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How To Use Swagbucks: 15 Easy Ways To Earn Free Money Online

How To Use Swagbucks: 15 Easy Ways To Earn Free Money Online
Tracy Stine Jun 27, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

You’ve heard of Swagbucks and may know it only as a survey site. But did you know you can earn SBs (SwagBucks) in so many other ways? I’ll show you 15 different ways to earn and get your rewards faster.

1. Surveys

Let’s start with the obvious and most popular – Surveys. There are several types of surveys available on SwagBucks:

  • Profile Surveys – These are to help narrow down the surveys offered to you by knowing your profile – age, job type, earnings, family, technology, health issues, hobbies and so on. You earn 2 SB for every 10 surveys answered.
  • Daily Poll – Answer a poll every day for 1 SB
  • Tasks – This is in partnership with Figure 8 and you can pick tasks to do such as: categorizing product names, name verifications, etc. SwagBucks earned depends on the tasks, but some are .40 SB per task that has 84 tasks, others have 2 SB per task with 200 tasks to perform.
  • Gold Surveys – These are the standard surveys we are familiar with. Lengths and SBs earned vary with each survey offered. It’s possible to earn 50 SBs for a 10-minute survey, or 125 SBs for a 30-minute survey.

2. Shopping

Shopping through the SwagBucks website or App gets you SwagBucks back  on your purchases as well as coupons and special member discounts. Each store has a different SB amount you can earn there and your points are awarded after 30 days to allow for purchase returns.

Some examples of discounts offered to members are 50% off entire Old Navy store, 40% off daily deals at Expedia, 40% hotel bookings at Travelocity, and other limited time offers.

SwagBucks also has store coupons and grocery coupons available as well. If you print coupons off through SwagBucks, you get 1 SB per coupon. Other coupons available are from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and others.

For your regular shopping needs, SwagBucks earned depends on the store but they can be: 5% back on Amazon purchases, 2% back on Best Buy purchases, $35 back on Tally, to $150 back on Dish Network.

3. Watching Videos

Yes, you can earn SBs by watching a variety of videos available. Selections also include videos from Hulu, Reuters, and the Food Network. You can run videos on the SwagBucks App and let them run while you do other things.

The video listing shows you how much you’ll earn by watching it. Some are in groups and you’ll need to watch them all before earning. For example, you’ll need to watch 5 videos before you can earn 2 SBs, others videos are unlimited and you earn 2 SBs per video.

4. Discover

The “Discover” option on this site is for available offers. Offers vary from free trials to paid offers. You’ll need to check how to complete each offer to get your SwagBucks earnings.

You can get points for signing up for free Domino’s Pizza email offers for 25 SBs, sign up for Hulu for 2,800 SBs, prepay for 3 months of DirectTV and get a free Apple TV plus 3,000 SBs, and so many more.

5. Search

Searching the web on the SwagBucks site or App earns you SBs. Everyone searches the web for something they need, why not earn while you’re at it.

You can also download the Chrome extension and search from your browser too which gives you more SBs than the site or app would. SBs awarded depend on the search but can be high as 50 and as low as 1 (or zero). It’s really a “craps shoot” but free points nonetheless.

6. Play Games

SwagBucks is partnered with WorldWinner to earn 12 SBs per $1 spent on your gaming account. There are many games available, from card games, casino games, gameshows (Deal or no Deal, Wheel of Fortune, etc.), and a variety of others including ones made specifically for SwagBucks.

WorldWinner also offers limited time bonuses, where you can earn up to 400 SBs if you upgrade your WorldWinner account and play and win a cash game (up to 1,600 SBs).

7. Contests

There are contests offered on SwagBucks as well. You can choose from sweepstakes, a team challenge, or a contest called Swago.

Sweepstakes are where you enter your SBs for a chance at a prize or for more SBs. Team Challenges are where you join a team to earn SBs doing various tasks together.

You earn SBs for contributing a set number of SBs to the team’s total as well as earn SBs in the top three winning standings. These team challenges are themed as well as run for limited times only.

