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23 Tips On How To Make Your Products Last Longer

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You work hard for your money. That is why you want to make sure that your money goes the farthest. It is important that the items you buy last as long as possible thereby stretching your money even further.

This will work wonders in ensuring you stick to budgets and have the most money at the end of the day. Helping your hard earned dollars stretch even farther is important. By following our list of the top ways on how to make your products last longer, you will be able to enjoy your favorite products for more time.

1. Wash Your Clothes With Vinegar

Adding a small amount of vinegar to your load of laundry while washing will do wonders for your clothes. This is especially true for jeans as it will cause the stain to stay brighter. If you do not want to add to your machine, try pre soaking your clothes in some vinegar.

It will cause your clothes to keep their color and get rid of any odors better than any other soaps. This trick also softens your clothes and makes it so you no longer have to buy dryer sheets. No more do you have to buy expensive clothes softener, just some extra vinegar.

2. Reuse Ziplock Bags

Ziploc bags can be expensive if purchased at department stores. If you are using these bags to portion control you may find that you are going through a lot of these. Start reusing ziplocs to not only save you money, but also the environment.

Turn the bag inside out and throw it in a sink of hot soapy water. Oftentimes you do not need to scrub this, a quick rinse with some soapy water will help to get it clean and ready for re-use. This is a great option for dividing your food up or adding to kids lunches.

In order to get these important baggies for an even better price, try heading to the dollar store where you will find off name brands for much cheaper than your typical ziplocs.

3. Add Water To Your Shampoo And Soap

If you use your shampoo and body wash from the bottle you are likely using more than you need. When your soap, or shampoo, gets down to about three quarters full add water to the mix. Shake very well and use as normal.

This lightly diluted formula will more than do the job while stretching your products to go even further. For best results, try dispensing from a foam soap dispenser to make it sud nicely. This will allow you to add even more water to the dispenser without sacrificing performance.

This simple trick will allow your products to go much further than ever before. When nearing the end of your shampoo or soaps, be sure to add some more water to get the product that is stuck around the sides.

4. Add Vodka To Fresh Flowers

As if you needed another excuse to always have some vodka in the house, it is actually very good for your fresh cut flowers. It will drastically increase the lifespan of flowers, especially ones that are brand new. A small capful is all you will need and add it directly into your vase along with the water.

This helps to keep bacteria at bay and allows your flowers to last for much longer. Adding a spoonful of sugar will help to nourish your flowers as well giving them everything they need to last as long as possible. Flowers can add a lot of life to your home and even though they are often expensive, if you can make them last longer, then it is much more desirable.

5. Add A Paper Towel To Your Greens

Everyone knows that vegetables do not last long after you buy them. The newest fridge technology creates individual climates for each drawer to preserve your vegetables life. Most people don’t have this in their fridge.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars upgrading simply place a single piece of paper towel in your drawer. Even if you have this technology, adding a paper towel to your leafy greens is a must. This especially important in pre packaged plastic bags or boxes of greens. A paper towel added can go as far as doubling the shelf life on these leafy greens.

This will alter the environment, essentially absorbing the moisture from the air, and make your vegetables last significantly longer.If you are environmentally conscious you can use a biodegradable paper towel to soak up the moisture. This will work the same way while being better for our planet.

6. Don’t Touch Cheese

While the shelf life on cheese is already quite long, there are ways to extend that even longer. The number one cause of cheese going moldy is bacteria transfer. The best way to avoid this is by not touching the cheese before eating it.

When cutting your cheese, be sure to only touch the plastic and not the cheese. The transfer from the bacteria on your hands to your cheese when touching it directly will introduce bacteria to the cheese and cause it to grow mold much faster. Be sure to avoid touching your cheese whenever possible.

When dealing with cheese you may have notice that the end of your cheese begins to dry out and harden leaving you to cut off and throw away the dry piece. Adding a small amount of butter to the end of your cheese will keep it from drying out. This will make it so that there is less waste leaving you to enjoy fresh cheese.

7. Add Saline To Old Mascara

Every woman knows that the last quarter of your mascara never looks as great as when you first buy it. At this point you often toss your mascara out before it is completely used as it becomes dry and clumpy and doesn’t lather your lashes evenly.

There is a solution for this and it is easier than you may think. Adding a couple of drops of saline solution into your mascara and shaking it well will have it working better than new. This will give you a smooth clump free look and allow you to get a lot more out of your mascara.

For those who wear contacts, the solution will transfer perfectly for this meaning you don’t need to buy anything else.

