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How to Have the Wedding Of Your Dreams On A Budget (Under $1000)

How to Have the Wedding Of Your Dreams On A Budget (Under $1000)
Diana Star Mar 21, 2019
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A wedding is a special occasion. That’s why people have no problem spending ridiculous amounts of cash on it.

Everyone wants their Special Day to be the absolute best. But, what happens if you don’t have the money? Or if you decide to have your wedding on a $1000 budget?

Walking down the aisle is possible, even on a budget. Many people focus on the expenses and forget the reason for the ceremony is.

They spend so much time trying to make everything work that they wear themselves out.

It’s normal to desire a beautiful wedding that’ll be the talk of the town for a couple of months or years. You may be among those who have dreamed of a Cinderella-like wedding since they were little girls.

If you’re a man, you may have always wished to say ‘I do’ to her in a special way.

When it comes to your wedding, though, don’t let other people dictate how it should be. You could do without the glamour and have a fantastic wedding in the end.

Why not lay off the stress and have a blast with what you can afford?

This post gives simple yet practical tips that will give you a fairytale wedding at $1000. Read on to find out what could work for you.

1. Cut on Food

You don’t need to spend so much on food. Minus the caterers and dishes, you can make it work. There are plenty of options.

First, have something simple. A couple of cakes and soda is an idea. Some guests could help in distributing the food.

Second, take your guests out to lunch at an affordable restaurant. For convenience, the restaurant should be close by. This is helpful if you want to avoid spending money on transportation.

It’s better if you and the guests have vehicles.

Third, have each of your guests bring some food as they attend your wedding. Don’t be too picky about what the guests should bring.

Then, one of them should prepare the food. You could bring dishes from home if you’re having your wedding anywhere else.

If you’d like to have cake on your Big Day, you could home bake it on the eve of your wedding. Or, ask a relative or friend to help you out if you’ve no idea how to bake it.

You could also decide to do some shopping for the cake in an affordable bakery.

Take your time to visit various bakeries and compare prices. The one with the most affordable charge should be your pick.

2. Go for Simple Rings

Many couples have different ideas when it comes to wedding rings. Some choose to have them, while others don’t.

Others prefer having theirs and their special one’s ring finger tattooed. It all goes down to your preference. If you feel that your wedding isn’t complete without rings, here are some suggestions.

Choose rings made of affordable material. It’s easy to get caught up and make an expensive choice. Who wouldn’t? Wedding rings are special.

They are the symbol of a lifelong commitment between you and your special one.

That might be the case, but sticking to the budget is essential. Instead of golden rings that can damage your budget, try a material such as sterling silver. Not only are they affordable, but they’re available too.

You could go online and pick a pair of affordable rings from there. Another option is to ask around. Many stores might have what you’re looking for.

If you’ve got a friend who can make some rings for you for free, that’s a burden off your shoulders.

How about skipping the inconvenience? Settle for something sweet. Try handmade wedding bands with both your names on them.

You can put on the one with his name on it, and he can put on the one with yours.

Whichever option you choose to go with, make sure it fits both your fingers. Those are the rings you’ll be putting on for the rest of your lives anyway.

3. Don’t Make Such a Fuss over Flowers

Are flowers a part of your budget? If yes, how much have you set aside for them? If no, please reconsider your decision.

Flowers set the mood of a wedding and add some color to it as well. A poorly-arranged bouquet spells disaster for even the most perfect of marriages.

Brides use bouquets to complement their gowns. Most weddings have eye-catching floral centerpieces on tables. Some couples decorate the aisle with flower petals to create an ambiance of love.

In essence, a wedding is incomplete without flowers. Florists put this knowledge into good use. They sell flowers at high costs, especially for weddings.

You don’t have to jump into the bandwagon of throwing money at flowers to make a good impression.

Instead, you could hand pick some flowers on the eve of your wedding. Then, make some lovely bouquets with them. Don’t go for any flower.

If you can get roses or tulips, that’s a sure way to add some elegance to your wedding.

Or, if you choose to buy flowers, you could get each of your bridesmaids a rose and a small bouquet for you, the bride.

Getting some fake flowers to save the day is another alternative. All you have to do is make sure they look real and recent.

If you’ve borrowed them from a friend, do the necessary sprucing up so that they’ll look good as new. There’s a possibility that everyone will be too immersed in the events of the day to notice this.

4. Plan for your Wedding

Like everything that must succeed, planning for your wedding before time is crucial.

Planning early helps you to view everything from a broader scope. This is better than the last-minute rush that’s filled with errors.

