drivers are considered independent contractors, so they pay their own taxes and don’t receive job benefits.

The pros outweigh the cons for a lot of drivers. It’s impossible to get this flexibility from a traditional part-time job with set hours. But it’s important to be realistic and know that there are some risks. If you’re okay with them, then driving for Grubhub can be a good side job.

Grubhub Driver Eligibility

It’s pretty easy to meet all of the requirements for Grubhub drivers. Out of the several driving gigs I’ve reviewed, Grubhub is definitely more laid back. Here are the eligibility requirements you’ll need to meet:

  • You need to be 19 or older. If you’re in Chicago, you need to be 21 or older.
  • You need at least two years of driving experience. This just means general driving experience; it doesn’t need to be job-related driving experience.
  • You need a valid driver’s license. If you plan to deliver on your bicycle, you need a valid ID.
  • You need valid auto insurance.
  • You need a bank account with direct deposit. Grubhub pays drivers via direct deposit, so make sure you know your account number and routing number.
  • You need an eligible phone with a data plan. Your phone has to be an Android 4.0 or higher, or a an iOS 8.0 or higher.
  • You need to pass a basic background check. Most driver reviews say the background check looks for any major driving violations or criminal history.

If you can check off all of these requirements, you’re all set to apply to be a GrubHub Driver.

How To Become A Grubhub Driver

The application and onboarding process is very straightforward. It usually only takes a few days to go through the steps and start driving. I’ve outlined each step below:

  1. Go to the Grubhub website and look under the Partner section. It’s at the bottom of the page, and there’s a link for drivers.
  2. Fill out the application form on the Grubhub driver page. You’ll start with providing basic information including your full name, contact details, location, and vehicle type.
  3. Submit the required documents. You’ll need to submit proof of insurance, proof of a valid driver’s license, and your direct deposit details.
  4. Complete an onboarding session once your background check clears. Before you start driving, watch videos and/or go over some helpful details online. Some regions have in-person onboarding sessions.
  5. You’re ready to hit the road and accept Grubhub delivery orders.

Most drivers say the process is simple and smooth. You can submit documents like your driver’s license by using your camera’s smartphone. Grubhub has you sign a few forms online, too. The process mostly takes place via e-mail.

What Does A Grubhub Driver Do?

So you’re ready to start driving for Grubhub, but what exactly does that mean? Many reviews from drivers paint a great picture of a day in the life. I’ve used these reviews to outline what you’ll do as a Grubhub driver.

  • Download the Grubhub driver app directly through their website. You’ll also receive a link to the driver app via e-mail.
  • Give the app permission to access your location. Grubhub needs to know your location before you can start delivering.
  • Change your status to ‘Available’. The default status is ‘Unavailable’ so you’ll need to change it when you’re ready to take orders.
  • Tap ‘Accept Order’ when orders start popping up. Orders will start appearing once your status is set to ‘Available’. You can tap ‘Accept Order’ or ‘Reject Order’.
  • Follow directions to the restaurant for food pickup. If you accept an order, you’ll receive in-app directions to the restaurant.
  • Check to make sure the order is correct. Always check the order at the restaurant before you leave. You want to make sure that everything is correct for the customer. If anything is missing or incorrect, politely talk to a restaurant staff member.
  • Put the food in your insulated delivery bag. Grubhub requires drivers to use an insulated delivery bag. You can buy your own, or you can have Grubhub send one to you.
  • Drive to the customer’s location. Directions to the customer are displayed in the driver app.
  • Deliver food to the customer. Once you arrive, deliver food to the customer’s residence. Always double check the app for any special delivery instructions. For example, you may be instructed to go to a specific area in a business center.
  • Rinse and repeat. Once you’re back in your car, you can accept another order in the app. Continue accepting deliveries and earning money for however long you’d like.

The whole process is pretty easy to understand. Don’t feel too rushed when you accept your first few orders. You want to make sure everything is done accurately. As long as you delivery the food on time, that’s what matters. Over time, you’ll get used to the routine and it’ll be a breeze.

What Is A Grubhub Delivery Block?

You can work completely flexible hours as a Grubhub driver. You can also pick up scheduled shifts called blocks. These pre-selected hours can be found in the driver app. Available blocks are listed in the ‘Scheduling’ section of the app. Tap on the blocks that you’d like to work.

Grubhub delivery blocks are available first come, first serve based on your driver level. Levels are part of the Recognition Program, which I’ll discuss in the next section. Driver reviews often note that blocks are taken very quickly once they’re available. You can schedule blocks up to one week in advance. You will receive a notification text from Grubhub when blocks are posted.

There are definite benefits to working blocks. Grubhub has the block system in place to help avoid oversaturing an area with too many drivers at once. Grubhub notes that drivers who schedule blocks receive priority for accepting orders. Consider trying out blocks to get more orders.

What Is The Grubhub Recognition Program?

Grubhub has a Recognition Program that rewards drivers for their performance. The program is based on these three driver statistics:

  • Attendance Rate – Attendance rate is the percentage of scheduled blocks that you attend.
  • Acceptance Rate – Acceptance rate is the percentage of offers you accept versus offers you reject.
  • Block Drop Rate – Block drop rate is the percentage of blocks you schedule but then drop prior to a block or during the block itself.

