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10 Best Ways on How to Make Money Listening to Music Online

10 Best Ways on How to Make Money Listening to Music Online
Diana Star Aug 30, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

how to make money listening to music onlineListening to music is a fantastic way to spend your time.

Whether you’re unwinding after a hard day’s work, healing from a messy breakup or singing life’s problems away, the right jam can make it all better.

Did you know that you can make some extra bucks listening to music and writing reviews about it?

With technology, almost anything is possible.

One of the ways to earn money online is by listening to music.

You don’t need any specialized training to pull this off by the way.

There are a couple of websites that offer you this golden opportunity.

All you have to do is sign up, and you’re good to go.

Okay, it might not always be the kind of music you’re into, but it’s worth a shot.

An obvious requirement is to be a pro in all music-related stuff.

From tones to beats, you need to be able to identify all the various aspects of a song and give your honest opinion about it within the shortest time possible.

Different sites have different expectations that you’re expected to meet. For most of them, you need to use your skills to rate a particular artiste and the kind of music they produce. You may also be required to transcribe the lyrics of their music.

You may not make much from this, but hey, look on the bright side! For starters, you can take care of other business online while the music is playing in the background if you rock at multi-tasking.

Also, you don’t need to leave your home if you don’t want to. A computer, headphones (optional) and a stable internet are all you need.

If this kind of gig works for you, here are ways to make money listening to music:

1. Join RadioLoyalty

Registered in 2010 and owned by Michael Hill, RadioLoyalty is a free internet radio where you get paid for listening to the radio.

It has over 5,000 stations that you can choose from, each with its unique genre of music. Payment is in point form, which you can redeem for rewards and payment, and it’s free to join. Disclaimer: don’t expect lots of cash from it. Moving on…

To get started, sign up on the website and complete your profile. You earn roughly 1,250 points for this (250 for signing up and 1000 for filling in your account details). You can listen to it from devices like smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

There are other ways of earning cash here apart from listening in, like:

  • Taking surveys frequently. Four different options are offered daily by RadioLoyalty partners. They can be completed in a single day and pay pretty well.
  • By referring others, you receive 10% of your referrals’ earnings.
  • Completing offers-most of these offers are free. You only need to sign up for a free trial of a particular service.
  • Watch some videos-it’s referred to as watching videos on the website, but mostly it involves visiting a site for a specific period.

The cash-out amount of this site is $25. For every 10 minutes, you listen to the radio, you earn 10 points, which is equivalent to $0.03.

After every 30 minutes, you’ll need to enter a code, so they’ll know that you were listening the whole time.

A common way to cash out from it is via Visa Prepaid Card. The lowest Card that they offer is $25. You need to earn 294,000 points for it and 83,400 points for handling and shipping the card.

2. Sign Up on HitPredictor

HitPredictor is a website that is owned by iHeart Media Inc., from where you can listen to music before it’s released, leave feedback and rate it. Payment is in point form.

Two groups of people use it; producers and artists who wish to know what the public thinks about a song before it’s released and people who are music freaks and hope to make money from listening to it.

Signing up is incredibly fast and easy. You just have to fill in your basic details, come up with a password, and select your style of music.

From there, you can listen to tracks and comment on them as well as rate them. Each rating earns you 3 points. The highest rating is “I Love It!” and the lowest is “I Hate It!” You could make roughly 90 points an hour or 3 points every 2 minutes.

There are other ways through which you can earn points. First, answer polls offered by the website. Each survey that you take part in earns you 5 points.

Also, you can earn points through the referral system. Once you refer a new and active member, you earn 25 points. The member has to rate at least five songs within 30 days.

Here’s the bummer: you’re not paid in cash. However, they offer a variety of prizes on their Prize Store that you can get after redeeming your points.

At the time that this article was written, they offer weekly raffles for $20 and $50 and a monthly raffle for $100 in Amazon vouchers.

3. Try Music Xray

Founded on March 1, 2006, Music Xray is a music tech company in New York City whose official name is Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc. It began operating in July 2009.

It was launched to give new artists a platform to advertise their music and build a fan base on a global level.

The artists pay a certain amount to build a fan base through presenting their songs to the site and generating followership. Here’s where you come in.

By signing up as a user or fan, you’re paid to listen to the music of these artists. You get to choose the type of music that you want to listen to. The website pays 10 cents per song. Each song is approximately 30 seconds long.

Get started by signing up for the Music Xray account. You could do this by signing up with your email or connecting to your Sound Cloud account.

Afterward, choose which type of account you’re making. Select Music fan.

