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9 Habits To Give Up If You Want To Be Rich

9 Habits To Give Up If You Want To Be Rich
Diana Star Apr 20, 2019
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habits to give up if you want to be richIt’s a given that everyone wants to be rich.

Some do what’s necessary to get to the top while others sit back and complain about how life is unfair to them.

We all have an equal shot at living a good life.

If you’re in the not-so-rich category, have you ever wondered how the rich get their money?

And how they keep earning more and more of it?

It isn’t through some magic trick or wishful thinking.

They dedicate their time, follow strict rules and put themselves under pressure to achieve their goal at the end of the day.

Sounds hard, right?

That’s the key to being rich.

You have to do lots of sacrificing.

Learn from the rich and do what they do.

Not the stupid stuff, of course – the rich were never born rich.

They’ve got 24 hours granted to them in a single day just like you.

It’ll surprise you that most people didn’t start rich.

The desire to see a change in their lives is what motivated them.

Of course, they had those times when they wanted to give up and sulk but they didn’t stop pressing on.

Life isn’t always easy, even for the rich.

So, if you’re going to be rich too, or become richer than Bill Gates, here are some habits that you’ll need to keep out of your life for good:

1. Watching Too Much TV

As much as watching the tube is a great hobby to most of us, staying glued to it from the beginning of the day to the end of it is wrong. TVs are an unnecessary luxury to anyone who wants to be rich.

Switching it off and going through your day without it can be boring. I know that all too well. What with all the cool programs and loads of channels to choose from? But that’s part of the sacrifice that you have to make.

If you really must watch it, watch something educational like a documentary. Or, stay updated on current affairs. Find out what’s happening in various parts of the globe. While at it, be sure to watch the TV in moderation so that you don’t get carried away.

The recommended time frame for watching the TV per day is 2 hours. No more, but less is cool. Staying away from TV allows your mind to get creative. You get plenty of free time to work on projects or complete chores that you’ve let to pile up.

You could use this free time to take part in activities that challenge your mind. Try reading and filling out puzzles. You also get more time to sleep, if you’re one of those night owls who enjoy watching TV till dawn.

Allowing your mind to be free from constant TV watching makes you more alert and active. This is good if you want to make money since you’re physically and mentally fit.

2. Staying on the Safe Side

Sticking to what suits us is something we all do naturally. The thought of breaking the norm and doing something new doesn’t appeal to us. More often than not, change isn’t always easy.

The fear of failure grips us. Most of us become too concerned about offending others. In the long run, you are the one who gets hurt emotionally if you live this kind of lifestyle. You’ll limit yourself and never live up to your full potential.

Everyone with a fat bank account had to step out into the unknown and start from somewhere. Their motivation was that they’ll find something they never did before. And that single step changed their lives.

Despite the hiccups and the hardships you’ll face along the way when you’re into a career that your old folks don’t support or, you’re about to venture into a career that the society has labeled hopeless. Hang in there.

Go for it with all that’s in you. Don’t focus too much on off. If anyone’s offended that you’re doing something different, they’re not worth your time and attention.

Breaking monotony varies. From simple stuff like waking up early if you sleep till late to trying out something new, there’s so much. If you do something and fail, don’t worry, you’re on the right track. Keep trying.

Use different techniques to achieve what you intended to. Failing once, twice maybe more than ten times, is what should happen before you become rich. Keep at it.

3. Avoiding Meeting New People

What happens when you have a specific group of friends all your life? Your financial status almost rarely changes. You hang out with the same people and therefore don’t get a chance to have new ideas.

It gets worse if you’re a person who doesn’t like meeting new people. There’s an understandable reason for this: not everyone you come across is good or is a good influence to you. The best way to make new friends is by taking the risk.

Measure everyone you come across by whether they’re adding value to your life or not. Though it might take time and effort to get into it, widening your friend circle is something that you have to do. It’s necessary if you want to grow financially. There are a couple of reasons why meeting new people should be on your to-do list:

You’re Exposed to New Ideas

Different people have different views. Having a talk with someone, especially someone who shares your perspective, can open your eyes in more ways than you can imagine. You might get that idea that will propel you to the next level.

Your Knowledge Grows

The more you mix with new people, the smarter you become. Everyone has something to offer. Rich people bear this in mind.

They go out of their way sometimes to meet people who haven’t made it in life yet. Their mindset is this: regardless of a person’s place in society, they have something new that they, the rich, can learn.

