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Honest Few Review: Get Amazon Products For Cheap or Free (Now Wyatt Deals)

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Note: As of 2017, Honest Few has changed their name to Wyatt Deals.

We recently wrote a list of 10 Amazon Review Sites that can help you get Amazon products for dirt cheap (80% off or more) or for free. The only requirement is that you have to agree to leave an honest product in a review in exchange for your discount. Today we’re introducing another one called Honest Few.

What Is Honest Few?

Honest Few is a webpage that helps sellers promote their product on Amazon. Sellers sometimes have difficulty climbing product rankings since there’s such a saturation of inventory. One way to climb these rankings is to receive good product reviews or get a lot of sales.

This is where you, the consumer comes in. In order to help market their product better, sellers will give you a promotion code that will either give you a large percentage off of your purchase price, or it will give it to you at absolutely no cost. The only requirement is that once you receive the product, you agree to leave your opinion on the product.

Make sure to be honest when writing a review (sample below). Although sellers appreciate higher reviews, they also want to know how they can improve their product so that it naturally appeals to their customers. Try to be as detailed as you can, but there’s no need to write paragraphs on end. State what you liked about, what can be improved, and whether you’d recommend it or not.

One caveat when leaving these reviews is to write a sentence somewhere along the lines of the following:

“I received this product at a discount/for free in exchange for my honest review.”

If you don’t include this line or something similar, you are violating Amazon’s TOS. You can review as many products as you’d like at a time, but Honest Few doesn’t have as large of a selection compared to other Amazon Review Sites. If you don’t leave a review each time, you may risk getting your Honest Few account banned.

Even though you’re getting a large discount for the product that you’re purchasing, that doesn’t mean that shipping is free. That’s why we highly recommend you sign-up for Amazon Prime to get free two-day shipping on all products. If you don’t want to pay their $99 annual fee, you can try their 30-day free trial instead.

Here are a few products that I’ve received on Honest Few. I’ve also listed what percentage of a discount I’ve received too.

How Do I Sign-Up & Get Started With Honest Few?

Signing-up with Honest Few is quite simple, but a little bit different than other sites that work in a very similar manner. Here we break it down into 4 easy steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new account by clicking this link here. Scroll down until you see a form that you need to fill out with your basic information. Make sure that you grab your Amazon Profile Link as well.

2. Wait for products. Unlike traditional review sites, there isn’t a selection that you can choose from. Rather emails are sent to you with products at a discount, and you can choose whether to accept or not. If you see a product that you like, go ahead and click “claim coupon” to receive your promotion code.

3. Purchase product. Go ahead and purchase your product using the link and the code that you received. You’ll usually have a short time before the code expires, so be sure to review it quickly.

4. Review. Leave your honest product review after you’ve received the item and tested it. Be somewhat detailed and make sure to include the line that we mentioned above. A review needs to be left within 2 weeks of receiving your product. You can view the image below to see our sample review (click to enlarge).

Final Thoughts

Honest Few is another website that goes on our list of websites that give you Amazon products at a discount or for free. They aren’t as good as other sites, but it’s nice to receive and email once in a while with cheap product offers.

If you don’t receive your first email for a while, don’t panic. Sometimes they only send out offers every 2 weeks. If you’re looking for more ways to save on Amazon, we recommend the following:

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them in the boxes below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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