You’re required to sync to your Facebook account. Otherwise, your fan account won’t run properly.

You’ll gain access to a variety of genres. Choose the ones you fancy, then list your favorite artists and select save.

Upon listening to music for the required 30 seconds, you’ll see a green dialog box on your screen confirming that the website has sent some money into your account.

You’ll see an option to become a fan or not. You can click ‘Not a fan’ if you want to and move to the next song.

The cash-out amount is $20, and you can cash out your payment through PayPal only. You’ve also got the option of cashing out more than once.

4. Earn with Earnably

Earnably is a GPT or Get-Paid-To site started in 2015 from where you can earn points to perform tasks.

Joining it is possible from many countries, some of them being the U.S., the UK, and countries in Europe and Australia.

However, roughly 28 countries can’t join it. Most of these countries are in Asia and Africa.

Registration is easy. Simply provide your email address and come up with a password and username. Once you confirm your email, you’re in.

It’s got a simple and clear interface from where you can see the various opportunities to earn. They are:

  • Offering Walls
  • Watching out for their promo codes: Point Code and Bonus Code
  • Listening to radio
  • Watching videos
  • Take part in daily surveys
  • Inviting your friends
  • Downloading apps and playing games

The minimum cash out amount is $1, of which you should have at least 125 points to achieve. You can also redeem your points through prepaid Visa, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

You can go higher if you want and earn:

  • $2 for 225 points
  • $5 for 535 points
  • $10 for 1000 points
  • $20 for 2000 points
  • $30 for 2900 points

There are three levels that the site offers for you to join: 1, 2, and 3. They determine how long you’ll have to wait before receiving your payment.

To join level 1, you need to have redeemed your first payment and completed utmost ten offers and have 500 points in your account.

For level 2, your account should be at least a week older, and you should have invited at least one person.

For level 3, you should have invited at least three people to join, and your account should be at least a month old.

5. Take a Survey on is a music research company that was established in 2008 that aims to improve the content on radio stations by asking listeners what music they want played. It focuses on radio stations only.

You don’t need to sign up at this point to be a part of it. The company does phone surveys and will contact you through your cell phone or home phone and ask if you’d love to be a part of the survey. If you are, they’ll request for your email address.

Once you complete a survey, they’ll ask if you want to be a part of the survey panel. For every music survey you complete, you earn rewards that you can exchange for Amazon gift cards.

If you’d love to continually take part in surveys, follow the link they’ll provide and fill in the required details.

You’ll then receive a survey request to your inbox, of which you should follow and take the survey.

You’re required to complete your account details and select a password you’ll use for your account after receiving the survey request.

Whenever the company has a survey, they contact you via email.

The survey includes a video or audio file. You have to watch the small video file or listen to the short audiotape before completing the study.

The amount of money you earn to take part in a survey is unknown. They’ll only discuss the amount with you if you’re chosen to be a panelist. The number of studies you get majorly depends on your location.

6. Review on SlicethePie

Launched back in 2007, SlicethePie is a music review site based in the UK that enables unsigned artists to get reviews on their music and Scouts, or fans, to ‘listen and earn.’

To sign up, go to the website and sign up a new account. Upon completing the registration process, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Identify a link in the email, click on it and voila! You have a new account.

You’ll then be asked to choose the category that you want to write reviews on. They have four categories: music, mobile, fashion, and a lucky dip. After making your choice, hit the play button and listen in.

The website requires that you be very specific in your description. State briefly what you think of the production, vocals, rhythm, and instrumentals of the track.

Thereafter, rate it from 1 to 5 and submit. One is the lowest and five is the highest. The website claims that there’s an algorithm that determines these factors and not a real person. Here are the rates of payment per star rating:

  • 1 Star-$0.03 per track
  • 2 Star-$0.06 per track
  • 3 Star-$0.09 per track
  • 4 Star-$0.12 per track
  • 5 Star-$0.15 per track

Every artist submits at least three tracks, which are passed on to the various Scout Rooms based on what type of music they are.

To avoid being bias and promote fairness, the website gives Scouts tracks at random, without them knowing what the name of the track is and who sang it.

The cash-out amount of this site is $10, which you can deposit to your PayPal account. The payment is processed within five working days.

You can earn some extra money by referring friends. Just make sure that they’re active.

7. Grow Your Playlist With Playlist Push

Playlist Push is an online platform founded by George Goodrich that enables independent artists to get their jams on Spotify playlists to receive feedback about their music and increase their level of exposure.

Spotify is among the large audio streaming platforms that provide its subscribers with access to lots of songs from artists all over the world.

