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10 Simple & Easy Ways On How To Get Free Money

10 Simple & Easy Ways On How To Get Free Money
Diana Star May 13, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if we didn’t have to work to earn cash? But since we have to, it helps to think beyond the eight to five job.

OK, so it’s sounds really easy, but ask yourself what you can do to get that free buck. Some gigs don’t require too much effort.

There are some jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home, like online jobs. It all depends on the kind of person you are.

Maybe going online isn’t your thing. The good news is there’s always something for everyone.

What do you enjoy doing? You could get paid to do something you like.

The best way to find something that works for you is by discovering yourself. If possible, write down a list of things you enjoy and figure out a way to capitalize on them.

You could also get some sense of direction by observing those around you. Find out what they need. This can help you determine if you can be of help to them.

Whether or not what you like involves getting out of your comfort zone, consider the benefits that will give you the motivation to work.

Are you interested in earning some free cash to clear some bills or pay off a debt? (That’s a rhetoric). Well, here are 10 effective ways on how to get free money fast & easy:

1. Clean People’s Homes

If you have a passion for keeping houses clean, this can work for you. You only need to realize that how you clean your home may not necessarily be how others clean theirs.

Before choosing to start cleaning homes, learn different cleaning methods.

If you’re doubting your skills, ask those closest to you if you can spruce up their houses for free first. Cleaning at a discounted price can also work.

Market yourself by letting your neighbors know what you’re up to. Social media might be a bit too much for now because you’re just getting started.

If you’re feeling bold, you could also print flyers and distribute them in your neighborhood.

Note: this will need you to do some research on prices to avoid being underpaid. On average, a house cleaning gig pays between $20 and $40 per hour.

Most people pay depending on the size of their house, your experience and if you have any formal training. They may  consider how often you clean up and how long you take to get it done.

You can choose to do all the cleaning services or pick a few. This includes:

  • Refrigerator Clean-up
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Washing Dishes
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Basement Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Attic Organizing
  • Pet Clean Up
  • Cabinet Cleaning

Tip: When going for a cleaning job, bring your suppliers along. You’ll need stuff like a broom, floor cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner and microfiber mops.

Your employer will pay you roughly $29.87 which is way better than the $16.56 you’d make without supplies.

2. Pick up Dog Poop

Welcome to one of the most-looked-down-upon yet available jobs there is. It makes sense why not so many people would consider it. But hey, this job is paying for the trouble so it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

There are some factors you might need to consider like whether you’ll need permits and licenses. If you’re doing it as a casual job, you might not need to worry about the legal details.

You might also need to think if you can really handle the pressures that come with the job. Being confident might not be enough. If necessary, visit the doctor, let them do a couple of tests on you and confirm if you’re up for it.

This job doesn’t need any formal training. However, it requires you to be able to think fast. If you walk into the backyard and find your neighbor’s dog growling at you, step back and leave quietly.

The best way to advertise yourself is walking around. Find people with canines and let them know about your services.

Additionally, you need to have the tools for the job — basically plastic poop bags and a pooper-scooper tool.

Payment depends on various factors. like the number of dogs your client has, the size of the yard and how often you’ll be showing up.

Your level of experience is another contributing factor. You could decide to charge monthly or after performing the service.

When offering dog crap picking services, try to be as affordable as possible. Remember you’ve got competition. A nice starting price would be $15 per visit.

3. Do a Paint Job on Houses

Are you great with paint brushes, rollers and other painting stuff? Do you have experience in painting? If you do, finding a paint job is an easy task.

People need paint jobs done on their cribs almost every day. Plus, the construction industry is a fast-growing industry. Contractors and builders are on the search for painters. There’s hope for you if you’ve got the interest but no skills.

Attend a free painting workshop to get the hang of it.

Or, watch some tutorial videos. For practice, try painting your own home.

Painting is one of those jobs that pay well if you’ve got the experience. You may choose to work as an individual. Having the necessary tools is necessary. Whether you decide to do internal or external painting will determine your tools.

You may also decide to work under a licensed contractor, which is a better option. They’ve got the connections. And in case the state you live in requires you to have a license to paint, their license can cover you.

Another great reason to work under a contractor is they can help you polish up your skills. You need to do constant practice if you want to get the job done right. They can identify your weak areas and give you tips to strengthen them.

One of the greatest determiners of how much you’re paid is your level of experience. On average, a paint job pays $16.92 per hour. The great news is, even with a little experience you can earn about $13 on an hourly basis.

