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11 Tips On How to Have A More Personal and Minimalist Wedding

11 Tips On How to Have A More Personal and Minimalist Wedding
Diana Star Mar 27, 2019
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Tying the knot is undoubtedly one of the most important life events.

A person is not only transitioning from one title to another, but they are also choosing to share their lives with their special one too.

The most massive misconception that people share is a wedding has to be extravagant for it to stand out.

This material-minded line of thinking has discouraged many from walking down the aisle.  They feel that they can’t have a special ceremony with their loved ones because of the hefty costs involved.

But you don’t have to be one of them. If you wish to walk down the aisle and cash isn’t your strongest area, relax and choose to go ahead with the ceremony.

It may sound unbelievable, but yeah. A simple wedding can turn heads and get people talking. But everything has to be in place if this is to happen.

So that chic ball gown dress and expensive tux aren’t on your budget. The elegant cake in those expensive weddings won’t be in yours. People may not attend in large numbers (this is an advantage as we’ll see later on). Big deal. Don’t worry, be happy.

There’s more than one way to have a simple yet super wedding. Check out these tips on having a minimalist wedding that you’re sure to find helpful:

1. Start Working on the Honeymoon First

Many couples plan their wedding before their honeymoon. It’s more of a trend than a personal decision. People don’t give honeymoons the time and dedication required for them to be a success.

Other couples decide to do away with them. They claim that they’re another unnecessary expense. Well, depending on how you choose to plan for them, this could be true.

The real essence of a honeymoon is to unite a couple. It also strengthens their bond and brings the beautiful ambiance of love.

Minimalism requires that you focus on the glorious vacation first. Find out how much you intend to spend on it. Plan on where you want to spend your honeymoon.

Remember, nothing fancy. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Spoil yourselves a bit. Whatever remains from the planning of the honeymoon should be your wedding budget. Think of it as saving the best for the last.

An advantage of this is crossing out the hustle that comes with planning a honeymoon. You won’t have to skip your honeymoon. Early preparation also helps you discover a part of your special one that you never saw.

You might be a quiet person who enjoys a simple yet beautiful vacation. They may want something bigger and memorable.

Planning it together helps both of you arrive at a decision that you’re both comfortable with.

As you relax after the wedding in that location of choice, you’ll realize that you made a move worth your while.

2. Add a Digital Touch to Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding cards are cute. People have printed them on paper over time, and each of them has a beautiful design.

Many things are being done digitally these days. Technology has been the perfect medium to simplify many processes.

You shouldn’t leave wedding cards out. There’s a better way of extending them to your loved ones.  You don’t have to go through the hassle of printing or planning the right design.

Plus, there’s no need of figuring out what to say and how many of them you should print.

If you’re planning on going digital, consider using social media platforms. They are convenient sources of interaction that most people take for granted.

You could open an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram specifically for your big day. Then, send messages to your friends inviting them to your wedding from the platforms.

Or, you could send them invitations via email. All you need are their email addresses and an incredible typing speed.

An advantage of doing things online is that you can notify your guests of any changes. You can also send them updates with the greatest of ease.  Plus, you do it in real time. Skype is another beautiful alternative that you can use to reach as many friends as you want at once.

There could be other platforms I’ve left out, but the above are the major ones. Today, it’s safe to say that almost everyone, if not everyone, can access and use technology.

This includes your old folks. It’s time to take a different approach and embrace the digital revolution.

3. Invite Family and Close Friends Only

The idea here is to spend as little as possible on food and space. Having those closest to you is another valid reason.

Many people come to steal stuff and cause a commotion at weddings.  This happens especially at indoor ceremonies. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the kind of drama you’d want on your special day.

It would be grand having every one of them in your wedding, but it isn’t practical.

If you’re a people person and have many friends, it can be difficult to choose whom to invite and whom to leave out. The best thing to do is to come up with a criterion, and stick with it.

There could also be a strain in friendship. It’s bound to happen when a friend who expected to have a front seat at your wedding didn’t even get the back seat.

Coming up with what to tell them and how to put it isn’t something that you should struggle with since it’s a family only affair.

Or, you could be the honest villain and come out with the truth. Whichever option you take, your friends should be considerate enough to understand.

As a consolation, you could spare some cake for them. Better yet, request a friend to record the entire ceremony and send it to the friend who’ll miss out.

You could get more creative on the budget bit. Instead of budgeting for food and drinks, ask your guests to arrive with some food and beverages as they come.