8. Store Onions In Paper Bags

Onions, potatoes and garlics enjoy cool dark places. Many people put these root plants in their fridge for storage, somewhere they don’t like to be. When storing yours, a little prep work will go a long way. Grab a paper bag and hole punch a few holes in the sides.

Add your onions, garlic and shallots in this bag and fold it to seal. This will allow them to stay in a dark and ventilated place and encourage them to last for months. This can increase the lifespan by more than double allowing you to buy in bulk and save even more money.

9. Store Your Candles In The Freezer

If you are planning to burn some candles, try storing them in the freezer for at least a few hours before lighting them. The time spent in the colder environment hardens the wax by making it extremely cold. When you are ready to use your candle simply remove from the freezer and light it as usual.

The frozen wax will still burn as usual with the typical brightness but will burn for significantly longer as the wax will take much more time to burn. This helps you to get the most out of the candle and enjoy it for much longer than otherwise..

10. Turn Clothes Inside Out In Washer

Before you throw your clothes into the wash be sure to turn them all, especially your jeans, inside out. This is an old trick to keep your clothes bright and colorful. It is most specifically important in jeans as it lessens the chance of them fading with multiple washes.

It also significantly decreases the chances of your new jeans bleeding onto other clothes. This is also a good idea for clothes with sequins or prints as it will be more gentle and keep your clothes looking great longer. A simple task that will make your clothes looking like new for much longer.

11. Treat Your Razors Well

One of the biggest expense related to the bathroom is razor blades. While disposable razors may seem like a good option, they are usually good for one or two shaves before they are garbage. If you can prolong their life you can save big in the long run.

The best way to do this is to not store your razor in the shower. The moisture will cause them to begin rusting almost immediately. Instead, be sure to dry your razor out after every use and store it in a drawer or somewhere it will stay dry.

Razors are known to dull quickly, especially when using them on larger areas such as your legs. There is however an easy way to re-sharpen your razors and have them working like new again. Grab an old pair of jeans and run your razor lengthwise down them about 10-20 times.

Then, turn your blade around and run them lengthwise the other way again making your razor last much longer than before.

12. Wrap Banana Stems

Wrapping banana stems helps them to last much longer than regular. You can use aluminum foil or a saran wrap to cover the tops of your bunch and watch as you get a much longer lifespan out of your bananas.

Be sure to store them out of direct sunlight preferably in a cool dark place. Do not place them in the fridge as this will cause them to dry out. This will help keep your bananas tasting fresher.

Alternatively ripping your bananas apart into singles will make it so that they do not brown as fast. This will also work towards increasing the lifespan of your bananas ensuring they stay fresh for weeks.

13. Add Salt To Laundry

A pinch of salt really does bring good luck. Adding a small amount to your laundry machine before you wash it will do wonder for your clothes. It will keep your clothes looking brighter and give them a softer feel. This like new appearance will have it so that your clothes last much longer, something we could all use.

14. Wipe Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Nails Before Polish

Before painting your nails or heading out for your manicure, try adding some apple cider vinegar to your cotton ball and rubbing on your nails. This works by roughing up your nails and acting as a primer. This helps the polish to bond to your nails more efficiently.

This simple trick will help your manicure to last up to 2 weeks. Not only does this keep your nails looking fresh but it also makes your money spent go even further.

15. Store Cereal In The Freezer

Oftentimes people will buy and have more than one type of cereal going at a time. This is especially true in families. While this gives you a beautiful variety of the types of cereal you can choose from, it oftentimes makes the bottom of the cereal stale and less enjoyable.

In an effort to keep your cereal from drying out and keep the desired crunch factor try storing your cereal in the freezer. This will keep your cereal tasting fresh and keep any bacteria from growing. This allows you to go through multiple bags at the same time and leave your cereal lasting for weeks longer.

16. Store Flour In The Freezer

Yet another thing you can store in the freezer. Keeping your flour sealed and stowed away in the freezer will have it tasting fresh and like new for more than double the time than it would in your cupboard. It also keeps your flour free from getting bugs and other unwanted critters in your flour.

This is a great option for many people who don’t bake as often and need to store their flour for longer periods of time.

17. Cut Sponges In Half

Sponges do not last long before getting dirty and smelly. They are a breeding ground for bacteria and can sitting in water they can develop a smell rather quickly. By cutting your sponge in half before you begin to use it you will double its lifespan.

The smaller size will also mean that you can get your full lifespan out of it before it begins to develop an odour. Most of the time people throw away their sponge not because it is actually time to, but because it has started to smell.

