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How to Save Money Over the Holidays with an Affordable Cell Phone Plan

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The holidays are fast approaching and many of us could use some extra money in our budget. 

It’s an exciting time of year but, the most expensive time of year.

There are holiday parties and events, gift buying, and people are just spending more money in general because of the holiday season.

How can you save money over the holidays?

There are many ways you can save for the upcoming holidays and one of them is..

Switching to an affordable cell phone plan!

I’m so excited to share this article with you on how you can save money over the holidays with an affordable cell phone plan.

Finding an affordable cell phone carrier has been a personal struggle of mine for a long time and there’s no better time to save money than during the holiday season.

Keep reading while we share how you can get your hands on better phone service and slash your wireless bill with Twigby.


Why Save Money on Your Cell Phone

Why not?

Everybody wants to save money and your cell phone bill can be one of the most expensive bills you pay each month.

My cell phone bill supporting two phone lines was once over $300/month!

Even sharing the bill with my boyfriend (now husband), as a college senior this was not manageable at all!

That’s half the price of rent for many people.

Today, a lot of cell phone plans are just not a good match for their owner.

You pick a plan that matches your needs as closely as possible, but it is still not a perfect fit.

For example, our current cell phone family plan is unlimited everything (talk/text/data), which may sound great but, in reality, I talk on the phone 1,000 minutes/month and my husband for 500 minutes/month and we both average about 800 text messages/each between us.

Given our history, wouldn’t it make sense to get a tailored plan with the upper limit falling below our average usage.

For example, picking a plan with 1,200 minutes talk time (each) and 1,000 text messages (each).

This type of plan would likely be cheaper than the Unlimited All cell phone plan that we have.

In an age of consumption, a lot of people fail to pay attention to those details.

Are You Paying Too Much For Cell Phone Service?

According to, Americans spend more on cell phone service than the rest of the world.

CNBC reports that a lot of people may be paying more than they need to for cell phone service.

People are becoming more and more creative in an effort to save money on their cell phone plan.

When my husband and I first married, we shared a family plan with my parents and sister to save money.

Friends are joining up and getting family plans to save money.

Other people are coming up with even more creative ways to save on their cell phone but, a solution exists.

You CAN find an affordable cell phone carrier with voice/text/data to suit your needs.

An unlimited plan sounds great, like the best plan to a lot of folks, but it may not be the best plan for you.

If you have an outrageous cell phone bill or you’re looking to save money on your phone, you’re going to love the folks over at Twigby.

Keep reading to find out why.

Meet Twigby

Twigby is cutting cell phone costs for people across the nation.

Launched in 2016, Twigby is managed by a group of telecommunication veterans that have over 100 years of combined experience.

This team came together with the shared belief that the traditional phone service “one price fits all” model was

They wanted to offer a cell phone service with no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees.

Their motto is unmatched coverage at a fraction the price, and we can see why!

Michelle from Pennsylvania says:

“Because Twigby used the same network I was used to and could trust it’s reliability, the costs

were dramatically lower, able to select options we needed and remove ones we did not.”

Take a look at their coverage map.


They utilize two of the nation’s largest cellular networks to deliver service to you.

They believe in bringing you the best value for your money so if your goal is to save money on your cell phone plan, they are on your side.

This customer-centric company runs their business on these 3 core standards:

  • Great service
  • Great prices
  • Great people

Great Service

You won’t be forced into a one-size-fits-all plan with Twigby.

You get the freedom and flexibility to curate a plan that specially fits your needs.

Great Prices

Being an online-only company lets them operate more efficiently, which is how they can offer competitive plans against other carriers.

Great People

They work to give their customers the best possible experience by continuously monitoring and testing their systems, making sure that service is available at all times.


What You Can Get Out of Twigby Plans

Now, making a switch on your cell phone carrier can be a big decision.

I was with my first cell phone carrier for 3 years before I switched to another company and that was difficult.

Today, I’ve been with my current carrier for over 10 years.

After time, you feel really tied to the company but, cutting ties can mean helping you save money and move one step closer to financial independence.

Let’s dive into the Twigby plans to see what they have available.


What’s unique about Twigby is that you can create a custom tailored plan to fit your needs.

Everybody has different needs and Twigby realizes this so their “Create Your Own Plan” framework is perfect for you to pick the features that serve you best.

Creating a plan helps you save plus, they are offering 25% off for the first 6 months (limited time offer).

Choosing your own custom plan is easier than ever.

First, you start with your minutes.

You pick a minutes package or unlimited.

Then, you pick your data plan.

You’ll love that Twigby has:

  • Free unlimited domestic and international texting
  • International calling at no additional charge
  • Free hotspot and tethering

How Much Will My Plan Cost?

