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How Much You Can Earn With The New Perk TV – 1 Point Per Video?

How Much You Can Earn With The New Perk TV – 1 Point Per Video?
Jason Wuerch Feb 17, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


Unfortunately for all of our money-making app users out there, the king of the crop, Perk TV, has drastically fallen downhill. Due to a change in management and infrastructure, this rewards program has cut its rewards drastically. While the benefits of using Perk TV aren’t as good as they once were, we still can make a decent sum of money.

perk tv

If you are unfamiliar with Perk TV, I suggest you first read the article This App Will Make You $250 Per Month In Passive Income – Perk TV. However, I will still give a brief synopsis of what Perk TV is and how you can make money.

We’re also going to cover how much money you can now make given their reduced points system and what this means in terms of monthly income.

What Is Perk TV?

For those of you new to this rewards program, Perk TV is a smartphone app that allows you to earn points by watching video advertisements on a continual basis. Advertisers pay Perk TV for each app displayed, and Perk is willing to give its users a portion of this money off to its users.

Videos usually last 1 – 2 minutes max. The best thing about these videos is that there’s no delay or manually processing needed in between each video. When each video finishes playing, the next video will automatically play without you having to do any work whatsoever.

perk tv - waiting for next video

Essentially, this means that you could earn points by simply leaving the Perk TV app on and then leave the room and still continue to make money. However, I must note that this goes against Perk’s TOS, as they state that you are required to watch the ads in order to receive credit for watching the video.

You can choose which type of video you wish to watch, either app trailers or popular videos. I always choose to watch app trailers because the videos are shorter, meaning you will earn money a lot more quickly this way. Unfortunately, iPhone users currently only have the option of watching popular videos.

The beautiful thing about Perk TV is that you don’t have to stop at one phone. Each account is allowed 5 phones, making your earnings go up 5 times as fast. Each household is allowed a maximum of 5 accounts, but Perk states in their terms of service that they may ask for government ID for accounts created after the first one.

5 smartphones - perk tv farm

How Much Can I Make?

In a previous article, we were able to calculate that we were able to make about $250 per month using the Perk TV app. This was essentially passive income because no labor was required, as you could simply let the phone run in front of you. Back in these good old days, if you were in the United States using this app, you would earn 2 points per video watched.

Yet due to recent changes within the company, you now earn 1 – 3 points per video. While Perk states that this give you a chance to “earn even more points per video,” we can easily figure out that they are spinning their words. Every 1,000 points you earn is equal to $1.

So I did a little trial experiment to see how much money I was actually making. I did a timed test of 25 trail videos in 10 minutes on 5 phones. Each time points were earned, I would write it down. You can see the results of my experiment by clicking on the button below:

Video #Points Earned

As you can see from the experiment, most of the videos contained 1 point, quite a few gave out 2 points, but only 1 gave out 3 points. Do not believe Perk TV when they state that you now have the chance to earn even more points. You are earning a lot less per video in the long-run.

We were able to earn 34 points in 10 minutes. This comes out to be roughly $4.90 dollars per day or $147 dollars per month.

This number is nearly $100 less than the $250 we calculated from the previous versions of Perk TV. However, $147 dollars per month for basically doing nothing isn’t a bad deal.

save money 101 ways featured image

Take note that Perk TV has changed their program so that now every couple of hours you must click a “Are You Still Watching?” button to show them that you are still watching. What I do is check my phones every 2 hours, press the button, and I continue to make a great supplementary income that’s almost passive.

The possible error in this experiment includes human error and the type of phones used. If I were to use more efficient phones

Which Devices Are Best For Perk TV?

My argument still stands that the LG Fuels are by far the best phones in terms of efficiency and price. You can usually find them for a good price at either Walmart or Amazon, ranging from $20 – $30.

LG Fuel
We still recommend the LG Fuel for the best phone for running Perk TV.

After countless tries, any other phone at this price point is likely to crash very quickly.

