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15 Ways On How To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

15 Ways On How To Make Extra Money For The Holidays
Adrienne Romer-Jordan Dec 18, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

As the holidays start to draw near, I start to compile a list of all the gifts I need to get. If you come from a big family, or have lots of friends, then that list can get long quickly. 

Unfortunately, the holidays can be a huge drain on the finances. 

Maybe your paycheck just isn’t going to be enough to cover all the gift-giving you need to do. Or maybe you don’t want to dip into your savings. 

Whatever your reasons, making extra money is the best thing you can do to ease the financial burden of the holidays. 

Below I’ve listed several ways you can make extra income this season. Now you can merrily partake in giving gifts and not break the bank doing it.

1. Take Surveys

If you want to start making extra cash with the least amount of effort, then start taking surveys. 

There are several survey sites available that make earning a little money easy. Most of them let you download an app. This means you can use your smartphone and take a survey whenever you have downtime. 

Some of these can take a while to build up before you can cash out. I advise you to start taking surveys sooner rather than later. 

I also think it’s a good idea to use multiple survey sites at once. This will maximize your earning potential. Plus some may offer sweet sign-up bonuses, which I’ve noted where appropriate. 

Below are some of the best survey sites to check out, but you can click here for a more extensive list. 

2. Pick Up A Seasonal Job

The last thing you may want to do is get a second job, but sometimes it’s the only sure-fire way to make extra money. And regularly. Taking on a seasonal job could give you an extra 4-5 paychecks to look forward to. 

Fortunately, seasonal jobs are abundant when the holidays roll around. Companies know how busy this time can be and they need and want the extra help. Plus they need to be able to handle employees going on vacation.

That’s where you can step in and sign on as a temporary employee. A temp status means you can leave that job at any time.

Or, if it’s not too much for you, choose to stay on a little longer once the holiday season is over.

I’ve noted some of the most popular companies that look for new workers around the holidays. You don’t have to stick with these. 

Contact any company you think could be temporarily outsourcing extra work around the holidays. This could be law firms, hospitals, schools, or other big businesses.

  • Malls – Most stores in the mall will be hiring for seasonal work. Choose one that won’t drive you too crazy for a few weeks. 
  • Coffee Shops – If you love the smell and taste of coffee than this would be a fun seasonal job. The perks usually include free coffee
  • Clothing Store – Check out popular stores like Marshalls, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy
  • Food Service – Food service is not glamorous work, but it pays and they are always looking for extra help around the holidays. 

3. Sell Some Things

Whenever I’m wanting some extra cash, I usually start looking around the house first. Often I’ll find some things that I want or need to sell.

This is also helpful if I need to clear out space for the holidays.

You can sell anything you want if it’s in good, used condition. It could be kitchen appliances, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, DvDs, books, and more. 

Some top selling sites/apps include:

4. Offer Your Professional Services

If you have a special skill set, you should see if you can sell your services. Popular freelance gigs include graphic design, web design, writing and editing, photography, video editing, and spreadsheet management. 

If you want to try your hand at freelance work, consider some of these sites:

5. Babysit

Consider this a gift you can give to friends and family. You can offer your babysitting services for a set fee and use that extra money on gifts for other people. 

And sitting doesn’t need to be limited to children. You can also pet sit or house sit. Some people may even need you to plant sit. 

Whatever the case, if you’re available and comfortable with the request, go for it. The extra money will be appreciated. Plus, it’s usually cash and not a check or PayPal deposit.

6. Work Menial Tasks

Some people may not have time for a whole freelance gig. Or maybe you just don’t have the type of skills that are in high demand. 

Instead, you can choose to help out in other ways. This could be painting a living room, building Ikea furniture, or setting up a computer desktop.

Or you can take your time outdoors and mow lawns, rake leaves, or shovel snow if need be. All of this will yield cash in hand at the end of the task. 

You can find this type of work by reaching out to friends and family to see if they need any help. Or you can look at the following sites:

7. Door Dash

I love DoorDash because it is quick, easy and will let you get started with earning money instantly. 

If you are unfamiliar with DoorDash, it is a food delivery service. As a DoorDasher you can make money anywhere, anytime. 

You can start working at any time and stop whenever you want. If driving is your idea of a fun way to earn cash, check out this article on other driving jobs that pay. 

8. Earn Cashback

It may seem silly to shop in order to make money. But if you are doing any holiday shopping online or even in stores, you will want to earn cashback every time.

This is basically free money for spending money. There are several apps that will automatically give you cashback when you shop.

