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How To Make Money Fast While Unemployed: 10 Easy Ways

How To Make Money Fast While Unemployed: 10 Easy Ways
Diana Star Jan 13, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Irrespective of your age demographic, there are countless ways to legitimately earn quick cash online as long as you have a stable (and fast) internet connection.

There are tons of ways to make money online, while unemployed and probably with minimum effort. Likewise, some gigs will need a lot of patience and particular skills to help you earn extra bucks.

From flipping sites to freelancing, this post explores various ways to make quick money online in your spare time. These opportunities range from beginner to intermediate, as well as full-time gigs.

Here are some practical ideas to get you started on making quick cash online.

1. Participate in Legitimate Market Research Surveys

Companies need to test their products before designing, manufacturing and marketing them. Here’s where surveys come into play. Surveys assist companies to understand what consumers want and what they need.

Leading American companies spend billions every year on surveys, interviews, product testing, and focus groups – all in a bid to understand how to either better their products or develop new ones.

This extensive research is done primarily via online questionnaires. What this means is that companies are always on the lookout for fresh survey participants. And yes, they are ready to pay you for your honest opinion.

If you’ve probably spent time filling out online surveys, then you fully understand how easy it is earning money every month in your PJs. If you’ve never tried out online surveys and you want to start, you should start with Survey Junkie.

Like tons of other paid survey sites that help you earn quick cash, you have to build your profile which will match you with the right surveys. From here, each survey you complete earns you virtual points.

You can, later on, redeem these virtual points for e-Gift cards or PayPal cash deposits. Once you get the hang of how Survey Junkie works, you can try out these alternative and legitimate survey sites:

You should be extremely cautious when trying out new survey sites. Most are not legit and never pay you for your hard work. Try out either of these genuine survey sites and begin earning serious cash and rewards. Most of them payout in both $USD and £GBP.

2. Collect $50 Per Year with the Nielsen App

This is by far, one of the easiest ways to earn money online without breaking a sweat. Nielsen is a famous company that collects data on loads of stuff including internet usage and TV ratings.

This app basically pays you for your data. Once you install it on your android device, you are giving it the green light to tap into general phone information such as the websites you visit, the length of your phone calls, etc.

You’re probably wondering whether they also retain your personal information. Well, they don’t. The contents of your phone calls and texts are kept anonymous and encrypted.

Though the Nielsen app was developed in the UK, US citizens can still create a free account. Citizens from other countries can always try it out. It may or may not work in your country, but its worth a try considering you stand to gain 100% passive income.

Creating a Nielsen account is a smooth and stress-free process that can be accomplished in less than a minute. With these three simple steps, you’re well on track to earning easy money.

  • Download the Nielsen Mobile App. As the app is not compatible with Apple devices, the only place you can download it from is the Google Play Store.
  • Create your free account. This may take a while – depending on your typing speed. Here, you will have to fill in your personal information. Take note that your data is strictly confidential and it will not be shared with anonymous third parties.
  • Activate your new account. Once you open your app, an “Active” notification and a green check mark should pop up on your screen.

3. Get Paid to Surf the Web

To most people, this would probably sound like a dream. Surprisingly, there are dozens of companies that are ready to pay you for doing this kind of work online. If you spend most of your time surfing the web, the following are some of the best sites you should check out right now:

  • Swagbucks: In addition to getting paid to do everyday tasks such as watching videos, filling out online surveys, playing games etc. you could also earn extra by using Swagbucks as your primary search engine. Each time you search using the Swagbucks search engine, you stand to gain anywhere between $50 – $100 per month. Some users receive relatively more than this.
  • InboxDollars: With InboxDollars, you have the chance to engage with other users in friendly competitions to earn points and extra cash prizes. Of all the earning opportunities involved, searching the web is probably the easiest. Rather than using Yahoo, Bing or Google, use InboxDollars and get a loyalty reward of 5 cents for each search.
  • Qmee: Qmee runs in association with major search engines such as Bing or Google. When you do a web search, Qmee pulls up relevant results on your screen’s sidebar. Once you click on either of these results, you earn points that can be traded in for gift cards or cash rewards. The more you engage with particular brands, the more the points you get.

These are just a few of the multiple sites that will pay you to surf the web. This is definitely the easiest way to make some quick bucks hustle free.

4. Play Online Games

If you’re very passionate about video games, then this is for you. If you have excellent video gaming skills, you can turn the video gaming time into quick cash. Here are gaming sites that you can play on your tablet/smartphone for fun and money as well.

