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Home Depot Offers Free Home Improvement Workshops

Home Depot Offers Free Home Improvement Workshops
Jason Wuerch Mar 23, 2016
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There’s no need to take a course on home improvement if you have a Home Depot in your area. All year long, they offer courses that teach you how to plant an organic garden, build furniture, and how to stain your patio and deck.

What’s The Deal?

You can go to the Home Depot website and see if they have a workshop in your area. All of the workshop are free, and are labeled by category: do it yourself, it do it herself or kids workshops. These workshops are usually posted a few weeks in advance and new ones come out every week. Just be sure to make your reservation early to get a spot.

The only things that aren’t included are the supplies, but the instruction is free. If you do attend one of these workshops, the instructor will have a set of supplies in case you don’t want to buy any and want to watch and learn.

My Personal Experience

A while back I attended a workshop on how to plant an organic garden. It was definitely worth the couple of hours, especially since I had no idea how to even start a garden. I learned what crops grow best in what temperatures, how to care for your plants and also what products you need to make your garden more efficient without using pesticides.

I was also able to find quite a few stores in my area that offered the workshop, so even if you’re living in a somewhat remote area, it still can be worth the shot of trying to find a workshop. Furthermore, I met a lot of great people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. And even if you don’t have any home projects to work on, a lot of parents brought their kids so that they could learn, and there’s also kids workshops that they can attend as well.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to pay for a course on home improvement, especially since Home Depot usually offers a couple of these courses every week. If you don’t see a course that you enjoy coming up, just check back often since they frequently change. If you’ve gone to a course already, we’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below.

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