4. Why Not Elope?

The word ‘elope’ has had different definitions for different people. Each of these meanings is negative. No couple would ever think of doing it. To many, it’s a juvenile kind of thing.

Looking at things from a broader perspective, eloping is romantic. It doesn’t mean you want to snatch a damsel from her family if you’re a guy. Also, it doesn’t mean that your family is of little importance if you’re a lady who’s agreed to it.

Think of it as a combination of adventure and blissful uncertainty. You both don’t know where you’re going, but you’re confident that it’ll be special.

The thrill of being free with no commitments or cares of what to wear and et cetera is a feeling you’re bound to enjoy.

Telling your friends or family that you plan on doing it will only kill the fun. You could choose to say to them if you want to.

The problem with that is they’ll guess where to find you and ruin the intimate ceremony.To make them relax and avoid calling the cops, let them know after eloping.

A great way to view eloping is it’s an easy and creative way to keep your love burning. The location you choose to flee to shouldn’t be an issue. Eloping may not mean much to those closest to you, but it’ll mean the world to you.

5. Break the Norm

Everyone, at least everyone old enough, has a similar idea of how a wedding should be. People expect the bride and groom to dress in a formal way, and people hope the ceremony to be at a church.

If this doesn’t work for you, you’re at liberty to flip the script. After all, it’s your Big Day. I’m not suggesting that you shut out suggestions from your loved ones.

Listen to them, and if one or two are in line with what you have in mind, there’s no harm in going with it.

You could choose to do without decorations and cake. You could also want to dress in an informal way.

Then, have your wedding at the park with the family present to witness, and a friend is joining you and your special one. Whatever you choose, it should have a special meaning to both of you.

Not everything you choose will be alright with your guests. But they have to respect your decision. Sit down with your special one and have a candid talk on how you want your wedding to be.

If possible, put all your memories together and pick one that speaks to both of you. One that has a special place in your hearts. Opting for a change in culture is another great way to embrace variety.

The final decision lies in you and your special one’s hands. As you take a different approach, the main thought in your head is that you don’t have to follow the routine to be happy.

6. Don’t Include Gifts

Unless your guests feel inclined to present you and your special one with a gift, it’s not necessary. You can let them know in the invitation that they don’t have to bring a gift or gifts.

Most gifts cost a lot of money. And, even if you’re not the one giving, consider courtesy. When someone gives you a present, it’s only polite to get something for them as well. This is what you should strive to avoid.

No one should feel the pressure to get and give anything. It also eliminates the need to compete among your guests.

They might try to outdo each other and compare who’s presented the best gift. That’ll bring unwanted tension.

The wedding should be an exciting occasion when loved ones gather to have a good time and wish both of you the best.

Besides, spending money is the main thing you’re trying to avoid. If a guest wishes to bless you with something, why not ask them to take part in making the wedding a success?

If they’re gifted in making others laugh, you’d have saved so much that you could’ve spent on a DJ or MC.

They could cook or sing or decorate the place well. Such gifts are more valuable and easy to remember compared to any material gift they would bring.

Should any of them insist on getting you a gift, don’t be rude. Even if it’s something you don’t need, you could take it and store it up somewhere.

7. Select a Free Venue for Your Wedding

You have to do a wedding somewhere. Most places are expensive. When you choose to pay for one, you’re affecting your wedding budget.

The rental deposit that most venues demand should motivate you to seek a free location. Such a place won’t affect your finances.

There are many ways to avoid this inconvenience. The key one is to look for a venue that requires no payment. Think of all the special places that you and your special one have been to and select one of them.

List them down, both free and affordable venues. Then, begin eliminating them one by one until the most suitable is left. The place can be anywhere from at the park, on the beach or at the forest. Let your imagination go crazy.

Some great places to hold your wedding are at your home, at a friend’s place or even on the street. Make sure it’s not a street with plenty of crazy traffic. And, be sure to get in touch with city hall to confirm if it’s allowed.

You could take creativity to the next level and opt for a place that no one has visited before. Do some research and get that place which appeals to you.

The hassle of rushing around for that ideal place is thrilling. It’s better than the stress of hunting for an expensive venue. Make it as fun as possible. Don’t let the activities of the day ruin the real reason why you’re searching for a venue.

8. Opt for Used or Natural Decorations

Some of the best things that we rarely notice are right under our noses at most times. Instead of visiting various sites for the best decorations, why not use already used ones?