The higher your percentages, the higher you move up in levels. There are three program levels: Partner, Pro, and Premier. This is what each level consists of:

  • Premier – Premier drivers have a 100% attendance rate, a minimum 95% acceptance rate, and a maximum 10% block drop rate. Premier drivers receive first access to blocks when they’re posted. They’re also eligible for delivering catering orders, get access to referral programs, and get access to perks.
  • Pro – Pro drivers have a 100% attendance rate, a minimum 85% acceptance rate, and a maximum 20% block drop rate. Pro drivers receive second access to blocks when they’re posted. They’re also eligible for catering orders, referral programs, and perks.
  • Partner – All other Grubhub delivery drivers fall into the Partner category. Partner drivers get third access to blocks when they’re posted.

Referral programs allow Premier and Pro drivers to make extra money by referring new drivers. Grubhub perks are special offers for discounts on auto, healthcare, and financial services. For example, perks may include a 10-15% discount on automobile repair services. Perks are offered through companies that Grubhub partners with.

Grubhub updates driver levels every Monday. Your level is based on your previous 30 days of delivery statistics. As a new driver, your initial level is determined once you complete your 20th delivery.

How Much Do Grubhub Drivers Get Paid?

You likely want to know Grubhub driver pay before you try it out. There’s not an exact amount that every driver earns per hour or per delivery. It’s based on a few different factors. First, Grubhub uses the following formula for driver pay:

Base pay per order + $0.50 cents per mile from the restaurant to the customer + 100% of tips

The base pay per order amount is a flat rate, but it varies based on your delivery market. Recent driver reviews online state that base pay per order is $3.25 to $4.00. Tips aren’t always guaranteed, though current and former drivers report that tips are very common. The Grubhub customer app suggests customers tip 20%. Based on this info, here are some Grubhub driver pay examples:

  • $3.25 base pay + $5.50 for an 11-mile drive + $3.40 tip = $12.15 for one delivery
  • $3.50 base pay + $2.00 for a four mile drive + $3.00 tip = $8.50 for one delivery
  • $4.00 base pay + $4.25 for an 8.5-mile trip + $3.20 tip = $11.45 for one delivery

In some delivery markets, Grubhub offers drives a guaranteed hourly minimum. The guaranteed hourly minimum is different in each market. The reviews I’ve read say the minimum ranges from $10 to $15 per hour. Drivers are told the specific amount via e-mail during the signup process.

Drivers receive the guaranteed minimum if they meet an order acceptance rate. This means drivers have to accept a certain percentage of orders. The order acceptance rate also seems to vary based on the delivery market. Some sources say that it’s 75% and other reviews say it’s 90%.

Below is a list of earnings reported by Grubhub drivers. This gives you a pretty accurate look at how much you may earn:

  • shows 789 Grubhub salary reports, and drivers earn an average of $10.51 to $11.50 per hour.
  • shows 709 Grubhub salary reports, and drivers earn an average of $11 to $13 per hour.
  • In a Reddit thread, a Grubhub driver reported earning $11 to $13 per hour on weekdays and $19 to $21 per hour on weekends.
  • In a Ride Sharing Forum post, a Grubhub driver reported earning $97 over six hours or about $16 per hour.
  • In another Reddit thread, a Grubhub driver reported earning $143.56 over 5.92 hours or about $24.25 per hour.
  • In a recent Reddit thread, a Grubhub driver reported earning $430.49 over 28.6 hours or about $15.05 per hour.

Grubhub Payment Methods And Information

Grubhub pays weekly on Thursdays via direct deposit. Drivers are paid for the amount they earned the previous Monday through Sunday. It can take about 3-5 business days to receive your direct deposit.

Tips To Earn More As A Grubhub Driver

You’ve read some examples of potential earnings, so you have a good idea of what to expect. But there are a few tips you can follow to maximize how much money you make. These Grubhub driver tips are compiled from reviews, ridesharing forums, driver blog posts, and other resources.

  • Schedule delivery blocks. Earlier I noted that there are benefits to delivery blocks. Driver reviews confirm that it’s beneficial to pick up blocks. You’ll get priority over other drivers, so you’re likely to earn more.
  • Reach the Grubhub Premier level. Premier drivers get access to catering orders and more. This means there are more opportunities to make money.
  • Work as many weekends as possible. Many driver reviews state that drivers earn a higher average pay per hour on weekends. Pick up blocks or make yourself available for weekend deliveries.
  • Work during lunch hours on weekdays. Many people can’t leave their offices for lunch, so they order food through Grubhub. This is an excellent time to pick up deliveries. Some drivers say that weekdays during lunch hours are even busier than weekdays during dinner hours.
  • Boost customer service with small details. There are a lot of minor things you can do to increase your chances of getting tipped by customers. Greet them with a smile, be professional and friendly, and thank them for ordering. Good customer service goes a long way.
  • Make note of any earning patterns that you notice. For example, you may notice accepting lunch deliveries at 11 AM gets you more orders than starting at 1 PM. Or you may realize that one area of town is much busier than other areas. Note these patterns and use them to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Driving for Grubhub is a legitimate side hustle that suits many people. If you like the flexibility and perks, check out additional delivery driving gigs. There’s no limit to the number of companies you can drive for.

That means the potential for earning great money is very real. To learn more, read the following Frugal For Less posts:

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