  • Paid Game Player: Paid Game Player has a total of 600 games, which you can compete against other players for cash. There are two membership levels: a free and a premium membership. For the premium membership, you get a 1,000 point sign-up bonus, full game access and a 2x point bonus. The free membership gives you access to the cash tournaments.
  • Bananatic: This site pays you for not only playing but testing and reviewing them as well. For each in-game quest and honest review, you earn bananas, which is the site’s virtual currency. You can exchange these bananas for Amazon gift cards, steam wallets, prepaid game content, and so much more. Currently, over 260,000 members have redeemed their rewards from Bananatic which total to over $165,000.
  • Lucktastic: This is a free US-based scratch card app that is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. Before playing your first game, there are numerous ads you’ll have to watch. Once you get the hang of it, you stand to earn daily rewards, enter contests, and earn money tokens. A few scratch cards will reward you with tokens and others with cash. Lucktastic offers a number of ways of withdrawing your cash. You could opt for a check by mail, Dwolla, AMEX, or Visa.

Other legitimate sites you can try out include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Long Game, Cash Crate, LalaLoot, Pogo and more.

5. Complete Offers

This has got to be the most lucrative of all the activities on this post. When it comes to earning money by completing offers, SquishyCash is the site to visit. Since 2007, SquishyCash has been paying its loyal and hardworking users through its variety of fun and free offers.

SquishyCash members have countless options to make money. They range from surveys, sign-ups, downloading games/programs and a wide variety of other tasks. Boosting your earning will either be more straightforward or complicated, depending on the effort you put in on SquishyCash.

Aside from the mentioned tasks, SquishyCash also has competitions, an affiliate program, rewards and other ways to make cash. While most companies promise a hefty paycheck is usually a pipe dream, SquishyCash has a track record of paying its members on time and in full.

SquishyCash will, in no way, teach you how to develop an online business, but it will give you tons of tasks that you can complete for a fair amount of cash. You can opt to complete all the tasks assigned to you as often as possible, or you can choose an alternative way of earning money such as promoting the website.

When you sign up, you are given $3 along with a few credits.

Its referral system works similar to a multi-level scheme, in that a percentage of each new member you refer to the site will be channeled into your account. All you have to do is recruit some friends and family members to SquishyCash and get rewarded for each new member that gets their first payment.

SquishyCash’s minimum payout is $15. It will take any user approximately seven days to earn this much. The overall layout is top-quality, it loads pretty fast, and more often than not the rewards are topped up to your account almost instantly.

6. Test New Websites

For any successful business, it is critical that you have an easy-to-use website. This is why tons of companies will pay you for your time in evaluating and providing feedback on either their websites or their apps.

In your free time, testing a website is the perfect job. Additionally, it’s a legitimate means of making money from home. If you wish to venture into the website-testing venture, here are a couple of tips to start you off:

  • Create an Account on More Than One Site: The reason for this is that the work will most likely be inconsistent and you will not be eligible for every available opportunity. Some of the best sites to sign up for include UserTesting, Enroll, TestingTime, UserFeel, UserLytics, UserZoom, and Validately.
  • Offer Your Most Critical Analysis: Every testing site has a sample test prior to getting started on their website. It is imperative that you pay attention to detail or else you won’t make it on the list of potential testers. Every instruction should be followed to the letter.
  • Give Your Honest Opinion: Most clients screen future testers for the best match. A series of dishonest opinions can seriously injure your chances of being chosen in the future.
  • Equipment is Everything: As much as testing new websites is a free-to-join endeavor, you will have to spend on quality equipment. All you need is a fast internet connection – opt for wired over wireless – and a good microphone for clear audio. Do not use the built-in microphones in monitors and laptops.

From here, there will be assignments available for you to try out. The brief screening period will ascertain that you are the right target demographic. Once you’re in, you can get up to $10 per 10 -15-minute session.

7. Create Your Blog

Bloggers have always been at the top of the game when it comes to making (great) money online. The most successful of the pack use their blog as an online home base.

They then build up many income streams from there. This is very important, as it will give you a permanent dwelling of sorts as well as enable you to manage all the income streams.

Speaking of income streams, there are a number of them. The common ones include affiliate marketing, advertising, offering services and selling either physical or digital products. If you opt to become a blogger, you can earn income from these and more related opportunities.

So, how much do bloggers make on average? There’s no definite answer for this because it varies widely. A limited number of bloggers make millions of dollars annually, while a number of them make a substantial full-time income. There’s virtually no limit as to how much you can make.

Though you can start a blog with zero budget and still earn money, this would not be the right path to follow. The reason for this is that when you’re running on a cost-free service, you have limited control over your blog.

In order to create a blog, you’ll need a hosting service and a domain. We’ve partnered up with Bluehost Hosting Services to give you a discount at $3.95 per year and a free domain your first year. That’s only $48 your first year to start a blog.