If you have a relative or friend who had a wedding a while back, don’t be shy to request them for the decorations they used.

You could also make use of natural decorations. Look around. Potted plants and pretty rocks are some cute natural decorations to work with.

Your choice of decorations should be in line with your preferred location. Some places don’t need decorations, such as the forest or mountain. At the beach, you could use seashells and other similar ornaments as decorations.

It all depends on what you want. Going natural and re-used doesn’t mean you’re poor. It’s a smart way to recycle beautiful decorations. It’s better than spending a fortune on decorations then storing them up in the attic.

Besides, the process of shopping for decorations can be quite hectic. What’s more, the price of embellishments such as placemats, and flowers is enough to make you squeal.

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you put your mind to it. You could also make some decorations for yourself. Or, ask a friend who’s skilled in the art to do it for you. Very few people notice decorations, so you should try as much as possible not to overdo anything.

9. No Pictures or Live Streaming, Please

You want everything to be perfect at your wedding. And it should. There should be no distractions or anything that would interfere with the mood of the day.

That’s why everyone should switch off phones, cameras, and other digital devices. They could also leave them in the car.

It’s a common practice for people to snap away during a wedding. Others live stream the whole ceremony and upload it online. This doesn’t have to be the case in yours. Ask your guests to bear with you and watch the event.

Granted, not everyone will follow this request. Take it upon yourself to explain why an unplugged wedding is your choice.

Once everyone settles down to the wedding, the mood will be perfect. There will be no need for photo shoots and live streams.

When the wedding is over, there’s no harm to having a photo session. You could also have a question and answer session where you allow any of the guests to ask questions. You and your loved one will then answer them.

Keeping off the gadgets is also a great way of promoting interaction among you and your guests.

Your wedding won’t happen again, so it’s best to make the most of that precious moment with your friends and family. Don’t let the devices hog all the attention.

10. Go Monochrome

There’s no better way to go minimalistic than to have a single color as the theme colour. It eliminates confusion, is easy to work with and it promotes simplicity.

You could choose to work with your favorite color it. Sounds simple, right? It’s also a great idea to agree with your special one which color to use on your wedding. You can both decide to use both your colors as the theme as well.

For various purposes, once you identify a color, use different shades of it for different uses. An example is when differentiating between you and the bridal party.

If, as a woman, you choose a pink-colored wedding dress, the bridesmaids could put on pink attire too. But the attire should be in various shades; pale pink, hot pink and so on.

A benefit of going monochrome is that you don’t have to get color combinations right. Plus, you’re free to experiment here and there with various shades of one color.

Most people prefer to go with white, and it’s easy to see why. Apart from it being a color associated with purity, it has an excellent calming effect.

Color is rich, but monochrome is even more productive if used well. Many people prefer a colorful wedding. You can decide to make yours unforgettable by going for a single color.

11. Hire a Wedding Day Coordinator

If you need some help with planning your wedding, you’re free to hire a wedding planner. Minimalist weddings don’t need so much cash, so there’s no need of one.

The best thing to do is follow your instincts and plan your wedding based on how you want it to be. This way, you save money.

On the day of your wedding, you’ll need all the help you can get. Hiring a wedding day coordinator is the right step to take. They’re more affordable than wedding planners. On top of that, they help get everything in order on that particular day.

Wedding day coordinators, as the name suggests, only come in on the actual day of the wedding. You get the chance to rest easy and watch everything fall into place.

They consult you several times on your wedding day only.

Then, they’ll take care of everything else. Some of the tasks they handle are; seeing to it that everything goes well and dealing with vendors. Plus, they manage the wedding décor setup.

Wedding day coordinators are more than people you hire. They’re lifesavers.

They advise couples which move to make, ensure a couple’s Big Day is a success and save them plenty of time. They also prevent arguments between couples and enable a couple to keep their cash. They help them to spend it well.

Hiring one is a great move that you’ll thank yourself for.

Enjoy Your Minimalist Wedding

You’ve waited your whole life for this particular moment. Now, it’s staring at you straight in the face, but you don’t think it’ll be all that because you’ve chosen to go all minimalist.

Look at the bigger picture. It’s possible to have a simple wedding with friends and family around you and be happy. Don’t ever think otherwise.

Follow your heart as well as the tips above, and it’ll surprise you how smooth it is to have a minimalist wedding.

Diana Star

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