It also enables you to come up with new ideas. Plus, you identify areas that you can strengthen through research and asking around.

Knowing that you’ll spend 1000 bucks alone isn’t enough. It may cause some anxiety because there’s so much to worry about.

To keep off the tension, make a list of all the items you wish to have at your wedding. You should plan on the food, venue, etc.

Afterwards, write down their prices or, at least, approximate. This helps you to know what to leave out and what’s a complete must.

And, it helps you put your money into good use. You can start crossing out the unnecessary items as soon as you’re done going through each of the items.

Planning helps you lay off the stress that comes with weddings. You could do it with your special one alone, or involve your family and friends.

One of the most significant downsides of planning with your friends and relatives is you don’t always meet eye to eye. If that’s the case with you, choose not to involve them, but don’t be disrespectful.

Even if one thing or another goes wrong at some point, when you’re prepared, you’re ready for any challenge. Plus, you’re prepared to come up with a solution for it.

5. Have a Friend Take Pictures

A photo shoot is an absolute must in all weddings. You, like every other couple, would want those perfect moments captured. The only problem is, a photographer is beyond your budget. So what next?

Have a friend take pics of the entire wedding. It could be with their smartphone or with a hired camera. They could even record the most important parts.

An example is when you and your loved one exchange vows, then send them to you later.

Most times a friend might want to help, but their expertise is wanting. They may be the type who gets a shot of your feet and leave out the perfect smile you both give after the vows.

Or, the pictures and videos might look shaky because your pals can’t hold still.

To help solve this, have more than one friend behind the lens. Chances are, not every one of them will deliver unattractive pictures.

Even if they do, the encouraging part is, they can take plenty of photos and do some editing later on. If you’ve got a camera, but no one’s a professional when it comes to handling one, tutorials on YouTube can help with that.

You may want to seek services elsewhere. Make use of social media platforms like Facebook. Post that you need a photographer.

You never know who might turn up. Remember to agree on the price before they can offer their services are. This helps to avoid misunderstandings.

What should matter is that your loved ones captured those beautiful moments.

6. Consider the Venue

Where do you intend to tie the knot? When choosing a venue, bear in mind that locations such as a function hall are quite costly.

For a wedding on a budget, the options are endless. Why not hold it at home with friends and family? Or, if you love the outdoors, having it in the backyard is another option.

Most outside venues have location fees and it could be a little costly. If you’re considering a house wedding but space isn’t enough, there’s no problem holding it at one of your friend’s roomy place.

If you intend to hold your Big Day outdoors, the problem is you can’t predict the weather. Even the weather app on your phone may not be 100% accurate. That’s why it’d help you to prepare yourself.

In case of a storm, have a tent on standby. If the sunlight is unbearable, you could get a couple of fans from home and use them to cool things off a bit.

Wherever you choose to hold it, here are some useful tips on selecting the perfect venue:

Get married in a season like winter or fall

Summer is a time when most people have their weddings. This means more expenses and less space. If you choose to hire a venue, you’re most likely to get one at an attractive price during the off-season.

Break the monotony of a weekend wedding

The reason is pretty much like the first one. Most couples prefer a Saturday wedding and end up spending large on the wedding.

Choose to do things differently. Have your Special Day during the week when people are busy. Most vendors are also less active during weekdays. Finding a venue during this time is easy.

Choose a venue where people don’t hold weddings often

Art galleries, parks, and the street are some ideas. It’s possible to get a venue with a reasonable price from any of them.

Places such as national parks may need you to pay an amount of cash before having them as a venue. When it comes to a street wedding, be sure to do your research to avoid inconveniences with the state.

Have your wedding in the morning hours

Serving food to your guests is more affordable during morning hours. You could serve them breakfast alone, or combine breakfast and lunch.

Serving dinner at a hired venue might cost you more than you bargained for.

7. Do Without Gifts

Gifts have a sneaky little way of eating into budgets.

Instead of investing in them, have friends and family chipping into your wedding.  This should be an alternative.

Some could be good at entertaining or cooking or singing. Wherever their gifting lies, incorporating it into your wedding is a better gift.

There’s the practice of giving bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts after a wedding. It’s a way to thank them. This doesn’t have to be a part of your ceremony.

Telling them ‘thank you’ will do. It’ll be okay with them if you let them know that you’re having a budget wedding.

If you’re bent on giving and receiving gifts, handmade gifts could be ideal. The downside of gift-giving is it might bring some bad energy into your wedding.

Some might give expensive gifts. Others might not come with gifts at all.