Having a smaller sponge will make you more conscious of using every piece of it before throwing it away. If your sponge has begun to smell but still has some life to it, try soaking it in some vinegar water to get rid of the smell. Oftentimes this will eliminate the odours and allow you to use it for much longer.

18. Use Less Soap In Your Laundry

In this case, less is more. Washing your clothes in more soap does not make your clothes cleaner, instead it just leaves your clothes with more unwanted soap residue. People are beginning to wash their clothes more and more regularly, sometimes only after one use.

This means that your clothes aren’t heavily soiled. For this reason, even less soap is needed than typical. Read the back and try cutting the manufacturer’s recommended dose in half. In most cases you will not notice any difference in your clothes but you will be left with double the amount of detergent as before.

For clothes that are heavily soiled, such as work clothes, try using only three quarters of the amount and adding vinegar to your load to help tackle tough odors. The price of detergent can get high, especially in high efficiency machines requiring different soap. Having your detergent last double as long can save you big.

19. Vacuum Your Fridge Condenser Coil

You may not think about this one, but pulling your fridge out to give the condenser coils a quick vacuum could do wonders for your electricity bill. Oftentimes, this gets left for years or more without cleaning. This cuts the lifespan of your fridge down drastically.

This should be done every three months. If you live with pets, bump this to every month. All you need to do is pull your fridge out from against the wall. There will be a cutout where the condenser fits in. Simply grab your vacuum and clean out the crevasse.

This can get clogged with pet hair and dust particles that cause your fridge to work overtime. Cleaning this will not only make your fridge work more efficiently, but will prolong the life of the entire fridge. Don’t forget to do the same for deep freezes that are often located in the more dusty garage.

20. Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

Most clothes do not need to be washed in warm water. In fact, it isn’t the best for your clothes. Not only can this cause your clothes to potentially shrink, but also bleed color. This is especially true of newly purchased jeans.

Simply turn the washing machine to cold water to remedy this. Clothes typically get cleaned primarily from friction rather than water temperature so more than likely your clothes will come out the same as before. For heavily soiled items, or things such as bedding, turn the washer to warm/cold rather than hot.

This temperature will still thoroughly clean your items without wasting energy. Not only will this prolong the lifespan of your clothes but it will also save you money in your utilities as you will no longer have to heat the water.

21. Ditch Your Clothes Dryer

Saying goodbye to your clothes dryer saves you money in more ways than one. A lower electricity bill and a smaller environmental footprint is a tempting enough reason to stop using your dryer. There are however other benefits. Air drying your clothes will make it so they come keep their color and avoid the inevitable shrinking. Additionally, hanging your clothes outside is the best way to get rid of odours and give them a clean, fresh scent.

22. Keep Your BBQ Covered

Your barbecue is often forgotten about. While it is oftentimes most used in the summertime, the rest of the year it simply sits wasting away. Whether you are putting your BBQ away for the night with plans to use again in the morning, or are putting it away for longer such as in the wintertime, there are some maintenance tricks you can do to keep it last longer.

Cleaning the grill after every use will ensure that it stays clean and prevent it from rusting. It is important to realize that your BBQ lives outside and therefore is exposed to the elements. Even if it is under a roof, covering your BBQ after every single use will keep it from rusting and do wonders for the BBQs lifespan.

As these often don’t run cheap, working to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible can save you a lot in the long run. When living close to the ocean or in climates that are more humid this is especially important. This is true because the harsh weather conditions can eat away at it much faster.

23. Treat Your Dishwasher Well

Dishwashers do not run cheap but with the right care, they can run for quite a long time. All that is needed is some simple care and attention to keep it running like new for years and years. Rinsing items before you add them to your washer will make it so that your dishwasher doesn’t have to work as hard. This will work wonders in ensuring that your dishwasher lasts as long as possible.

Additionally, try adding a rinse aid to your cycles sometimes. This will help to ensure that your tableware comes out as well as possible. One feature that gets often forgotten about is cleaning and emptying the filter of your washer.

This is something that should be done about once a week. A clogged filter will make your dishwasher work much harder than it needs to. This will burn it out much quicker giving it a shorter lifespan as well as use more energy in the short term. Not only this but it could be perceived as a bigger issue causing you to needlessly hire a handyman to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Getting double the use out of your most used everyday products is easy and something everyone should be doing. Stretching your dollar to go even further helps your overall bottom line. With these few tricks you can make sure that what you spend your money on lasts you even longer.

We hope enjoyed these 23 tips on how to make your products last longer. Have you ever tried any of the tips listed above to make your money go further? Let us know how it worked for you in the comment section below.

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