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5 H&M Cashback Hacks That Will Save You Money

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I personally love shopping at H&M. They have some of the best quality clothes with a good sense of style as well. Find out how you can save 31% on everything you buy at H&M by following the steps below in order.

Even if a step doesn’t make sense at first, once you read the entire guide they will all fall into place.

1. Get A Cash Back Credit Card

The first thing you need is to get a cash back credit card that gives you the highest cash back on everything you buy. Currently, the best cash back card on the market is the one that gives you 2% back on all purchases is the Citi Double Cash Card. It comes with no annual fee, so you’re only gaining when applying for this card.

Let’s take a quick glance at what the card has to offer:

Apply Now

  • 2% cash back on all purchases
  • No cap on cash back earned
  • Incredibly Citi Benefits
  • No annual fee
  • First late payment waived

This is the credit card I currently use most frequently. If you want to try another card aside from Citi, we recommend the Discover It Card since they are holding a Double Cash Back Promotion until the end of September. This means you have the chance to get 2% – 10% back on all purchases (read more here).

2. Sign-Up For Cardpool

We’ve already got 2% cash back in our pockets. Eventually we’re going to want to buy a H&M gift card through a gift card vendor that sells them at a large discount. One of the gift card vendors that has the highest discounts is called Cardpool. However, do not make the purchase just yet, as there’s an extra step. We only want to sign-up.

cardpool-gift-cardsIn order to sign-up, you can click this link here. Click the sign-up link in the upper-right-hand corner of the page and enter your information. No email verification necessary.

3. Sign-Up For TopCashBack

Again, this step only requires you to sign-up for an account, but you’re not going to use it yet. We’re going to sign-up for TopCashBack, an online shopping portal that gives you cash back for using their affiliate links when making a purchase. If you’re uncertain as to how cash back portals work, you can read about them here.

In order to sign-up for a TopCashBack account, you can click this link here. Again, enter your basic information such as your name and your email.

4. Go To Cardpool Through TopCashBack

Now we’re actually going to be using our TopCashBack account. After signing-up, search for “Cardpool” in the search bar. You’ll notice that you can get 2% cash back on all purchases at Cardpool, as long as you go through the TopCashBack portal. Click on the “Get Cashback” button and you’ll be redirected to the Cardpool homepage.

Wait up to 30 days and cash will be deposited into your account. once you hit a minimum of $20 dollars you can withdraw it to your PayPal or have a check sent to your house. You can also read up on other portals by checking out our Top 10 Online Cash Back Portal List.

5. Purchase Your Gift Card On Cardpool

After being redirected to Cardpool, login using your credentials that you created earlier. Now we’re finally going to be making our purchase. Click on “Buy Gift Cards” on the hompage and do a search for H&M. You’ll notice that currently there are gift cards for 27.5% off.

This amount will vary from time to time depending what they have in stock. Sometimes the percentage off will be lower or higher, depending on who they purchase the gift card from and at what price. In any case, it’s usually above 25%, so you’re still going to be saving quite a bit of money.

CARDPOOL-citi-double-cash-cardWhen you go to make your final purchase, be sure to use the Double Citi Cash Card above that we mentioned so that you can get that extra 2% off. Your card should be sent to your email within 24 hours if it’s electronic and up to a week if its physical. However, you’ll usually receive it much sooner than this. Electronic gift cards are usually delivered within a couple of hours.

Let’s Recap

Let’s do a quick recap on how much cash back we’ve earned so far.

This makes our total cash back 31.5%! That’s a huge amount of savings. That means for every $100 dollars you spend, you’re getting $31 back.

Final Thoughts

H&M was one of my favorite shopping places before, but after receiving such a large discount through the steps above it’s hard for me to go to any other place. This means you can get both high-quality clothing along with great prices. If you’re looking for more ways to save money on shopping, we suggest the following:

If you have any questions or comments about how to get discounts at H&M, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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