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Elite Deal Club Review: Get Amazon Products For Free Or Cheap

Elite Deal Club Review: Get Amazon Products For Free Or Cheap
Jason Wuerch Aug 13, 2015
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

If you’ve read our full guides on AMZ Review Trader, Snagshout, and Dollar Deal Reviews, you’d know that there are ways to get Amazon products for really cheap or for free. We’re introducing a new website that works much in the same way called Elite Deal Club. All you have to do is promise to leave a product review, and you can receive a large discount on Amazon products.

What Is Elite Deal Club?

Elite Deal Club is a website that has partnered with multiple Amazon sellers in order to help them get more product reviews and thus higher rankings on Amazon. Sellers need people to test their products and leave honest feedback.

In order to get this feedback, sellers promote their product by offering a promotion code that you type in during checkout that can get you discounts of up to 70% – 100% off of a product. In exchange, you agree to leave your honest opinion about the product in the form of an Amazon review after you’ve received it.

Unlike the other sites mentioned in the introduction, reviews are NOT required to be left, but are highly recommended. Not only will this increase your Amazon Profile Rankings, but it will also help you become more eligible for reviews in the future. Sellers like buyers who constantly leave reviews, and all of them can easily be checked out by reviewing your Amazon Profile.

Still skeptical? Here are some examples of some products that I’ve received on Elite Deal Club at a large discount. You can see if it’s worth it or not.

While you’re not going to be able to get a discount on larger items such as a new laptop or a trampoline, you’ll always find great discounts on smaller items such as supplements and other products that you can easily find a use for around the home.

Deals tend to quickly, so its best to claim them as soon as possible. Remember, only claim deals that you plan on buying. If you end up claiming deals and not purchasing them through Amazon, Elite Deal Club may end up suspending or banning your account.

Emails are sent out every day with the top deals so you don’t have to constantly be checking back on their website.

How Do I Get Started With Elite Deal Club?

Getting started with Elite Deal Club is very simple and can be done in 5 easy steps.

1. Register. You can register for a new Elite Deal Club account by clicking this link here. You’ll need to enter your name, email, and to create a password to sign-up. Confirm your email after sign-up.

2. Enter profile information. Once you sign-up and log-in, click on the “Get Started” button and enter your Amazon Profile URL. This way sellers can check your previous reviews, and also verify that you are leaving reviews for their products after buying them. The more reviews you leave, the more products that will become available to you.

3. Select products. Scroll down on the page to select a product that you’re interested in purchasing. You’ll see how much the product originally costs and how much of a discount you’ll receive when entering your discount code. Below is an image of this grip strengthener.

4. Purchase products. Click on the product and then click on “Claim Coupon.” You’ll be given a promotional code that can be used on checkout.

5. Leave a product review. It’s best to only claim a product if you only plan on leaving a review. While not required, you’re unlikely to receive deals in the future if you don’t. Below is a sample of a review that I’ve left that can be found on my Amazon profile. Click image to enlarge.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredibly hard to get items for free on Elite Deal Club, just because they sell out that quickly. So make sure to claim them almost instantaneously. If it’s been a few days since you’ve purchased some products without leaving reviews, Elite Deal Club may refuse to give you more products until you do.

Other review websites that work very similar to Elite Deal Club are Snagshout, AMZ Review Trader, and Dollar Deal Reviews. However, I find Elite Deal Club to be the least strict – other sites have a lot more requirements. Sign-ups can only be issued upon invitation request, but you’ll be using my referral link if you click on the ones in this article.

If you’re interested in other ways to save money through Amazon, checkout the following:

If you have any questions or have troubling registering with Elite Deal Club, don’t hesitate to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and good luck shopping on Amazon!

Jason Wuerch

My name is Jason Wuerch and I'm currently located in Madrid, Spain running a personal finance blog called Frugal For Less. My goal is to help everyone and anyone willing to make and save money through easy and simple ways that don't require much effort. Just because you're frugal doesn't mean you have to give up life's luxuries.

Comments (29)

I am a west coaster, and almost everything is sold out by the time i get up every day! And I am not getting e-mails from them every day. Suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Liz. I’m also a west coaster. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do is get up a bit earlier. If that’s not your cup of tea, look back throughout the day as sometimes they post new deals in the afternoon as well. Aside from that, contact support about not getting any of their emails.

Elite Deal Club is great, but we would like to throw out hat into the ring. AmzRC (Amazon Review Club) is a great site for reviewers and sellers. Please come cack us out at

Their customer service is not very good. First time I had to deal with them regarding a discrepancy in a coupon amount, they never contacted me back. I had to get a hold of Amazon, then the seller, who honored the coupon. The second time is when I accidentally clicked on a coupon I didn’t use. Something they frown on. It shows up in your history to review, but there is a button you can click if you didn’t purchase it. This tells you to email them and they will remove it from your history. After, once again, not hearing from them I emailed them again. This time I got a response. They actually reprimanded me for clicking that coupon, and told me something about how I should be more conscious of my actions. They also refused to remove it from my history. Had I known I was going to get that response, I would not have emailed them.

I had the same harsh experience. Each time I sign onto my Eliite Deal account now there are only a handfull of deals where before there were plenty. I have to wonder if it’s because that one item they will not clear from my purchase history.

Hi Dianne,

I think your best bet is to go ahead and contact the Elite Deal Club team and discuss the issue. Tell them to clear the purchase history and explain to them your situation. They seemed pretty helpful when I contacted them.

