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Hot Deal: Round-Trip To Chile From NYC Or Miami For $400 On Delta

Hot Deal: Round-Trip To Chile From NYC Or Miami For $400 On Delta
Jason Wuerch Oct 9, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

This deal alert may not last long since it’s incredibly cheap. Delta is offering a round-trip from either New York City or Miami to Santiago, Chile for as little as $400 if you fly with Delta.

When Can I Fly?

You can start booking your flight now, but the flight dates must be anywhere from November 2015 to February 2016. This is actually a perfect time to travel there if you’re in the northern hemisphere, since it will be wintertime here and their beautiful summer down there.

These tickets go quickly, so make sure to book them as soon as possible If you’re ever planning to go to South America in the near future. Don’t want to stay in Chile? You can still book a flight there and then fly to your next destination while saving hundreds of dollars.

When booking these flights, we highly recommend using online travel agencies such as Expedia so that you can get additional benefits, points through their rewards program, and the ability to cancel your flight within 24 hours without penalty.

How Do I Find Great Flight Deals?

Going to Delta, Expedia, or any other airline page can be really difficult and time-consuming when it comes to finding great flight deals. The layout isn’t very flexible and you can only search for specific dates

That’s why we recommend that you use Google Flights. This convenient tool allows you type in the dates that you want, while quickly displaying dates within the same range along with prices.

From the image we posted above from the Delta webpage, we see that we can get a flight from NYC to Santiago for just $400 from December 3rd – December 8th. Yet I may not want to fly those exact dates. This tool helps us quickly compare dates around that timeframe.

We see that November and January doesn’t have many great deals, but December and February is packed with them. This only took a couple of minutes at most, whereas it might take up to an hour browsing through each, individual airline page.

Final Thoughts

This is a deal that’s going to go quickly, so make sure to act upon it if you’re interested. Be sure to use a travel agency such as Expedia so that you can cancel your flight within 24 hours without penalty and receive additional rewards points.

Booking Link: Expedia

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