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3 Steps To Get 30% Off of Apple Products Every Winter

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Apple can be one of the stingiest retailers on the market. Given the fact that they usually have some of the more popular products on the market, it’s no wonder they can be somewhat controlling in their prices. Using these 5 simple steps, you can save up to 30% on every Apple product this winter.

1. Get the Discover It Card – 11% Off

One of the best card on the market for cash back is the Discover It Card. From the months of  October to December, you can get 11% back at the Apple Store using this card. Here’s a brief glance at the card:

Apply Now

  • No annual fee
  • Get $150 sign-up bonus after spending $750 within the first three months of opening an account
  • Receive 5% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly: gas, restaurants, improvement stores, theme parks and movies.
  • All other purchases receive a 1% cash back bonus
  • Each monthly statement provides a free credit score from FICO
  • Save anywhere from 5% – 50% on online purchases.

So how do we get 11% back? Here we’ve outlined this in 3 simple steps below.

Step 1
Once you get the Discover It Card, log onto their website and select and go to their partner retailers page. This can be found by hovering over the “Rewards” tab at the top and clicking “ShopDiscover.”


Step 2
Browse their partner retailers and find apple. It should be listed as 5%. Click on the link.


Step 3

Once you click on the Apple Store link, you’ll be redirected to another page. Go ahead and click on “Start Shopping.” From there you’ll be redirected to the Apple Store page and you can shop like you normally would.


If you’ve noticed, by going through the Discover portal page, it says that you can only earn 5% back. We gain additional cash back by making sure to use the Discover card during winter time.

Discover’s cash back program rotates in categories. From the months of October to December, you are granted a 5% discount on all purchases made online. This is also in addition to the 1% you get on all purchases year-round!

After contacting Discover, I confirmed that the Apple 5% discount, the 5% cash back for all online purchases from October – December and the 1% discount on all purchases year-round do indeed stack. This means that you’re already saving 11% on your any purchase at the Apple Store!

The only downside is that there’s a cap of only getting an additional 5% back on $1,500 worth of products for online purchases per calendar year.

If you happen to make a purchase that’s over $1,500, you’ll only be granted cash back on the first $1500 at 11%. As for the remainder on what’s left after $1,500, you’ll still be getting 6% back, as you made the purchase through the Apple Store in their partner retailer page along with the 1% back on all purchases.

This deal is excluded on the iPhone 6 at the moment. Please make sure to check all terms before making your purchase. Discover will reward you with your cash back within 8 weeks of when the product ships out.

2. Buy Refurbished – 15% – 22%

Buying refurbished is one of the best ways to save on an Apple product. Refurbished products are no worse than a product that’s brand new. They come with the original manufacturer’s warranty, and you can still buy an extended warranty to enhance it. These products are both certified and tested to meet consumers’ standards.

Buying refurbished can net you anywhere from a 15% – 22% in savings from the original purchase price of a new product.

Note: You may have heard that you can get a discount through education or business pricing. After careful analysis, the prices end up being the same on refurbished products whether or not you are eligible for education or business pricing.

3. Use a Ship Forwarding Service – Save on Sales Tax

Sales tax in the United States can be very high depending on the state. I currently live in the state of Washington and pay sales tax on everything at around 9%. On a $1,500 dollar purchase, this can result in an extra charge of $135 dollars.

The state of Oregon, on the other hand, has no sales tax. Northern Washington from Oregon is a long drive, so how can I get the Oregon tax rate while living in the state of Washington?

Fortunately, there are ship forwarding services that allow you to do this. One of the companies that allows this is Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop online at any store in the U.S.
  2. When you type in the shipping address, use their warehouse address in the state of Oregon.
  3. Have the ship forwarding service ship the product to your residential address in another state.

In order to qualify for no sales tax, the shipping address must be in a state with no sales tax in order to qualify. Forty five states including Washington D.C. have sales tax along with a use tax.

The current states that have no sales tax are Delaware, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and New Hampshire. As long as you ship to one of these states, you’re good to go.

Use Shipito

The service I mentioned at charges the shipping cost plus an additional $1 per kg shipped. I decided to look at the cost for a typical Macbook Pro through the ship forwarding service using their shipping calculator and here’s what I found.

shipping shipito

For a $1,500 Macbook Pro, instead of paying $130 on sales tax, I could only pay $26.60 for insured shipping along with tracking, saving me roughly $105 depending on the product.

The alternative would be to ship to any friends on family in Oregon. However, if that’s not an option, a ship forwarding service may be in your best interest.


For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to use the Macbook Pro in the picture below that costs $1,500 before tax and $1,635 at a 9% tax rate to calculate our savings.

macbook pro example

  • By having the product ship through Oregon first, we save all money on taxes. From $1,635 to $1,500, we save  roughly $135.
  • By buying a refurbished laptop we can buy the same laptop at a 15% discount. This brings down our total to $1,269.
  •  By shopping through the Discover portal, we save an additional 11% on that $1,269 shopping price. We’ve brought our total down to $1,129.

This makes our total savings come out to $506 on what would have been our $1,635 for our Macbook Pro.

This means we’ve saved a total of 31% on our Apple purchase.

Take note that this percent in savings can be higher or lower than 31% depending on sales tax, cost of shipping and the refurbished discount. Tell us your thoughts on purchasing an Apple product below.

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