Your Confidence Increases

If you’re a person who feels that others are better than you, meet new people. It is an excellent boost to your confidence level.

Sure, not everyone will like you, but how about focusing on those who will? Say ‘hi’ to someone on the street. Smile. Be outgoing. Before you know it, you’ll realize that you’re just as good, or better than those who intimidated you before.

Your Understanding For Others Deepens

It’s a natural habit to judge those who are different from us. But, it’s a habit that should be tolerated. Talking with someone we’ve never met before can change how we perceive them.

We understand them more, and their level of trust in you grows. This makes the idea-sharing process easier.

You come across many chances

Meeting new people is a great way to learn new ways to do something. Your way may not be someone’s way. Instead of being skeptical, break out of the norm and try out something new that you’ll learn. It might bring you faster results.

4. Having a Negative Mindset

No matter your determination, a negative mentality reduces your chances of success. Negative-minded people rarely make it in life. Why? It all boils down to what they tell themselves regularly.

Things don’t always work out. But, if you tell yourself that it wasn’t worth trying in the first place, you’re conditioning your mind to be dormant. What you tell yourself has a more significant impact on you than you’d ever imagine.

If you get up, look at yourself in the mirror and praise yourself, (of course not in an egotistical way) you’ve set your mind to achieve big things. Rich people know their limitations.

They face tough times too. Instead of focusing on their weak areas, they put more emphasis on their strengths. Plus, they always encourage themselves.

When a challenge comes, they say to themselves ‘I can make it.’ That’s how they make it even in the toughest of times. If they got discouraged and gave up, they wouldn’t be where they are right now.

Change of attitude is the first step to financial success and a healthier life. Having a positive attitude keeps you happy and gives you the strength to face life.

Plus, learn to smile more. It’s easy to spot a person who’s struggling with a negative mindset based on their facial expression. Their body language gives them away too. Smiling frequently helps keep the negative energy away.

Once you make having a positive mindset a part of your life, you may not notice the change immediately. But you’ll see how much good it’ll do you, and your financial status.

5. Living a Life that’s Beyond Your Means

An average person spends their money as soon as it lands in their hands. They don’t give budgeting the priority that it deserves. Others don’t wait this long.

They burden their credit cards with balances and regret only when they have no more cash to spend. The result is debt after debt that limits your financial potential.

Many people have the wrong idea of becoming rich. They believe that once you’re rich, you can waste cash on stuff, without having to fret about your account drying up.

Rich people, at least most of them, rarely have time to throw their money away. They invest it in profitable ventures.

This brings returns to them, much more than what they invested. They also have savings accounts that they update on a regular level.

It’s quite easy to spot a rich person and someone who’s trying to make it. You’ll notice how easy-going rich people are.

Some grab a snack at the local diner instead of squandering money at an expensive restaurant. Their dress code is as simple as could be too. The suit-and-tie kind of dressing is a bit too much for them.

Those trying to make it live lives that they can’t afford. They make no effort to increase their income. In the end, they live a life of regret.

Managing your cash isn’t rocket science as most people think. The only way to keep money is to grow it. Go for what you need and leave out what you don’t. That’s all there is to it.

6. Having No Goals In Life

Becoming rich isn’t a goal. It’s more of a desire that’ll remain that way if you don’t bring it to life. For you to achieve this desire, you need to have a clear goal to direct you. A goal also helps you have a deadline by which you should have made your dream come true.

When coming up with a goal, don’t limit your imagination. Let it run wild. Look into your innermost and ask yourself what you’ve always wanted. Is it the most expensive car in the world? Or to bring an end to hunger in some parts of the world?

Whatever it is, work toward it without giving up. Rich people have goals. These goals may seem unrealistic to average people who don’t see beyond the ceilings in their houses. The rich don’t let circumstances hinder or change their goal. Once they’ve set it, they do all it takes to bring it to life.

They get how powerful the mind is. You should know too. Don’t limit yourself to what society expects of you. A great place to start is setting a goal to earn $1000,000 in a month.

Next, work on how to make it come to pass. Get an extra job if you have to, save as much as you can, or set up a budget and live by it. There’s plenty that you can do to make your goals a reality.

Don’t have a goal on how to get rich only. Use the same principle in other areas of your life. It becomes easier to set and follow goals once they’re a part of your life.