And there are also sites that list popular stores offering a certain cashback percentage. 

My advice is to try several of these, as some will offer higher cashback opportunities than others. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ibotta$10 Sign-up Bonus when using referral link
  • Fluz – Up to 35% cashback on your first 3 purchases
  • Fetch Rewards$1.50 Sign-Up Bonus with referral code HH3MN 
  • Dosh – No sign-up bonus, but can earn 3-7% cashback regularly
  • Drop – 1000 Points with referral code frugal4ess
  • ShopAtHome$10 Sign-Up Bonus

I also recommend signing up for a credit card that gives cashback bonuses. Especially if it is one that is offering a sign-up bonus like this one or this one

9. Collect Spare Change

I’m guilty of leaving my spare change at the register whenever it’s offered. Mainly because I hate the weight of coins in my wallet. 

After a time, this can add up to a lot of money that is getting left behind for other people to use. 

Instead, you should start carrying around a change jar. Then you can throw in any coins you pick up in there right away.

Or you can set up a large change jar at home. At the end of the day you can toss in what you have collected.

After a few months of this, you may be surprised by how much you will have saved. Those coins may be small, but when combined, they are mighty. 

You can deposit the money into your bank account or you can take it to something like a CoinStar and get a gift card with your profits. 

10. Save Money Where You Can

A few months before the major holidays hit, you should start saving more money. To do this, you may have to make a few lifestyle changes. 

If you know you have a lot of people to shop for, you will likely need to cut back in other areas of your life. 

This may mean eating out less. Or skipping that after work happy hour for a few weeks. You may need to skip the monthly blowout or biweekly mani and pedi.

Cutting back can seem difficult, but just remember you can get back to your regularl habits once the holidays are over. And they are over sooner than you think. 

11. Offer to Carpool

If you work in an office setting that can benefit from ride sharing, then consider offering your services.

As the designated driver you can charge your riders a flat fee to account for gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. 

You can vary your prices based on location and whether you’re doing pick -up and drop-offs door to door.

12. Public Transportation or Telecommute

For those that don’t have a car, you are already saving more money by using public transportation.

If you’ve been driving to work, then look into other ways you can get to the office that don’t involve driving. 

Buses, trains, and even Uber could be a cheaper way to get to work since you won’t have to worry about things like gas and car maintenance. 

And since you won’t need to focus on the road, you can use that time to take some surveys directly from your smartphone.

Another saving option would be to telecommute to work. Depending on your job, you might be able to squeeze in a work-from-home day once or twice a week. 

13. Work Extra Hours

This won’t be an option for everyone, but some careers do give people an opportunity to put in overtime. 

Most often, overtime won’t mean you get time and a half. Instead you will get paid your regular rate. 

Even so, tacking on an extra two, three or five hours a week can really make a difference on your next pay day. 

14. Rent Out A Room/Home

Going home for the holidays? Consider renting out your room or home while you are away. AirBnB and HomeAway are two great sources for putting your digs up for rent.

If you know you are going to be gone for a week or more, try booking your space for the entire time. 

Or if you aren’t going home for the holidays, but have a spare room that can be used, rent it out.

The holidays are a big time for travel and people looking for places to stay temporarily. 

15. Decorate

Those with a creative eye for detail or the ability to successfully hang lights can find themselves well paid once the holidays roll in.

There are whole companies dedicated to hanging Christmas lights on houses, trees, bushes and more. 

Hanging lights is fun in theory but no one really wants to do it anymore, which is why companies make a fortune around the holidays. 

You can take advantage of this and offer to hang lights for friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. 

And don’t just stop there. You can also see if they want the inside of their home decorated too. 

16. Holiday Shop

Some people truly just don’t have enough time in their day to get personal things done. One of those things could be holiday shopping. 

These types of people generally end up buying something last minute. Instead you can have them pay you to shop on their behalf.

They just need to provide you with some general information for the recipient of each gift (age, gender, location) and then you can take over from there.

Picking out a thoughtful gift is hard work, but at least you will be getting paid for it. 

Final Thoughts

Taking advantage of these 16 tips is a sure-fire way to make extra income this holiday season. Some of them you can even do if you generally just want or need more cash.

But we all know that the holiday season can bring with it a certain financial burden. Gift-giving is fun but a big savings drain. Earning more money is the best way to easy some of the strain of this time of year. 

Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these cash-growing hacks. Or if you have other ideas, tell me about them!

As always, thanks for reading and happy frugaling. 

Adrienne Romer-Jordan

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