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How To Get Mother’s Day Flowers At Over 50% Off

How To Get Mother’s Day Flowers At Over 50% Off
Jason Wuerch Apr 25, 2016
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Mother’s Day is coming up, and flowers can be a bit expensive, and their price tends to increase just a few weeks before the big day. However, just by following these 3 steps below, you can end up getting your flowers at up to 58% off with a maximum savings of 75%. Follow the steps in order to maximize your savings.

1. Get A Cash Back Credit Card

You’re going to want a credit card that gives you the most amount of cash back on all products, not just specific categories. The highest rate on the market right now is at 2%. There are two cards that offer this: Citi Double Cash Back Card or the Visa Blispay Card.

Both of these cards are great, but we suggest getting the Visa Blispay Card. It comes with no annual fee, cash back is automatically applied to your statement as credit, and transactions over $199 automatically qualify for 6 months interest-fee financing. Here’s a quick summary of what the Blispay has to offer:

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  • No annual fee
  • 2% cash back on all purchases that automatically gets applied as statement credit
  • No minimum redemption for cash back to be applied
  • Transactions over $199 will automatically qualify for interest-free financing.

Now that you have this card, you already have 2% off of our purchase. Let’s see how we can increase this amount even further.

2. Sign-Up For TopCashBack

The next step requires us to sign-up for TopCashback, an online shopping portal that gives you cash back at thousands of retailers. The only thing you have to do is click on one of their links to make a purchase. From there they’ll keep track of your purchase and award you a certain amount of cash back in your account depending on where you’re shopping at.

Not only that, but they also give you a $10 sign-up bonus upon registration. You need a minimum of $10 in earned cash back before you can cash out, and payments can be made to either your bank account, PayPal, Amex Gift Cards or Amazon Gift Cards (3% bonus with these last two options).

Registration is completely free, and it only takes up to $10 to receive your cash back. You also get a $15 bonus for each friend you refer. Click on one of our links to support FFL – we’d greatly appreciate it!

In the next step we’re going to use this portal to help us make our purchase.

3. Go To LivingSocial

When you’re on the TopCashBack site, search for ‘LivingSocial’ in the search bar. The results should display that you can get up to a maximum of 15% cash back on your purchases at Keep in mind that this amount only applies to new customers, but for existing customers you still get 6% in cash back.

Click on the ‘Get Cashback’ link to be redirected to the LivingSocial site. TopCashBack will keep track of your purchases and award you the extra 6% when you make your final purchase. Now that we’re on Living Social, search for ‘farm fresh flowers’ and you should see this deal appear below:

Living Social is offering 50% off bouquets at The Bouqs Company:

  • $15 for a $30 voucher
  • $20 for a $40 voucher

However, within your first five minutes of visiting the page Living Social will give you an additional discount, dropping a $40 voucher to just $16.99 or a $30 voucher for just $12.79. This turns out to be a 58% discount. So be prepared to snag the deal right away before it ends. If 5 minutes pass, the price will bump back up to $15 and $20.

If you forget to claim your deal within the first five minutes, you can try clearing your browser cookies or use a different computer.

When you do make your purchase, just be sure to use the Blispay Visa Credit Card we mentioned above to get an additional 2% off of your purchase.

Add Up The Cash Back

Let’s do a quick recap on how much cash back we’re getting.

  • 2% using the Blispay Credit Card
  • 6% going through TopCashBack (15% for new members)
  • 58% claiming the LivingSocial deal (within the first 5 minutes on the site, or else it drops to 50%)

This means we’re bound to get a minimum savings of 58% on flowers for this Mother’s Day. If you’re able to get the 15% in cash for new members and claim the extra savings on Living Social, you can bump your savings to 75% off.

Final Thoughts

As Mother’s Day gets closer and closer, it’s more likely that this deal will disappear, especially since Living Social only gives out a limited number of vouchers. Be sure to claim the deal while you can. If you have any questions, comments or any other ways to save on gifts this Mother’s Day, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Jason Wuerch

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