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5 Best Ways On How To Sell Your Old Junk

5 Best Ways On How To Sell Your Old Junk
Diana Star Dec 2, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Whether you have a box full of old electronics or an entire basement filled with junk, consider doing something worthwhile with them If all they do is gather dust and take up space, there’s nothing left to do other than put them up for sale.

Likewise, if you plan on moving out and you have tons of unwanted household items you need to get rid of fast, don’t consider them worthless just yet.

Every outdated item in your collection of disposables has a price tag. It’s time you opened your eyes to that fact.

Not only will selling your old stuff add a few figures to your net worth, but it will also clear your living space of any clutter.

Despite the efforts involved reclaiming that much-needed space, what you stand to make out of it is worth every muscle.

Take advantage of the different ways you can make money from the old stuff lying around in your basement, bedroom, or wherever else you store them.

Read on to find out a couple of the best ways to sell your old junk and what to do before you start selling.

1. Start a Garage Sale

For most homeowners, starting a garage sale is their most ideal way to declutter. Maybe you’ve heard about it, but you’re fairly skeptical about how profitable it can be.

After all, in this digital age, online shopping is the latest re-sale craze – especially among Millennials.

Be that as it may, garage sales are undeniably better than online sales platforms in many ways. For example, garage sales provide a platform for customers to socially interact while still being able to explore and find something that catches their eye.

People are interested in acquiring potentially useful items for significantly less. If it’s your first time to host a garage sale, don’t be daunted by the prospect of how unsuccessful it may turn out.

Some dump their old stuff in dusty boxes out on their lawn and put up a ‘Garage Sale’ sign. Do the same and you ruin your chances of making a quick buck from your unused stuff. If you want to give it a shot, it’s best you learn a thing or two on how to go about it.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that you should NEVER skip a single day of your garage sale – even if you have to be somewhere else. Your customers will be put off by your inconsistency and settle for alternative sales elsewhere.

Rather, check out your calendar and pick out specific days you know you’ll be free. Take note that Sundays are not ideal days for a garage sale.

This may probably be linked to the fact that most people are either in houses of worship or sorting out week-long house chores.

Set aside Fridays and Saturdays to be the ideal garage sale days. Stay open any time from nine in the morning until four in the evening.

Before you officially launch your sale, use posters or social media to publicize it well in advance. Your ads should be easy to read and eye-catching in a non-exaggerated way.

2. Sell Stuff Using Your Phone

You can sell your old items with a single tap on any of today’s most developed sales apps. Take a picture of the old junk you want to sell, set a reasonable price, including a detailed description and you’re good to go.

Download any of these handy and cost-free apps and turn your old junk into quick bucks with just a few swipes:


This app makes buying and selling relatively fast and easy. Whichever item photo you upload, LetGo will automatically recognize it and categorize it into its relevant listing.

All prospective buyers can reach out to you from within the app via the customized messaging platform.

That way, you won’t have to risk handing sensitive contact info such as phone numbers or emails to uncanny buyers.


If you love Craiglist, you’ll enjoy CPlus. It’s basically the smartphone version of Craigslist. With CPlus, you can make in-app postings rather than the cliché photo-snapping requirement on every sales platform.

Considering CPlus is a global re-sale app, items you sell are visible to buyers from anywhere around the world.


To use OfferUp, all you need to do is download it from Playstore or iTunes, register and start posting what you want to sell. Contrary to what CPlus has to offer, OfferUp links you exclusively to buyers around your area. You will, therefore, need to provide your phone’s current location.


This is yet another virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. Not only is it an app, but it’s also on the web platform for buyers who can’t access it via smartphone. The unique 5miles Dash auction feature that’s somewhat similar to that of eBay.

The auctions last only ninety seconds, which is enough for buyers to snag a bargain. All bids start at $1.

As you can see, there are plenty of smartphone re-sale apps. Whatever app you choose, rest assured that they’re all legit and they each have a strong stance on trust and safety.

3. Sell Used Clothes in Consignment Stores

Consignment stores have long been used to earn store credit or actual cash from outdated or old gear.

If any of your clothing footwear, purses, or sports equipment is still in good condition, consider taking them to your nearest consignment store.

Donating is a noble route, but it certainly isn’t the best option if you need to raise funds ASAP. Do a quick check in your closet and put together all outdated clothing (or those that you don’t wear often) and head over to your nearest consignment store.

If they’re name-brand and high-quality, you stand a better chance of making money from them. In consignment stores, you can either make money via profit-sharing or upfront payments.

Most stores vary in terms of the types of payment. You may find that one uses the former while the other uses the latter.

Profit-sharing doesn’t offer any payment upfront. Rather, you’ll be assigned a personal account number. All your salable items will have that same account number. Your items will be sold based on what the employees feel is a fair price.

When you agree to the prices, that same amount is what you’ll receive when the items get sold in the store.

Before you receive an upfront payment, your items will undergo tight scrutiny to determine what can be resold and what can’t.

For each item, there’s a set price. Unlike profit sharing, the prices they settle upon are not up for discussion. Once the cash trickles in, you’ll get your dues in either cash form or store credit.