Let’s get to the meat of it, shall we?

How much will it actually cost?

Take a look at some examples I’ve put together.

Using the example I shared above about my usage (1,000 talk time and 800 text messages), I chose the Unlimited Talk Time plan since the next lowest plan at 500 minutes wouldn’t work for how much our family talks on the phone.

Then, I choose the highest data plan.

These are the results:


Around $32 for the first 6 months and $43 after the first 6 months.

Jaw drop.

I pay more than 3X that amount now.

For a person that pays $200/month for their cell phone bill, that’s a savings of $160 per month or so!

What could you do with an extra $160/month?

  • Grow your emergency fund
  • Start to build your child’s college savings account
  • Build a vacation fund
  • Save for a big purchase in the future

To switch over to Twigby, you can check here to see if your phone is compatible or buy from their huge selection of cell phones.

Twigby Compared

They even have a cost savings calculator so you can do a side-by-side comparison to see how much you can save by switching from your carrier to them!

Becky from Nevada says:

“With three teenagers wanting phones, Twigby was a gold mine! I’m beyond satisfied!
Cannot wait for my husband and me to switch once our contracts are up.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m not picking a fixed plan?

No, Twigby doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all plan (they call it a “can’t change” plan and they don’t offer it).

They believe in using what you need.

If you move up to the next plan, you’re only charged the difference in the next plan price.

When each month starts over, you’ll restart with your originally chosen plans.

2. Can I limit the amount of minutes & data I use?

Yes, definitely.

With Twigby you can easily set your own custom limits.

They even offer text updates letting you know when you’ve reaching 50% and 100% use of your plan.

That means one phone can have access to move up to the next data plan while another you may choose to not let move up.

It’s completely your choice.

3. What if I run out of high speed data & don’t want to move to the next plan?

All Twigby data plans come with a set amount of high speed data.

If you use all of your high speed data and do not want to move up to the next plan, you will still have access to unlimited 2G speeds thru the remainder of your bill cycle free of charge.

4. Are there additional fees?

The only additional fees are the normal taxes, regulatory fees or government mandated surcharges, which will be clearly displayed on your bill.

Is your excitement brewing?

The opportunity for savings awaits!

Let’s take a look at the cell phones next.

Twigby Cell Phones

They offer the best phones at prices you can get behind.

Their selection rapidly changes, as they often sell out of phones and bring in new models regularly.

This means, if you find a phone you love, take action before it’s gone.

Here are some examples of phones they have available:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Black 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Black 64GB
  • iPhone 8 Plus Gray 64GB
  • Google Pixel 3a Black 64GB

You can view their entire phone collection here.

Advantages of Using Twigby

  • Low cost
  • Custom plans available
  • Double the coverage, with utilizing two of the nation’s largest cellular networks
  • Great service
  • Free hot spot and tethering
  • Great selection of cell phones
  • Switch your plan with ease
  • Free unlimited domestic and international texting
  • International calling at no additional charge

Disadvantages of Using Twigby

  • No WIFI calling

You can see that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

What it boils down to is that a lot of people are looking to select a cell phone carrier that provides a blend of strong customer service, affordable competitive pricing, reliability and ease of use.

Twigby delivers!

We really like their no-nonsense guarantee:

At Twigby, we believe that we have the most affordable plans out there. We’ve
designed and tested our technology to exceed the national carriers in simplicity, quality
and control. We’re so confident in our service, we back it with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If this isn’t enough, check out some of their reviews:

“Twigby offered the most bang for my buck, hands down.”

“It was the perfect option for my kiddo. Great, modest beginner
phone at the perfect price with so many flexible plan options!”

“I was looking for a low-cost provider. Twigby won me over with the customizable plan options.”

“When I contacted customer service, the various folks that I spoke with seemed friendly
and knowledgeable. Those are the characteristics that make for a great experience.”

Plus reviews from top websites like Buzzfeed and Clark Howard…


What we love about Twigby?

Their “Create Your Own Plan” cell phone structure is unique to competitors on the market.

Where else can you custom build your own plan to suit your unique needs, whether you text more than you talk, hardly ever text message, use a ton of data or not.

You get the opportunity to finally pick a mobile plan that caters to your specific needs so you don’t have to get overcharged for a plan that does not suit your lifestyle.

You get double the coverage, great service, great pricing, flexibility and other perks with Twigby.

Our recommendation is to consider Twigby as a cell phone carrier for you and your family to help you save money, especially now, in time for the holiday season.

Make the switch now and see how much money you’ll gain in your budget, just in time for the holidays!

Click here to visit Twigby and learn more about their affordable cell phone plans and packages.

What do you think?

Would you use Twigby for your cell phone carrier?



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