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How to Make Free Money Online With The HoneyGain App

How to Make Free Money Online With The HoneyGain App
Jennifer Leach Sep 12, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for ways to make money with your cell phone?

What if you learned of a way to make extra money passively just by using your cell phone?

Yes, your cell phone!

And now it’s possible with the HoneyGain App.

People really enjoy a side hustle opportunity that is flexible, that works around their current schedule.

What’s better than working from the comfort of home, using your cell phone to work for you!

You can make money passively with no effort, month after month, growing your income to put towards the important things you love:

  • Growing your savings
  • Boosting your retirement fund
  • Paying off your debts
  • Enjoying a more fruitful lifestyle

Keep reading while we share this awesome money-making opportunity using your cell phone and HoneyGain!

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Who is the ideal candidate for making extra money?

Anybody and everybody.

Who wouldn’t want to make extra money?

And, it’s the perfect time to start your holiday hustle or fuel your Fall fund.

If you:

  • Are interested in making more money
  • Want a flexible side hustle
  • Have access to a cell phone with internet plan
  • Interested in a passive income opportunity
  • Love smart ways to maximize your assets (cell phone, time, etc.)

Then, you are going to love this golden nugget we’re going to share with you!

Why make money with your cell phone?

Making money with a cell phone is appealing to people for many reasons:

  • Most people own a cell phone
  • Earning is easy
  • Flexible
  • Quick and/or reliable payment
  • The opportunity to earn in your spare time
  • The opportunity to earn passively

These are some of the perks (above) of making money with your cell phone.

It’s great for those with busy schedules because most money-making opportunities with your phone are flexible and work around your schedule, if not a total passive income opportunity, like what we’ll share in this article.

Who doesn’t want free money, right?

Check out how you can make your cell phone work for you, partnering with HoneyGain.

What is Honeygain?


HoneyGain is an app that allows their users to reach their unused internet’s full potential by making their device a gateway.

The traffic comes from data scientists who allow other businesses to run intelligence, market, and business research.

HoneyGain clients use the infrastructure to run brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, as well as conduct ad verification services.

HoneyGain was recently released in May 2019 and already has over 100,000 Android downloads in just a few months!

And, that’s HoneyGain!

How does HoneyGain work?

So, how do you make money with HoneyGain?

It’s easy.

First, install HoneyGain (available on Android and Windows) on your preferred devices.

Then, connect the devices to the internet.

Lastly, sit back and earn!

Data scientists use the HoneyGain network to connect to the internet.

They manage connections and payments.

Then, they share your unused internet traffic with data scientists.

Check out this illustration below to visualize the process better:

Credit: Honeygain


Sharing Your Internet

This is a really inventive way to make extra money.

Think about it.

You use your cell phone plan internet but you don’t use the ENTIRE data plan.

So, monetize your unused data with HoneyGain.

It’s like monetizing your extra space in your apartment with rental arbitrage.

Or, monetizing your spare time by taking paid surveys.

How many devices can you use?

You can use up to 5 devices on a single network (IP address) at the same time, but keep in mind, in order to have the best revenue potential, it’s recommended to have 1 device per IP.

If additional devices are attempted to be connected to the network, you will see a “Network Overused” error until the number of active devices decreases.

You really aren’t limited on the number of devices you can connect to your account.

If you want to connect 100 devices, you can!

For 100 devices, you would just want to make sure they are connected to at least 20 different Networks (5 devices each).

How much data does HoneyGain use?

You can expect usage of up to 2GB per day, but based on your network speed, it can reach a maximum of 15GB per day.

Can you protect yourself from using the entire data plan?

Yes, you can!

Just simply turn off the mobile data usage in the HoneyGain app settings menu.

On Windows, just right click the HoneyGain bee icon and select “quit” to turn off the app.

That’s it!

Keeping Your Internet Protected

Do you have concerns about your internet safety and personal data?

HoneyGain ensures that all of your personal data is safe.

They do not collect any data from any of their clients. The only data they’ll have is what will be necessary for the service.

They do not tolerate scammers and are taking actions against them, so people who are using the app would get income, as promised.

HoneyGain actually has features built-in, where you you can limit how much of your data plan the app can use.

You have this option to turn off the mobile data usage in your HoneyGain app settings menu.

In terms of your phone’s operation, you shouldn’t feel any difference with the app running in the background.

HoneyGain shares that they never use more than 10% of your available network bandwidth.

After a recent Google update that bans apps that would have SDK or API for the user to become a proxy, they are super thrilled that they are considered a safe app!

Why Use HoneyGain to Make Money?

You might be wondering, what makes HoneyGain stand out from the other mobile apps that let you make money from your phone?

First, HoneyGain lets you make money passively, while some other apps may require some form of work or effort, like:

  • Answering survey questions
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Discovering things online
  • And, more

This is not the case with HoneyGain.

You literally just set up the app and go!

Then, you start making money.

It’s easy to use.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of using this user-friendly, hassle-free app.

You’ll be helping a good cause, helping data scientists solve complex data problems that will contribute to a better future.

And, best of all, you get paid for taking full advantage of your internet.

How Much Can You Make with HoneyGain?

They share that some people are earning up to (and over) $100/day!

That’s a cool $3,000/month using your cell phone, passively!