7. Paying Less Attention to Your Overall Health

You could be doing all that’s needed to be rich, but you don’t see fast results. If you’re not paying attention to your physical and mental health, you should expect this.

Obviously, putting a strain on your body won’t lead to financial success. Instead, it’ll only lead to dormancy.

Your body could be described as a special machine that needs constant care and attention. No matter how busy rich people may be, they will always have time for regular visits to the doctor. They will eat the right meals, do some exercises, and get enough sleep.

A person that is physically fit is incomplete if they don’t get enough sleep. The maximum number of hours that an average rich person sleeps is 5 hours. That’s enough to refresh the brain and prepare it for another day busy day ahead.

Aside from that, you may not have a gym at home or feel like going to one, but you can keep your body in tip-top shape.

First, take regular walks in the mornings and evenings for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You could also take at least 10 minutes every morning to stretch your muscles and limbs.

Next, watch what you eat. Toss the fries, burger, and pizza in the bin. Eat more fruits and drink plenty of water, preferably eight glasses, daily.

Lastly, don’t sit for too long. You’re putting pressure on your spine. Get up after every hour or so and walk around. This helps relax your muscles and improve blood flow all over your body.

Once you do all that and top it up with enough sleep, you’ll be good to go. You have refreshed your body and mind. It’s these little things that we take for granted, but they play a significant role in our welfare.

8. Not Reading as Frequently as You Should

Sure, you’re caught up in tonnes of other stuff. I get that. But, reading should be part of your daily routine.

Rich people spare some time out of their busy schedule to grab a book and get down to reading it. They don’t read just any book. They go for books that sharpen their minds. Examples of reading material are professional material and books that teach on self-development.

You may not be close to a library, but with modern technology, everything is possible. You can find an inspirational book online and read it. Note: you should be reading books, not listening to them. So audiobooks don’t count.

If you find reading to be a difficult task, here are some tips on making the task more enjoyable:

Read Books That Appeal To You

Just because the rich enjoy fancy books with deep titles, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Pick a book that you can read from start to finish without getting bored of it. Make sure that the book is informative though so that it can be of value to you.

Start With a Single Book

You’re not competing with anyone. Set a goal on how you’d like to finish the book. Try getting it done in a month. Or, reading a page or two daily. Reading more books than you can handle will only lead to stress and frustration.

Pick a Distraction-free Place to Read

If you can’t go to the library, try your room with your phone and stereo off. For a start, read for 30 minutes a day. When you can get through a book within this time frame, you can increase your reading time.

Look at Books From a Different Angle

Your perception of books determines how far you’ll go when reading. See reading as a hobby, not some task that you have to get done.

Read out Loud or Write Some Notes if You have to

If you find it hard to read quietly, there’s no harm in reading aloud. It’s better to do this when you’re on your own.

You can also keep track of a line in the book with your finger as you read. Writing notes at the end of every chapter also works as long as you make it to the end of the book.

9. Keeping the Wrong People in Your Life

Why have someone who doesn’t add any value to you? They may seem like your friends, but in actual sense, they’re not.

Anyone who discourages or frustrates you or hooks up with you to gossip isn’t someone you need in your life. This is if you want to succeed, of course.

Establish friendships with people who bring out the best in you. That’s what the rich do. They let people who motivate them into their inner circle.

If they come across someone who’s negative, they try as much as possible to avoid them. They know how contagious the attitude is. If you’ve got a friend who’s not helping you grow, cut ties with them as soon as possible.

Look around you. There are many places that you can get friends that can help you achieve your goal. If it takes time to identify new friends, don’t be afraid to be on your own. You’ve got more potential to be your best when you’re on your own anyway.

Your so-called friends might hate you for deciding to shut them out. But, it’s the best decision that you can ever make.

There are easy ways to shut out ‘friends’ from your life and keeping your distance from them. If you have to, block them on all your social media platforms, then do so.

It’s Possible to Get Rich

Doing what it takes to be among the rich sounds hard. But it isn’t. It’s a change that you can embrace if you’ve got the right attitude however hard it may be.

If those who are wealthy have made it, believe that you too can be where they are. You may not look all rich and successful now, but have a goal, get with the right people, and press on.

Soon, you’ll be where you ought to be: at the top of the game. Don’t aim for the sky. You’re better than that. Aim to reach beyond space. You can make it because you’re destined for greatness. Nothing less.

Diana Star

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