Swago is a limited time contest where you complete various actions on a playing board until you complete a line or pattern, much like Bingo. You earn SBs for each task completed on a tile plus bonus SBs for completing a “Swago”.

8. To-Do Lists

There is a daily “to-do list” for bonus SwagBucks. You simply complete 6 of the 8 tasks listed and earn a bonus 1 to 4 SBs. Complete all 8 tasks for an even bigger payout.

The tasks include:

  • Take the Daily Poll
  • Check out the Daily Crave
  • Do a Web Search
  • Attempt a Survey
  • Check out the Discover Page
  • Watch a Video
  • Check out the Deal of the Day
  • Complete a Survey

9. SwagButton

The SwagButton is a Google Chrome extension that will display any SwagBucks coupons and deals available on any website you are on.

Clicking the extension button on your browser bar also gives you the SwagBucks search bar where you can earn even more SBs by searching online through the extension instead of directly on Google.

10. Refer a Friend

Almost every earning app has a refer-a-friend option, but very few of them give you earning off of their earnings for life. Not only will you earn SBs for each friend that sign up, but 10% of their SBs for life. Right now there’s a special offer to earn 300 SBs per friend.

You can recruit friends by email, sharing your link, sharing on social media, or by embedding a SwagBucks banner on your website.

11. Mobile Apps

SwagBucks has a number of different mobile apps available for iOS and Android, and all with different tasks to earn SBs. Apps such as:

  • SwagBucks – the original app and copy of the Website
  • SwagiQ – A limited time trivia contest to compete for SBs
  • SwagBucks Watch – Watch Videos for SBs
  • SwagBucks Answer – All surveys app
  • SB Bowling – Bowling game to earn SBs
  • SwagBucks Local – Eat and Shop locally for SBs
  • SwagBucks Shop – Shop online through this app and get SBs
  • ps – Watch movie clips and trailers for SBs
  • Sportly – Watch sport videos for SBs
  • tv – Earn SBs by watching music videos
  • tv – Watch travel, home décor, food, and fitness videos
  • EntertaiNow – Earn SBs for watching Entertainment videos
  • Amped 360 – Action Sport videos

12. SwagCode

These are codes of fun phases, usually theme oriented, hidden throughout the website, in their blog, and social media (such as Facebook). When you find them you enter them into the SwagCode box to earn SBs. They are case-sensitive so you’ll need to enter them exactly as shown.

13. SwagBucks Email Exclusives

As a member, you’ll be receiving regular e-mails on new earning opportunities or new limited time contests and such that are available on the website and app.

But SwagBucks also offers Exclusive email deals to members only. Such as earning 1,750 SBs plus 25% off getting “The Honest Box” subscription service; getting up to 50% off Expedia hotel bookings plus 10% cash back earnings; special codes for $20 off your first KIDBOX, and many more opportunities not shown on the website or app.

14. Swag Ups

You will only see Swag ups on your members account page. They are your limited time bonuses to “power up” your earnings.

You can grab such bonuses like $10 bonus with your first purchase in SwagBucks Shopping, Survey Bonuses, and search bonuses.

15. Redeeming SwagBucks

SwagBucks can be redeemed for gift cards at over 140 stores including Amazon, Walmart, KOHL’S, and a variety of other stores, restaurants, gaming sites, and more.

You can also decide to donate your SwagBucks to charities such as to children’s hospitals, the Direct Relief fund, or to a charity of your choice through CharityChoice.

The equivalent of SBs to Dollars is 100 SBs = $1. The smallest Gift card available is a $3 Amazon card for 300 SBs. SwagBucks also offers “sales” on redeeming gift cards too, currently there is a sale on a $25 Amazon Gift Card for 2200 SBs (12% off).


As you can see, SwagBucks has a much bigger earning potential than most earning sites out there. You earn through the website, the Google Chrome extension, the many different apps available, and in your emails.

Tracy Stine

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