The next best alternative is the LG Optimus 2 phone. It has the exact same specs as the LG Fuel, and is a great backup for if you ever find the LG Fuel is out of stock. It is currently running for $30 at Amazon and Walmart.

lg optimus zone 2 phone no contract
The Verizon LG Optimus Zone 2 is the next best phone we recommend for Perk TV.

Remember: The better the phone is the more money you are going to make. Video loading time will be reduced and the likelihood of the phones crashing will also be greatly reduced. If I could afford it, I would make sure to get 5 iPhone’s running for my perk farm.


This article is merely an extension to the previous article we have listed about Perk TV. This article has much more extensive information about how to get the most money from Perk, what you can redeem for points and also best practices.

Unfortunately, Perk has cut their rewards system greatly, and let’s hope they don’t do it again. Any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

Comments (22)

This app used to be soo great.. Its a piece of sh*t now, i hate it. The videos always stop working on a black scree, and 1 point per video? wow

changes for oct,2017 perk points begin to add from 11pts and, it goes down to 1points so,there is limit. You can use only 5devices. if you have more than 5devices they account will suspend your devices.
perks + game app below, you can make more than $50~100 per month.
get paid to play games(angry birds, candy crush,mobile strike)

Do you have PHONE SERVICE for all those phones?! Or can you buy phones just to use on wi-fi for Perk? Thanks! :)

Another question for you: lately, I’ve been getting the nasty blue “audio detection” screen on Perk Live TV. Unlike the red one, where you can just tap to launch ads, this one sits “detecting” FOREVER! I’ve closed and reopened the app, to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! :)

Hi Lydia,

At least with the LG Fuels, you can just skip the intro when you go to set it up and use the phone for wifi only. You don’t have a to get a service for each phone. Most phones should allow you to do this. The only time you might not be able to do this is when you purchase a phone and on the description it says contract required to activate it, but even then there are ways around it.

As for the detecting screen, sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get Perk Live TV going. Don’t expect it to happen right away. What I recommend doing is just leave it sitting listening to audio for a good 20 minutes and check back to see if you notice any changes. Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks a lot! I was looking at the Straight Talk one from Wal-Mart (so I can use Paypal), but I did a search online about it, and only found someone talking about going to wi-fi only after their initial card was used up. I didn’t want to buy the service if it wasn’t necessary, I will definitely try it without.

About the blue screen, today I had it for about THREE HOURS! Ugh! It finally turned red, though. I make a lot more from Perk TV Live (at 3 pts an ad) than Perk TV (I’m at home all day), but I would like to add a 3rd phone. Thanks a lot, you’re awesome! :)

I dont understand how 34 points = 4.90 ?
Based on their app rewards- 5000 points = $5.00
Then 1000 points = $1.00
Am I wrong?

How many apps does Perk have? Which ones are worthwhile? I only have one “apple” device, an iPhone 4, but I also have a personal S5, as well as a Chromebook that basically doesn’t run ANY app!

34 points every 10 mins would equal to 204 points in one hour. 204 points every hours times 24 hours equal to 4.90 per day. 4.90 times 30 days equal to 147.00

Hi I just started to try this app yesterday. My question is the other ways that you are supposed to be able to redeem points, the downloading of the apps or taking mini surveys or polls etc etc…do they actually work for you? BC I can’t seem to get the points from them.

I use my S5 and my Toshiba computer for PerkTv and i make 1000 points a day. So basically $1 but the points i get vary. The most points ive ever gotten for a video is 5 points but that only happens on my Toshiba laptop

Perk also allows you to watch videos on the web now. You can also use Perk Pop Quiz on iOS and Android to kill some time and earn extra points while you are out, waiting in line or something. You can earn up to 4 points per round, with a brief ad in between each round.

Actually, Apple devices are the WORST to run the app on. I have an iPad air and iPod Touch 5th gen and the app after so long would crash and stop working. However, my HTC 626s runs the app very well. It never crashes and the app always loads

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