Pretty jaw dropping, isn’t it?

They pay you in credits, which you later redeem for PayPal cash.

You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you.

So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD and once you reach $20, you can get payout, via PayPal.

Based on their earnings estimator (find it on their home page), you will earn $50 if you keep the app running 24/7 for the entire month.

Not too bad, if you ask me, considering you aren’t doing any work, it’s truly passive income.

How Can You Increase Your Earnings?

It’s simple to grow your income with HoneyGain.

Install HoneyGain on more devices and have a device per network (let’s say work or your home).

That will help you max out your potential payout. (It’s best when a unique IP address has no more than 3 devices)

Pro Tip: Use your phone’s internet

Now, while this income opportunity is passive, there’s one thing that has to be said.

You have to use your phone’s internet.

That means if you’re relatively inactive on your cell phone internet plan, twice a week, for example (weekends) then, you’re going to earn a little less on those days.

Does that mean use your phone’s internet daily as much as you can?

Not necessarily but, the takeaway is, more internet activity will result in more pay.

Just a helpful tip to aid in increasing your earnings with the app.

Things to Consider

This is passive income, first of all.

How awesome, right?

HoneyGain is safe for their clients to use.

They aren’t interested in and do not collect any personal data.

They are working with data scientists who use internet data to solve complex problems like finding solutions for market research, ad verification, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation and SEO monitoring, so this is how they generate income and can pay users for their traffic.

Common Questions

These are some common questions you might have about HoneyGain.

1. How many phones can one user use per account?

You can use up to 5 devices on a single network (IP address) at the same time, but to have the best revenue potential, you should have 1 device per IP.

2. How many accounts allowed per IP?

Overall they are not limiting the amount of devices connected to your account – if you want to use 100 devices, you can, but you should connect them to at least 20 different Networks (5 devices each).

3. What is the maximum someone could earn per month using HoneyGain?

There is no limit on the maximum income someone can earn.

They have people that are earning $100+/day.

It depends on how many suitable networks you could provide.

Also, there is referral program where you earn from invites.

4. What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is 20 USD.

5. What payout methods are available?

PayPal, with more payout methods coming soon.

6. How is payment calculated?

You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD.

7. How long will I have to wait for my payout?

The payout duration depends on the payment type you choose, and your location. For PayPal payments they should be processed in 24 hours.

8. Can credits expire?

Typically no, credits do not expire.

If you’re an active user, your credits will not expire.

However, HoneyGain credits will expire after 6 months counting from the day you were last active.

9. Is HoneyGain safe?

Yes. Your security is important to HoneyGain.

They work with data scientists, Fortune 500 companies, and other trustworthy companies.

And, they know what every partner uses their network for.

HoneyGain User Reviews

Wondering what it’s really like to use HoneyGain?

Don’t take my word for it.

Look at these real user reviews to see what people are saying about HoneyGain.

Take a look:

“A few extra phones being put to good use. Easy to use and I received my first payout after a month. I should also mention that I was paid in 2 days! Awesome app and you should sign up if you haven’t already done so.”

“Great app! You’ll not regret for use it. Just make sure you have a patience.”

“nice app”

“Best App 2019 to earn money”

“Is a great app you receive money for sharing data you already share with companies for free. Is time to monetize your unused data now.”

“Really liking this so far.”

More Opportunities to Make Money with HoneyGain

They offer an awesome refer-a-friend program.

If you’re making money passively with an app, wouldn’t you want to share it with your friends and family?

HoneyGain rewards you for doing so!

How the referral program works?

Refer your friends to join HoneyGain and get 10% of their earnings (their bonuses are not included).

Advantages of HoneyGain

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Great referral program
  • Uncapped income potential
  • Passive income opportunity
  • Top customer support
  • Simple and streamlined dashboard
  • Worldwide

Disadvantages of HoneyGain

  • PayPal is the only method of payment
  • High minimum payout threshold ($20 USD)
  • Battery life-the app uses eats about 5%-8% of battery life per day (based on your device)
  • Unavailable for iOS (only Android and Windows)

Is HoneyGain a Scam?

You might feel skeptical about this opportunity to monetize your unused internet.

Often when it seems too good to be true, it is.

But, HoneyGain is the exception!

Our conclusion is that HoneyGain is NOT a scam.

They do present a legitimate opportunity to help users make money monetizing their cell phone internet plan.

Their income claims are reasonable.

They don’t promise to make you rich or make thousands per month through your cell phone plan’s unused internet.

$50/month (estimate) is their income claim, for running the app 24/7 on one device.

That’s enough to go toward your entertainment budget for the month, treat your family to a nice dinner once a month, or top your debt payments for the month.

Final Thoughts

HoneyGain is the perfect solution to helping you monetize your unused data from your cell phone internet plan.

Get started easily, make money passively, and refer your friends and family for an extra bonus!

In time for the fast approaching holiday season, go ahead and try it.

For those who are looking for legitimate money-making opportunities, you can turn to HoneyGain.

While we did not conduct a second test for the purposes of this article, you CAN read the results of our first test including how much the reviewer lazily made in the first three days of using HoneyGain.

What do you think?

Would you use HoneyGain to make extra money?

Share your comments down below to let us know your thoughts!

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