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How to Always Get the Most Cash Back For Online Shopping – Top Shopping Portals

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If you do any online shopping, you should always be getting cash back on purchases. Aside from the cash back credit cards there are websites that give you extra money just for shopping online. Here we’ll outline a few steps to maximize¬† your cash back.

Cash Back Portals Can Get You Extra Cash Back

Specific websites have been designed in order to help you get more cash back. These websites are called shopping portals. By going go their website first and making a purchase through these portals, they are willing to give you a percentage of the money that you spent.

Here we can get 5% Cash Back on all Walmart Purchases

Here we can get 5% Cash Back on all Walmart Purchases.

The reason they give you money is because they earn a commission on every sale. They are willing to give you a percentage of that back. These portals are linked with thousands of retailers, so it’s almost impossible not to find a discount for the purchase that you want.

There are so many cash back portals available that it can sometimes be difficult to choose from. For example, there’s Ebates, ShopAtHome, BeFrugal, ExtraBux, just to name a few, and each one has a different cash back rate.

A Word Of Caution Before You Begin

Before you start using these online shopping portals, there are a couple of things that I’d like to advise you on based on my own personal experience.

1. Clear your cookies.

Before going to the online shopping portal link, clear ALL cookies in your web browser. By doing this, the shopping portal will recognize that you went to their site first to go shopping at one of their partner retailers.

It is possible that you clicked on an ad from some third-party website a few days ago to a specific retailer and that the cookie is still in your web history. Clear it first to prevent any risk of this happening and ensuring you’ll get your cash back. Click here to find out how to clear your cookies.

2. Don’t trust all cash back portals.

Some cash back portals have some bad reputations for not giving you your money or “randomly” taking money out of your account. Here are the sites I trust to use in order from best to worst. This is based off of my many years of personal experience with these websites.

  1. Discover
  2. ShopAtHome
  3. BeFrugal
  4. ExtraBux
  5. Ebates – (Only if you have to)

Apart from these 5 on the list, I do not use any other shopping portals, even if it means higher cash back. It’s not worth the risk of potentially not getting those extra few dollars on my purchase.

Since there are so many shopping portals available, how do we go about finding the one with the highest cash back rate? Here we’ve outlined a few steps to help you get the highest discount when it comes to online shopping.

How Do I Find Out Which Portal Gives the Highest Cash Back?

We’re going to walk you through a series of steps to find out which cash back portal gives you the highest amount of cash back. Keep in mind that you should always do this since rates frequently change. Once you get used to the process, it only takes a second.

1. Use Cash Back Monitor

Since there are so many shopping portals available, we need a quick and efficient way to see which one gives us the most cash back. That’s why we first go to

Simply go to the link above and type in the retailer you want to shop at in the search box. Let’s use Expedia as our example. We type in the name of the retailer and see that BeFrugal gets us the highest amount with 6% in cash back.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.14.29 PM

Once you’ve found the shopping portal that offers you the most cash back, go ahead and go to portal site.

2. Make an Account

In order to sign-up with one of these cash back portals, they often need for you to sign up an account with them. This way they can continually keep track of all the purchases that you’ve made.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.25.10 PM

Usually they only require your name and email address in order to get setup.

3. Search For the Retailer Using the Shopping Portal

Once you’re setup, logged-in and ready to go, search for the retailer using the cash back portal. Results will be displayed with the amount of cash back available.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.21.22 PM

Click on the link available and you will be redirected to their website, or whatever retailer you wish to purchase at. From there on you can shop like you normally would and make the purchase.

4. Make the Purchase and Get Cash Back

Once you make the purchase at Expedia, you usually have to wait a couple of days for your order to be verified with your cash back portal website (depending on which one you use). From there, you can log-in and check your total cash back in your account. When you reach a certain amount (usually $20 dollars), you can cash out.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.34.43 PM

Congratulations, you’ve just earned free money!

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to support Frugal For Less, all of the links in this article use my referral link. Please click on them when you sign-up for cash back portals. Thanks again for reading, and let us know if there are any questions below.

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