The center of attention will shift to the gifts. To avoid this, inform your guests that there will be no giving of gifts beforehand.

Considering that you’re having a wedding on a budget, try as much as possible to cut on costs.

8. Let Family and Friends Help Out With Decorations

Like flowers, decorations have an essential place in weddings. They amplify the beauty of the venue. They also add some attractiveness to it. The best part about decorations is you can choose them to match your taste.

Due to their nature, they are often expensive. You can save yourself the cost and make some decorations yourself. Or, ask a relative who tied the knot recently to help you with theirs. The beauty of decorations is they can be natural or crafted.

If you prefer to have a wedding in the forest, decorations might not be necessary. You could use the rich components in the woods to your favor.

Be it branches or some beautiful rocks. There are plenty of attractive features. This helps to activate your creative side.

Should you choose to go minimal on decorations, try:

Using candles

Not only are candles affordable, but they provide some light that’s perfect for the occasion. Choosing to use candles of various colors is a grand idea. They have the power to add some color to your wedding.

Putting flowers in bottles

Clear bottles plus perfect flowers equal elegance. They look great as centerpieces on tables. You could have a single glass and flower on every table. Or, decorate a table with more than one glass bottle-flower combination. Extra tip: Go for bottles of various shapes and sizes to add variety.

  • Hung photos around

There’s no better way to personalize your wedding than to have some family photos around. It also creates a sense of closeness between you and your loved ones.

You could have a table dedicated to them or spread them out in various areas. For a simple look, go for unframed photos.

Use food or fruit instead

To break free from the cliche of flowers and balloons, opt for a different yet sweet look. Food and fruit add appetite and a touch of beauty to your wedding.

Whether real or fake, food and fruit decorations have the same magical effect.

9. Invite those Closest to You Only

Many guests mean more food. More food means more money. And let’s face it; sometimes having so many people around kills the fun of intimate weddings.

When making a guest list, invite family and close friends only. There are plenty of benefits of having a few guests.

Some of them are; first, you save yourself the trouble of spending so much on food. It’s better when the friends you’ve chosen come alone. Having to accommodate a friend they brought along can strain your budget.

Second, you get to mingle with every one of them, thus making it more intimate. Instead of standing before them and thanking them, you can meet each of them and appreciate them.

Third, you don’t have to worry about getting a venue. With a few guests, finding a nice place to tie the knot is like taking candy from a baby.

10. Make the Invitation Cards for Your Wedding

Making invitation cards can be hectic, especially if you’re inviting many guests. The good thing about a budget wedding is you have an exact number of cards to print.

You know how many guests you’re inviting anyway. This minimizes the stress of printing and saves on time.

Going for letterpress invitations is tempting. They’re attractive. This might be the case, but they’re expensive.

DIY printing should be your first choice. All you need is a functional printer and an idea of the type of card you want. Printing can be time-consuming, especially if it’s your first time.

Ensure that you have plenty of supplies. They help when you need to familiarize yourself with it before doing the actual printing.

It helps to ask a friend who’s skilled at it for help to speed up the process. Or, you can go online and find out more about printing cards.

If ink and paper isn’t your thing, online invitation works better. Invite your guests via a platform such as Facebook and Twitter, in your account.

11. Use Yours or a Friend’s Stereo Equipment

You don’t need a DJ to bring the roof down, from a symbolic point of view. Use what you’ve got. The powerful stereo seated in your living-room could do the trick.

Or, if you’ve got a friend with a great stereo, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for help. Place the speakers at a place where they can distribute music. A great idea is in different corners of the dance floor.

Choose some songs that suit the occasion and play them on your smartphone or iPod. Don’t forget to select songs that you relate to.

It’s your Special Day, and even the playlist has to attest to that. A relative or friend could be the MC for the day.

$1000 Is Never Too Little

Deciding to tie the knot on a budget is a move that not everyone can make. You know how you want your wedding to be, so everything else should fall into place.

Don’t worry about costs. Go for the things you need, not what you want. It’ll surprise you that proper planning will leave you with some cash that you can use elsewhere. Wedding experts are not always right.

Let your wedding be more about the love you have for each other. You know what you and your special one have been through ever since you started dating.

With the tips above, having your dream wedding will be a feat that you can achieve. It may not have a chariot drawn by white horses, classy bouquets and colorful decorations. But, it’ll be a wedding that you and your loved ones will remember for a long time. $1000 isn’t as little as most people think.

The important part is that you spent your special day around your loved ones. And, you all had fun, and you’re happy at the end of it all.

Diana Star

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