8. Become a Full-time/Part-time Freelancer

Freelancing has for a long time been known to be the best way of earning some extra cash. You can make a living from it. There are tons of wrong advice out there with regards to becoming a freelance writer – the major one being that you need years of experience and a degree.

Freelance writing is the perfect business for anyone who can write and needs to make cash online. You could opt to do it either part or full time. Some individuals have quit their well-paying jobs to pursue freelance writing on a full-time basis.

‘How exactly does one become a Freelance writer?’ If you’re confident and believe in your writing ability, it’s quite simple to hit the ground running. First, start by doing plenty of research. Find other passionate freelance writers, read their blogs and visit their website(s).

Secondly, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the required tools and skills. Much-needed tools and skills include organizational skills, blogging skills, confidence, image editing program, task management program, and an editing app.

You don’t have to be the most successful writer, but you do need to know how to get your thoughts across. English doesn’t necessarily have to be your first language. Millions of non-English speakers are making a fortune freelance writing. You have to improve your vocabulary by reading extensively.

Most freelance job ads will ask to see your published works. For this, you will either need to start a blog or create samples – which you can easily do by guest posting. These are general blogs that accept guest writers.

From here, you’re good to go. Start pitching to jobs until you find the right freelancing job. There’s a growing demand for website article writers, and you can be part of this boom too.

Your clients will include small businesses, bloggers, and marketers. Initially, the pay will not take care of your bills. However, you can quickly gain a foothold and ask for more money for each article.

Remember: freelance writing is a continuous learning process. Always learn from your mistakes and make every project count.

9. Become an Online English Teacher

This kind of venture is always open for those with a passion for exploring new cultures but aren’t quite prepared to relocate abroad. Experienced online teachers have even ended up making a career out of doing what they love.

This could be the most excellent way to ‘test the waters’ with your teaching expertise before taking a huge leap to go international. You can learn a lot from engaging with your students online and the overall teaching experience.

What You’ll Need:

First and foremost, it is mandatory for any online English teacher to have an English 1-on-1 TESOL/TEFL certificate or a bachelor’s degree. Other requirements include a fast internet connection, a functional Skype account, a high-resolution webcam, and a headset.

Above all, you need to be a native English speaker, have a pleasant personality, and should be patient as well.

What You’ll Be Doing- The title ‘English teacher’ sounds pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than you can imagine. You will lead a group of students through a single or a series of theme-based discussions.

Within these discussions, you’ll make corrections, promote knowledgeable responses and make sure that each student participates in fair turns. Most lessons will more often than not be conversational.

 If you feel like you would be a perfect fit for an online English teacher, try out these online teaching companies:

Payment varies with each company. The highest you can pocket per hour is $25 (Gogokid, DaDa) while the lowest is $19 (51Talk). Teach Away pays you based on your relevant experience and credentials.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA) 

Even with no experience at all, you can become a top-earning virtual assistant. You have to start from scratch and establish a lucrative career. Take note that hard work is compulsory in a lucrative venture such as this.

Besides hard work, you should also have an equal combination of enthusiasm, determination, and dedication; essential traits of any superstar VA. Before we go any further, who exactly is a VA and what exactly does he/she do?

Virtual Assistants provide technical support services from a remote location (in your case, from the comfort of your home). Services offered include anything from less-stressful administrative tasks to intricate social media campaigns.

Having a specific specialty can make you stand out, but you may also want to broaden your skillset to undertake alternative tasks. When finding work, you will need to find a suitable company that is ready to hire you or alternatively pitch clients on your own.

The latter can get your foot in the door and help you gain a ton of experience with a fairly steady workload.

These companies hire virtual assistants:

You can read the full comprehensive review of each of these sites here. A virtual assistant will earn anywhere between $17-$35 per hour. This job is one of the best since it enables you to assist ordinary people with everyday tasks. As you improve your client’s general work-life balance, you improve yours as well.

Wrapping It Up

Indeed, technology has brought along with it more innovative ways to earn quick cash.  If your main desire is to make quick cash online and are unemployed, keep experimenting, learning more, and putting yourself out there. Making it online heavily relies on the effort you put in. Sooner than later, your efforts will surely pay off.

Diana Star

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I set up a PayPal account a couple of years ago to protect my financial information when shopping from an unfamiliar retailer online. When you set up the account they make 2 small deposits, less then $0.10 that you must look up in your bank account then login to PayPal and enter the amounts to confirm it is your bank account. Once this has been done you can use your account. The only thing I can think of as to why an account would be frozen is if they thought the checking account did not belong to the person setting up the PayPal account. I have not had any problems with my account which I use regularly for both receiving payments & shopping.

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