You can spend all day every day contacting EDC, and you will NOT get a response. Many, many members have recently been banned without reason or explanation. I see it was a year ago that you claim to have had a helpful response from EDC. Try now. Go on….try. If you haven’t already been banned, I’d bet top dollar that you’ll get no response at all, or a canned copy-paste job. So please stop advising people to “contact the team and explain.” From what we can gather, there IS no team, and I assure you anyone who reads a customer “explanation” is not going to care.

They used to be great but recently have sunk pretty low. At first, if I set my alarm for 6:55am( I am on the west coast too!) I was pretty much guaranteed to either something free or, at least, something cool for a buck or two….then the problems started…my never getting a thing I clicked on. I literally would have the page open , ready to click five minutes prior to items being listed and , everything would change to ” sorry….sold out”, before my eyes, as I opened the page. I would go down the list, clicking on ANYTHING that was even slightly ok, I’d have all these tabs open and get NOTHING. I tried contacting them and they told me to do what I already did…fast forward after this happened way too many times for any sane person to take and I wrote a less polite email, lol. I am not proud of that, but honestly, the frustration and just sheer snottiness of the site just made me furious and I wasn’t about to take it out on my loved ones!… I actually had a bit of a result from that letter though….however, recently I had two non working codes two days in a row. I figured I would contact the sellers, one said they were working with edc to resolve the issue that MANY PEOPLE WERE HAVING, the other just told me to take it up with edc. I didn’t really care enough about the products so I just let it go…. here’s the rub… I didn’t contact them( so everyone saying bad stuff happens when they tell edc about bad codes, listen up). I didn’t even mention it and they black listed me! Translation: I was sent to edc’s version of punishment!…i.e. the land of “code not found”. I genuinely feel that it’s RIDICULOUS to BAN people who’ve done NOTHING WRONG… particularly since giving out bad codes is ALL ON THEM. They do do this! They are human and no one is 100%,100% of the time…but instead of doing the decent thing and just admitting they messed up ( according to them, they NEVER mess up…which is humanly impossible) they black list you, basically forcing you to delete your account. If this site were a person it would definitely suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. If you know anyone with npd then you know well enough to GET THE F*CK AWAY…

A scam don’t bother. They let you get two or three deals and then “code not found” I emailed and no one emailed me back.

I have just signed up for this site (my first sign up of this kind for me), and I am already skeptical after seeing they want credit card info so they can bill me for the $1 for the coupon code. If they would have told me that in the beginning I still would have signed up because I think $1 for such deeply discounted items is a great deal still, but they do not even accept paypal. I am not going to give these folks my credit card information. This is why I came looking for reviews.
I hope this comment will help someone else.

Please take the time to write to Amazon about their companies being taken advantage of by Elite Deal Club. They are under a misconception thinking their coupons are going out to everyone when in fact many, many people are getting the result of “Code Not Found” Elite Deal Club needs to be shut down. I wrote to Amazon last night and they said they were forwarding info to their legal department. I think the more people write to Amazon about this bad company to bigger a case we got. Thank you.

Everytime I try to get a deal on elite deals, I get code not found. When I first signed up it worked fine, then since December I can’t get any deals. I’ve even deleted my account and tried a new one but still having the same problem. I emailed them and they never got back to me. I emailed them multiple times. It is very fustrating.

I too am getting the “Code Not Found” error.I signed up early December and was able to get 3 or 4 awesome deals but have been getting this error for 3 or 4 weeks. I emailed them and got a reply that the code means something was wrong with my account and they would send my email address to their tech department. Never heard back. Sent another email and got no reply. Deleted my account and tried again.. same error. :(

I too am getting the message “Having trouble getting a coupon” i emailed elitedeal and got ageneric reply. I too clicked to purchase and entered the code and received msg” wrong code”. After several attempts my history showed all these items as purchased,but were not. Now i cannot purchase anything since may,2017.
Whats wrong?

I’ve read through all the comments and I have a feeling I may have been saved from all the aggravation people have experienced. I signed up with EDC and received the following .

“We really appreciate you giving Elite Deal Club a try and using our platform. Unfortunately, your account engaged in activities that flagged it for suspension and we are unable to share what activities would flag an account as suspicious. To protect our active members and sellers alike, we are unable to reinstate your account. Again, thank you for using Elite Deal Club. We hope you can continue to find good deals on other websites! Regards, EDC Team”

I’m not sure how I could have received this email. This message was received right after I confirmed my email address. I’ve never been a member of EDC in the past, either. I don’t know how I can be flagged when I wasn’t even done with their registration process . They have no profile information from me because I never got that far. I emailed asking for them to explain how I could be deemed suspicious when I wasn’t even done with the registration process. I never heard back from them.

Does anyone have contact info for EDC? I can’t allow them to blackball me if I didn’t even finish my registration. A phone number would be great, too. Is this something I should contact Amazon about? I don’t think they would appreciate their customers being treated like this. Thanks, Lisa

Have been trying to join the website. Keeps telling me to go to “contactelitedealclub,com”. Cannot get on this website either. I set it up to join, gave my email and password, but have never received a confirmation on my email account. Have tried to contact them multiple times, including through facebook, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Hi Janie,

Really sorry for the frustration that you’re having. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. I recommend trying out other Amazon Review Sites if Elite Deal Club is giving you that much trouble. There’s so many to go around, that it’s not worth spending your time on one that doesn’t work.

I just started with them and was able to grab one item but the items that are the “top” deals of the day that are shown in my email have YET to be seen on the dashboard. I emailed about it today and i’m waiting on a response.

Elite Deal Club used to be good. Now they totally SUCK! Every time I tried to buy something, I got a message “issue getting the coupon” And their customer support is terrible. I would recommend using some of the other options!

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