4. Mow The Lawn

Summer’s a great time to relax on the beach, and a terrific time to look for a lawn mowing job. Grass is tall and green mostly around this time of the year. Very few people like clearing their lawns and this is to your advantage.

You don’t need much to do this job, except the knowledge of handling a lawn mower. Since it’s a casual job, you may decide to use your client’s tools.

If you already have the tools and have no problem transporting them to your client’s place, go right ahead.

Clearing the grass may not be all you’re required to do.  Some clients want a professionally done job before they can chuck out some green. That’s why it’s important to know if there are some extra services required like weeding and spraying chemicals.

They may also need you to clear off any debris and to blow grass off the sidewalks for a neater look. If there are any additional services, they should never be included in the total cost of mowing the lawn. Charge them separately.

Typically, a person mowing the lawn charges around $30-$40. But, it can be higher or lower than this, depending on the size of the yard per square foot.

How many hours you take to complete the job, as well as how often you offer your services are other determining factors.

You may also receive a tip if your client loves your work. Costs for sidewalk edging and trimming are included here.

Tip: always use a gas-powered push lawnmower for the job. Electric mowers have cables that could make mowing difficult.

Plus, you would find mowing difficult when using an electric mower if there are no power outlets around the area you’re mowing.

5. Be a Handyman

How great are you at fixing broken stuff at home? Whether you’re super good or just have the basic skills, being a handyman is one of the many ways of getting free money fast & easy.

You don’t need any formal training to land the job. However, you need at least a high school diploma. This helps you keep up with all the math skills and writing that the job requires.

Depending on the area of your expertise, certification may not be necessary. Most states demand that you have a license for jobs like carpentry and plumbing. Some of the skills that you’re required to have as a handyman are:


You never know when a door can jam while you’re working. Having locksmith skills is an awesome way to impress your clients. They won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a locksmith.


Most people value their gardens or lawns although they may not have the time to keep them neat. Some don’t like doing the work by themselves. Being skilled at gardening doubles your chances of getting more income.


Commonly referred to as carpentry, this is one of the most cash-fetching skills especially if you can make furniture like chairs and a table.


Many houses lose their attractive coating very fast. Being a skilled painter guarantees a stable source of income.

Having skills in both internal and external painting provides even more job opportunities.


Clogged toilets, faulty faucets and leaking pipes are some of the most common problems in most homes.

Knowing a thing or two on changing faucets, water sourcing and distribution facilities puts you a step ahead of other handymen.

A handyman earns $20.62 on average per hour, but this can change depending on the task you’re performing.

6. Sell Your Old Furniture

If you’ve got a large house or upgraded your furniture recently, you probably have lots of used furniture.

Instead of chopping them and using them as firewood, you can sell them and get some green- if they still have some life in them. (Selling them as firewood is another idea).

You could sell them online on reliable sites such as letgo and Craigslist. Selling them on your own in your backyard is another option.

Ensure that they look presentable before putting them up for sale. That way, you’re most likely to get rid of them faster.

Whether you want to sell them to get more space or to clear yourself of them, the right method always yields the right results.

Payment for used furniture depends on a variety of factors. Here are some tips on making a successful used furniture sale:

Decide How You’ll Sell Them

Common methods are yard sales, online selling, garage sales and moving sales.  Whichever method you choose, you have to be ready to negotiate if necessary. If you need any help organizing and carrying out the sale, ask your family or friends for help.

Determine Their Worth

You could use factors such as how long you’ve used them, how much you had to pay for them and who manufactured them. The most effective step is to do some research so you can come up with fair prices.

Market Yourself

Place an ad in the paper. Be truthful yet exciting when describing your furniture. Having a signpost is another alternative, although you have to find out if it’s accepted in your state first.

Fines are the last things you want to worry about.

7. Give Advice And Answer Questions

Having knowledge is valuable. Not only can you make better choices in life, but you can use it to earn some cash online too. Sites such as JustAnswer, Experts 123 and Help Owl are looking for you.

For JustAnswer, you only need to sign up as a professional in the field of your choice. Fill in your full names and email address.

Then, you’ll have to go through the eight-step process to verify that you’re an expert. To complete this process, you’ll need:

  • Your driver’s license, passport or ID.
  • A CV or resume in PDF format.
  • Any document that proves your experience, as well as your employee’s phone number and name.
  • Your latest photo.
  • A professional license.

The company will take roughly 10 minutes to confirm your information. Afterwards, you’ll receive questions from people depending on your field.

Questions are priced from $5- $25, though it can be higher. The cash-out amount is $20, which you can withdraw via your PayPal account.

