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How To Save Money At Walmart Using Walmart Pickup Services

How To Save Money At Walmart Using Walmart Pickup Services
Victoria Heckstall Nov 7, 2016
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Shopping for groceries and other essentials may seem like it’s getting more expensive – that’s because it is.

More and more people are spending money on gas, wasting more time looking at the shelves, and paying more every year for the price of goods themselves. Saving money can seem almost impossible, but Walmart Pickup Services and other tools are now available to help you save money.

What is Walmart Pickup?

The basic premise of the Walmart Pickup Service is that you can order something online and pick it up in store. All you have to do is approach the pickup desk in the Walmart store of your choice and your goods will be waiting for you.

walmart pickup service what it

Why is this such a beneficial service for you?

We all live busy lives, and sometimes it can be nearly impossible to complete all of our tasks. A simple scenario such as needing to attend a child’s birthday party can become a hassle when you need to go to the store and choose out a gift and other party essentials.

Instead of doing all of this, you could look it up online, browse quickly, and have yourself or your friend who lives near Walmart collect it for you. Whichever way you handle the above situation, using Walmart Pickup is going to be faster and more efficient.

How Does It Save You Money?

It Saves You Time

Walmart Pickup doesn’t work like ordinary online delivery services for supermarkets and other big stores because there’s no shipping involved. What makes so many similar services so expensive is you’re paying for the convenience of having the store employee gather your items and deliver them to you.

This might sound like it makes Walmart Pickup a less convenient option, but it’s just as convenient and far more cost-effective. Walmart Pickup allows you to get your items within just a few minutes, if you use the pick-up-today option. That can make it easy to deal with those sudden emergencies that require a trip to the store.

Cash Back Portals Only Work With Online Shopping

You can also earn cash back when shopping online at Walmart through cash back portals. These cash back portals are online websites that are affiliated with thousands of retailers across the nation.

When you go to a shopping portal, click on any retailer’s link to be redirected to that store’s homepage. Make your purchase like you normally would and the portal receives a commission for their sale. Instead of keeping all of this money for themselves, they give it back to you in the form of cash back.

topcashback walmart cash back august 2016

For Walmart, most of the time these portals offer anywhere from 4% – 6% in cash back. Here’s a quick how-to guide on how to use shopping portals.

  1. Register for a shopping portal. We suggest TopCashback since you get a $10 bonus as a new user and they typically have the highest cash back rates. Registration is free.
  2. Search for “Walmart” in the search bar and you should see results of their current cash back rate. Last time we checked it was up to 6%.
  3. Click on the “Cashback” button and you’ll be redirected to the Walmart page. Make your purchase like you normally would.
  4. Purchase anything (with the exception of gift cards) and TopCashback will automatically track your purchase. Within 10 days you should receive 6% in cash back off of your total purchase price.
  5. Once you reach a minimum of $20 in your TopCashBack account, you can withdraw to PayPal, Amazon gift cards or American Express gift cards. The last two give you a 3% bonus.

Keep in mind that you can only use these portals for online purchases (Ebates now has certain stores you can earn cash back for in-store purchases). This is why using the Walmart Pickup Service can help you earn some cash back.

Grocery Pickup – For Those Every Day Essentials

The regular shopping ritual can take a big chunk out of your day. And if you have a full-time job that can quickly add up to chaos in your life. You might even have to settle for more expensive stores just because they’re closer to where you are. Walmart has unveiled a new service for this, known as Grocery Pickup.


The Grocery Pickup service can allow you to pickup items either the same day or up to four days later. Walmart uses a team of personal shoppers to pick out your items. Again, it doesn’t cost anything to use this service with no shipping costs involved.

All you have to do is pick out the items you want, book a time to pick them up, pay for your items, and pick them up at the designated time. You don’t even have to get out of your car to do so. Simply pull into the designated parking spot and your groceries will be loaded into your car for you by a Walmart employee.

Use Walmart Savings Catcher For Even Bigger Savings

Walmart also comes with many other handy tools you can take advantage of. The first is Walmart Savings Catcher, designed to be used to get the lowest price guaranteed on specific items. If you’re a saver there’s nothing worse than buying something and seeing it another store at a lower price . The Walmart Savings Catcher takes care of this problem.

walmart savings catcher appDownload the app to your phone and begin scanning the barcodes from your receipts from Walmart. The app will work to compare the various items with other top competitors in your local area, using their online prices.

If the app finds a lower price, you’ll automatically get the difference refunded in the form of a Walmart discount code for your next shopping experience.

No other supermarket allows you to make savings after you’ve made a purchase. Take advantage of the Savings Catcher with the Pickup Service and you can make the same savings as you would if you bought in-store.

