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Help Give Back To Charity For Free By Participating In Amazon Smile

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If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper like myself, you’re probably buying hundreds of dollars in products annually, if not more. Amazon Smile allows you to give back by having .5% of your purchases go toward a charity of your choice without costing you anything extra.

What Is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is meant to be an easy and automatic way for you to donate to charity each time you make a purchase. Nothing comes out of your credit card on your end, but rather donates an extra .5% to a charitable organization of your choosing. There are currently roughly 1 million agencies to choose from.


In order to participate, you can go to After selecting a charity, proceed to purchasing a product like you normally would and Amazon will eventually make a donation. From there, each time you make a purchase you’ll be giving back as long as you go through the Smile Website.

You don’t need to create an additional Amazon account to participate, and almost all products are eligible. You should see a phrase that says “Eligible for Amazon Smile Donation” if your purchase will go to charity. You can change your charity at any time.

Subscribe & Save purchases do not apply nor does gift-wrapping, discounts, or taxes. Unfortunately, since these donations are given from Amazon, you cannot write them off on your taxes.

How Do I Sign-Up For Amazon Smile?

As long as you already have an Amazon Account, participating in Amazon Smile is incredibly simple and can be done in just 3 steps.

1. Select a charity. Go to the Amazon Smile Page and select a charitable donation of your choosing. This can be changed at any time, and you’ll have from roughly 1 million to choose from.

2. Purchase a product. If a product is eligible for a Smile donation, you’ll notice it on the product page. Amazon will handle all of the donations and almost all products are eligible. Take this metal detector for example.

3. Change a charity or keep giving back. Each time you login to your Amazon account, you’ll see the opportunity to change your charity from a small menu above. You can either change it instantly or keep giving to the same organization.

Final Thoughts

Since you’re already going to be making purchases on Amazon, you might as well force Amazon to give a portion of their profits to charity in order to help out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy Amazon Shopping!

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