Benefits of using JustAnswer:

  • You receive quick replies from experts. The longest you have to wait is 8 minutes.
  • Finding the specialist to suit your need is easy.
  • Your details are kept confidential.
  • They use a thorough process to get their Experts, so you’re assured of quality answers.
  • They are always available, whether day or night.
  • You get to have a one on one chat with an Expert.
  • You can work from anywhere, as long as you’ve got stable internet and a computer.

8. Make Youtube Videos

We all use YouTube at some point in our daily lives. If you don’t, you’ve at least heard of it. The beauty of YouTube is its popularity which makes it one of the many ways to get free money fast & easy.

Have you ever dreamed of making videos on YouTube but don’t know how to do it? Now you can, by following these simple tips.

First, you need to have a YouTube Account and then make a YouTube channel. To do this, open the website and sign in using your Gmail details. You’ll be taken back to your YouTube Homepage.

Making a channel is a cinch. Just open ‘settings’ on your YouTube settings and choose ‘Create New Channel.’ Choose a name for your channel as well as a category for it and voila!

Second, you need to create exciting videos. These is what will earn you viewers or subscribers. There’s a wide array of options on what your videos will be about. Your option should comply with the YouTube Community guidelines.

Third, market your videos. You could use your social media accounts or use appropriate keywords in your Video Title.

Fourth, link your channel with Adsense. Doing this will monetize your channel. This simply means that your videos will be presented and accepted for cash. Sounds easy, right?

Fifth, become a YouTube Partner. This is possible only if your Channel gets plenty of views. Becoming a partner allows you to get better tools to enhance your content.

Lastly, do Affiliate Marketing. Here, you’ll be advertising an affiliate product in your video. You’ll also place their link in your description. When your viewers click that link and purchase that product, you get a commission.

9. Listen To And Review Music

Music is beautiful. Well, some of it anyway. It soothes the ears and calms the soul. But did you know that you can earn money?

No, not by making your own tracks and selling them, but by listening to other artists’ music and reviewing it.

Sites such as SliceThePie pay you to do precisely this. All you need to qualify is a genuine love for all types of music.

Once you sign up on their website, you get to choose the genre of music that you prefer from their vast array.

The catch is, you get to listen to a song for 90 seconds, then rate it from 1 to 10. Afterwards, you have to write a review, of roughly 60 words. You could listen to a song for longer, but you’ll have to write a longer review.

Each review for a song pays between $0.02 and $0.20. The cash-out amount is $10. Once you’ve reached this amount, it’ll be sent to your PayPal account. Payments can take longer to process, and are made on Tuesdays and Fridays.

There are other ways of making money here. First, you can earn $0.10 more by reviewing some items. Second, invite your friends! Just send them your referral code.

After they sign up, you start collecting bonuses after their first review. Here are some tips on maximizing your payment on SliceThePie:

  • Immediately a song starts playing, start typing. Don’t wait for the 90 seconds to be up.
  • Monitor the energy bar. Once you submit a review, it decreases.
  • Aim for Platinum or Gold levels for better earning.
  • Learn the jargon. Know how to use terms like structure, vocals, melody and tempo in your review.

10. Sell Old Books

Instead of taking your unused books to brick and mortar book stores, there’s a better option. An app such as BookScouter makes the book-selling process faster and easier.

It connects you to 42 sites that buy used books online.

Download the application on your smartphone and sign up. You can do this using your email address and password or your social media accounts.

To use it, scan the barcodes of your old books using the app. It will submit these codes to sites of companies that buy used books. You can also search for textbooks by title, although this is a bit more difficult.

It will then provide you with a detailed list of prices from these websites. That way, you can decide which amount is perfect for you. When you find a price you like, fill out your payment details and send your books to the company.

Most companies will pay you within one to three days of checking your shipment. They’ll also give you a shipping label. It’s free to ship your books to some vendors, but it’s advisable always to check.

How much money you make depends on the profit margin on each book as well as how many books you sell per day or month. The state of your book also matters.

You’re paid either through mailed check or via PayPal. PayPal is best because each vendor has a unique payment schedule.

Note: you can’t sell a book without an ISBN on this app.

Earn Some Cash The Easy Way

It’s simple to find something that works for you from this article. Whatever you choose to do, have a positive mentality. And, even if it doesn’t pay so much, don’t give up. Everyone has to start somewhere.

It’ll also help to look at things from the bright side. Earning what you’re earning is better than not having anything at all. Make the most of these 10 ways on how to get free money fast & easy and you’ll benefit greatly.

Diana Star

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