Search for Coupons

If you’re thinking about getting started with couponing culture, you’ll be happy to know that Walmart also has plenty coupons you can benefit from. They’re not difficult to find, and Walmart updates them all the time. Most of them are aimed at new customers.

For example, we’ve seen coupons in the past offering a $10 voucher on your first grocery pickup orders. Make sure you’re looking out for new coupons during the holiday season. This is the time Walmart wants to get more of its customers using the pickup service so they’re still spending without clogging up the aisles.

You can also use sites like to help you find coupons.

Purchase Store Brand Products

A lot of people would never dream of purchasing a store brand product. The belief is that name brands must automatically be better than the store brand alternatives. Walmart has its fair share of own brand items, and studies have shown that not only are many store brand items better, but they’re exactly the same as the name brand alternatives.

Take Borden milk as an example. Many people claim it’s the best milk. But take the same type of milk and slap a different brand on it and you will get the same milk. Why is this true? There are no designer cows and there’s no way you’re going to get a better cow. Many areas supply multiple companies with milk from the same cows.

And this isn’t the only example. The exact same principle applies to products like sugar, staple cereals, and baby formula. You could save hundreds of dollars every year by using Walmart Pickup to purchase store brands without compromising on quality.

Combine Walmart Pickup with Rebate Apps

Rebate apps are all the rage these days. You’ll be pleased to know you can combine them with Walmart Pickup services to save even more money.

One such rebate app is Ibotta. Purchase specific items at Walmart and earn cash back when you scan your receipt. You even get a $10 bonus after scanning your first receipt.


Once you take a picture of your receipt, the Ibotta app will then confirm the purchase and then credit some of the money back to your account.

There are other apps that do the same thing. Keep in mind that most of them are only eligible to be used with specific stores and on specific products. Before you go through each offer, be sure to read the details of what each one entails. Furthermore, remember that Walmart isn’t affiliated with any of these services.

Buy Discounted Walmart Gift Cards

Instead of using cash or a card to pay for your Walmart products, use a discounted gift card to increase your savings. There are multiple gift card vendors across the web, often offering Walmart gift cards at a 5% discount.

One popular gift card vendor is Raise. Register for an account and type in “Walmart” in the search bar. We see that we can get 3.5% off gift cards. You can type in the gift card code when you shop online or have the clerk scan it in-store.


The Ultimate Way to Save – An Example

This is a lot of information to take in. For the first-timer, it can seem incredibly difficult to combine these methods together. Here we’ve put together an example to show you how the average person can potentially knock up to 30% off their weekly shopping bill by using Walmart Pickup and a few other tools.

The Example
  1. Buy a discounted Walmart gift card through an online gift card vendor such as Raise. Last time we checked you could get one for 3.5% off.
  2. First go to TopCashback and search for “Walmart.” Right now the cash back rate is 6%. Click on the “Get Cashback” button.
  3. Use the grocery pickup service to purchase groceries ready-to-go at your local Walmart. Since it’s your first time using this service, you get $10 off using Walmart coupons. Groceries should be ready within 4 hours.
  4. Scan your products using the Walmart Savings Catcher. Walmart will credit you the difference from local stores that found these products at a cheaper price.
  5. Use Ibotta to scan your receipt and receive anywhere from $.25 – $5 in cash back on each item. You can combine more than one offer per receipt.

This worked example demonstrates exactly how much money you can save by using something like Walmart Pickup. The best part is you don’t have to spend a long time picking out your usual items because Walmart’s personal shoppers do it for you.

Can you make these same savings every time?

The above example shows you what you could potentially manage to do. Discounts such as the voucher can’t be used every time, and you’re not always going to find your items cheaper at another store to be eligible for the WalmartSavings Catcher. However, most of the steps in this example will work all of the time, specifically the cash back portal and the discounted gift cards.

Final Thoughts

Walmart has committed itself to meeting the needs of its customers. The Walmart Pickup service has some real money-saving potential here, and you can implement it every time you shop. In addition, you’ll save a lot of time and effort because you can save your shopping list and order what you need at the click of a button from anywhere.

Be sure to use cash back options and rebate apps to help you increase your savings. Here we’ve included a list of 18 of these apps & websites.

Have you ever tried saving money using Walmart Pickup before? Let us know about your experience down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Victoria Heckstall

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You cannot use grocery pickup and the savings catcher together. You don’t receive an actual receipt for pickup.

You can’t use gift cards for your Walmart pickup order. Did you actually check any of these before posting this article?

Ditto – thanks for the POOR advice; I now have my $100 grocery money tied up in Raise Walmart gift cards and can’t buy groceries with it. You’re an idiot for posting this, and I’m an idiot for listening.

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