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How To Save 10% Or More On All Starbucks Coffee

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If you’re a frequent coffee drinker like myself, you’ll know that it’s difficult to go a day without it. Starbucks, the most well-known coffee chain in the world, sells great coffee but at an expensive price. We’re going to show you how you can get every cup of coffee and Starbucks merchandise at 10% off or more.

Just make sure to follow these steps in order so that you can maximize your cash back. Some of the steps might make sense at first, but as you read through the article you’ll understand why some of them are necessary.

1. Get A Discover It Card

Discover has extended their Double Cash Back Promotion from the end of July all the way to September 30th of 2015. Instead of the normal 1% cash back on all purchases, you’re now going to get 2%. Same applies to the 5% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly, meaning you’ll now get 10% cash back.

Your normal cash back (1% – 5%) will still be applied on every monthly statement, but after 12 billing cycles this cash back will double. Let’s take a quick look at the card and see the benefits it has to offer.

Apply Now

  • 2% cash back on all purchases (with promotion)
  • 10% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly (with promotion)
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Cash back never expires
  • Partnered with over 9.6 million retailers nationwide
  • Incredible shopping portal with Discover Deals

This card is going to be extremely important for our upcoming steps, and is necessary in order to get the highest amount of cash back.

2. Buy A Starbucks Gift Card On Amazon

We mentioned above that Discover has 10% cash back on specific categories that rotate quarterly. Taking a quick look at the Discover Cash Back Calendar shows that from the months of July to December, you get 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases (since it’s doubled it’s 10%).

This means that we can buy Starbucks gift cards on Amazon and get 10% of our cash back. Just remember that the first 5% will show up on your next billing cycle, while the remaining 5% will be given to you after 1 year.

If you don’t want to wait to have a Starbucks gift card sent to your door, you can always have it be sent to your email address. This way you usually only have to wait around 10 minutes to receive it in your inbox.

3. Use The Starbucks Rewards Card

Now that you just saved 10% on your Starbucks Gift Card bought through Amazon, you’re getting 10% cash back every time you use that card to make a purchase on your coffee. Even with this gift card, you can still earn points that can be applied to your next Starbucks purchase by signing-up for the Starbucks Rewards Program.

When you enroll in the program, Starbucks will send you a Rewards Program Card that works just like a prepaid debit card. You can use the gift card you purchased above in step 2 and load it to your card, or you can load it in store (minimum of $5) or online (minimum of $15).

When you sign-up, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a 3-tier program that gives you discounts based on your level. Each time a purchase is made using your rewards card, you’re given a star. The more stars that your account has, the higher level you’ll move up.

The three tiers that this program offers from lowest to highest are Welcome, Green, and Gold. Each successive level provides more benefits than the previous one.

  • The Welcome Level gives you a free drink plus 15% off anything in the Starbucks store on your birthday.
  • You can reach the Green Level after 5 stars. This allows you to get free refills on brewed and iced coffee plus the benefits that come with the Welcome level.
  • The Gold Level can be obtained by getting 30 stars in one calendar year. Every 12 stars obtained while on the Gold Level gives you a free coffee, and you’ll be sent special promotions and discounts to Starbucks. Green Level and Welcome Level benefits also both apply here.

Stars are only earned at each transaction no matter the purchase price. If you want to get more, simply split your purchase up in 2 if you’re buying more than one item.

Make sure to use the gift card you purchased above and load it to your Starbucks account. This way you’ll be getting 10% off plus the added benefit of earning rewards.

If you don’t want to use the Starbucks Card on checkout, you can also load the app from your smartphone and scan it in the store upon checkout.

4. Save 15% At The Starbucks Store

Want to purchase some Starbucks merchandise? When you make online purchases, you can save 10% from the gift card you bought + 5% using a cash back portal.

Shopping portals are websites that partner with thousands of online retailers. They place affiliate links to these retailers on their webpage, and when you buy something using their link they receive a commission. Part of this money goes to you.

In order to get you 15% off, we’re going to use the TopCashback cash back portal. Here are quick steps on how to do this.

1. Sign-up. You can register for a TopCashBack account by clicking this link here. You’ll only need to enter your email and to create a password to get started.

2. Search for Starbucks. Type in “Starbucks” in the search bar. You’ll notice that if you use their link, you’ll receive 5% cash back on whatever your purchase price is.

3. Make your purchase. Continue to make your purchase on the Starbucks page like you normally would. Just be sure to use that Starbucks gift card you purchased from Amazon to add on the additional 10% off.

4. Cash out. After receiving a minimum of $20 in your TopCashBack account, you can cash out. Payments will be sent to you via check or PayPal. Look how much I’ve earned form using TopCashback this year!

Final Thoughts

Almost all of my friends go to Starbucks on a daily basis, but few of them employ the methods mentioned here to save a few extra dollars. By saving 10% on every coffee purchase, you have enough to buy a few extra cups every time you spend $100 at Starbucks.

If you’re interested in other ways to save at Starbucks or want to know more about online shopping portals, you might be interested in the following:

Tell us your favorite Starbucks drink in the comments below. We’d love to know! Thanks for reading and good luck on your frugal journey.

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