Getting started on Playlist Push isn’t a walk in the park. There are a couple of qualifications that you have to meet first.

For starters, you need to have a Spotify account before joining the platform. This might not go well with you if you’re the anti-social type, but your Spotify account must have a minimum of 400 real followers with a minimum of 20 monthly listeners.

The platform doesn’t allow its members to gain followers through follow gates or any other online services.

After meeting these requirements, you can sign up and get some dough from reviewing music from independent artists according to the genre you pick if they approve you as a curator.

Every time an artist runs a Playlist Push campaign that targets the genres in your playlist, you’ll receive a song.

You have to review every song that’s sent to you. Whether you choose to include it in your playlist or not is up to you.

You will receive payment within $1-$20 when your feedback is approved. The amount you earn depends on your Reputation Score.

Your Score is calculated according to your activity, the quality of your reviews and the number of listeners on your Spotify Playlist. The higher your score is, the more you rake in.

$20 is the cash-out amount of the platform, and it uses Transferwise for all its payments.

8. Call and Listen on Cash4Minutes

Cash4Minutes is a website that allows you to earn money by calling numbers listed on the site once you join. It’s available in five countries:

  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Finland
  • Cyprus

Each of the numbers has a reward associated with it.

Cash4Minutes allows you to change your unused calling minutes into cash every month by being part of it.

You need to have Skype, a landline, a VOIP phone or mobile phone to register with the company.

To sign up, go to the site and register. You’re required to submit your phone number to the site as well as details such as your email address.

After registration, finding numbers that you can call and make money from is easy. You’ve got the freedom to add up to 10 phone numbers on your account.

Every time you make a call, there’s an internet radio broadcast in the background that you have to listen to.

Each of the numbers on the site will connect you to a radio station. When you listen to the station via the site, you can earn $10 for every 5,000 minutes you listen.

The downside is you are responsible for any charges you’ll incur when calling the numbers on the site.

The good news is, you don’t have to listen to the call. Just leave your phone line open and allow the radio station or music to play in the background.

The methods of payment for this site are Bitcoin Wallet, Amazon gift cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin Wallet, Litecoins, and donating your earnings to a charity of your choice.

It also offers a referral program from where you can make some extra money.

9. Listen and Earn on RadioEarn

If you’re looking for a way to make some quick passive income, then you’ll love RadioEarn. It’s a relatively new website that enables you to make money by listening to the radio.

There’s lots of hype around it mainly because you can leave it open on your computer and earn some money as it plays in the background.

It’s a free online radio service, which is a good thing.

On the not-so-cool end, although it’s available in approximately 35 countries, they’re only located in Oceania, North America, Central Europe, the Russian Federation, and South America.

The sign-up process only requires your email address and name plus your password and username. From there you can kick back and start listening to audio streams immediately.

On the dashboard of the site, you’ll find several radio links with various genres of music ranging from rock to dance.

The number of links available depends on your location. Stay logged in to increase your chances to get earning opportunities. Click on any link you want and start listening. You gain 0.25 points for every 15 minutes you listen in.

One super thing about RadioEarn is it’s compatible with every browser. And, you can use it with different IP addresses.

There’s no cash-out amount for this site. Your points are converted into USD and deposited into your account at the beginning of every month. The method of payment is PayPal.

The website offers other ways to boost your earnings:

  • Referring your pals
  • Browser mining

10. Transcribe for Welocalize

Established in 1995, Welocalize is a transcription service that formerly went by the name InterTrans, Inc and is based in Frederick, Maryland. It has office locations in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

It’s looking for people from all over the world to help them build up their lyrical database.

For every song you transcribe, you earn $4. They check your work thoroughly and approve it before sending money.

If they love your work, they’ll send you more consistently. At the moment, they’re only hiring for French and German transcribers.

For registration, go to their website and provide details like your first and last names, your email address (Gmail only), your computer operating system, and the country you’re from.

You must have a Mac OS X, an iTunes account and download and install the Snapp app on your laptop or PC before you can join the company.

Welocalize doesn’t have a cash-out amount. Payment is issued weekly. You need to have a HyperWallet account to receive payment. Sign up for a HyperWallet account if you don’t have one already before joining the website.

Don’t Rule It Out Just Yet

It might be discouraging putting in so much effort on these sites and end up earning little in most cases.

Instead of calling it quits, consider being part of any of the website discussed in this post and give every gig you land your all. After all, you never know until you try. It’s all about taking a step and seeing how it goes from there.

True, the starting period may be shaky but as you progress, you’ll get the hang of it. Put a smile on your face and earn money from your music hobby today.

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