Consignment stores are great, but there’s no guarantee that your items will be purchased at all. However, you stand a better chance of selling out your items by:

  • Knowing what appeals to different age groups
  • Reading the contract in full
  • Ensuring your items are in good shape
  • Not always settle for instant cash
  • Zoning in on specialty stores for all your items

4. List Your Items and Sell Them Online

While consignment stores require that you pay a certain commission, online platforms are free of charge. Before listing your items, visit Worth Monkey and look up their retail prices.

Online stores are fast growing in popularity. Even so, not all of them have the same level of daily visitors and earning potential.

When you want to sell anything online, rank an online shopping website based on its engagement and traffic.

When you decide upon a reasonable price for your old stuff, head to the following online stores and sell to an international market:


This site has a pretty diverse item category section – 15 to be exact. You can either open your old junk to auction or set a standard price and tag it with the ‘Buy it Now’ option. Sellers can sell anything from vacuum bags to mason jars, to doll clothes, and even electronics and collector’s items.


Visit Poshmark to resell old purses, accessories, clothing, etc. Sneakers and other types of shoes do incredibly well on this site, as do brand names such as Victoria’s Secret Pink and Puma.

To sell stuff on Poshmark, all you need to do is take a photo of your clothing item, fill in your seller’s price, and wait for ready buyers. Your items should appeal to customers of all demographics.


This is the one-stop-shop for all things tech. It has an impressive 5.5 million registered consumers and has paid out $275 million to active users. Decluttr offers members a shipping label (prepaid, of course) to deliver your old tech.

Once your item reaches their offices, they will evaluate them and pay you via check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

Facebook Marketplace

Based on your location, Facebook Marketplace is the right place to vend your items. It’s specifically ideal for old furniture and other larger items. Anything you post here will be visible to anyone within your social media community.

The site provides sellers with stats including how many people have viewed your listing. This helps in knowing when to make some tweaks in your prices.

Other sites include Craigslist,,,, ThredUp, Nextdoor, and Cash4Books.


Recycling is one of those ventures that needs a little extra effort. Despite the extra legwork, recycling is still one of the most lucrative ways to make money from your old stuff.

Lots of companies nowadays offer a recycling program that transforms your item donations into a coupon, store credit, or – best of all – crisp, clean cash.

Whether you have bags full of clothes, empty ink cartridges or eighties video game collectibles, don’t dispose of them. Instead, recycle them by donating them to the following companies and get rewarded:


Do you have a collection of old tablets or smartphones? You can safely recycle them with the AT&T Trade-In Program and earn yourself an AT&T Promotion Card.

The value of your outdated device will be assessed and you will receive credit worth $150 or even more. What if your old gear doesn’t have a trade-in value? Don’t fret; it will still undergo safe recycling.


If you have a bag full of clothes ready for donation, drop it off at the closest H&M store. The textile recycling program is present in all H&M stores all over the world.

According the retailer’s official website, H&M accepts any brand of clothing regardless of its condition.

Best Buy

Recycling your used appliances and electronics has never been easier. For example, if you send them your used HP CPU, you can receive 15% off the original price of a CPU that’s straight out of the market.

For the most recent recycling offers, be sure to check out the Current Promotions page on Best Buy’s website.

Advance Auto Parts

As the name suggests, Auto Parts mostly recycles and sells automobile spare parts. Even if you didn’t purchase any of your old auto parts from the retailer, they will still accept and compensate you evenly. If you drop off a car battery, you can earn yourself a $10 gift card.

5. Things to Do Before Selling Your Old Junk

Selling your old items is the best way to declutter your home. From the five tips mentioned above, it’s evident that getting a few bucks from your junk isn’t as hard as it seems. There are, however, certain factors you need to do before trading unwanted stuff for cash:

Get to Know the Price of Whatever You Want to Sell

The first thing you ought to do is to find out the retail price of your junk. After all, it may not be worth the yard sale or describing on eBay if it will only get you a few bucks. WorthMonkey is the perfect price guide.

Type in what you want to put up for sale, and it’ll scavenge accurate or approximate prices from online stores such as eBay, Amazon, etc. From there, you’ll get to decide for yourself whether to proceed with the sale or donate it to charity.

Take note of the average prices for that particular item from different stores and auctions as well. Keep an eye out for the number of people who are selling the same item.

From there, determining your selling price will be relatively simple. Even if your item is junk in every sense of the word, you can still get a few buyers provided you know what to sell.

In a scenario whereby what you’re selling is hard to find, only then can you sell it at a slightly higher price.

Wipe Out Any Data on All Gadgets

If you consider any pc-related gadget worth discarding, one of the smartest steps you want to take is to clear it of any personal data. If it’s a smartphone, try resetting it to its initial factory settings (though that’s not a 100% proven method of erasing your data).

Like most techies, you should be paranoid about your virtual security. If you’re not, start by taking a couple of necessary steps to secure the data on your old laptop, tablet, or smartphone before selling it.

Sometimes, even if you take the proper steps, you may still find that hackers will still access any personal info. If you can, take apart the gadget piece by piece and sell or auction the parts.

How much you make from selling it piece by piece may be more compared to what you would make if you sell it whole.

However, that’s up to you to decide. As long as you get rid of your data from gadgets you want to sell, nothing is holding you back.

Lookup a few online tips on how to wipe data laptops or smartphones and extend the same to yours.

Take Some Quality Photos of Items You Want to Sell

Quality photographs are the mojo of any successful online sale. Why? Most buyers never bother to look at a listing without any accompanying photo. There’s a unique feature in most search engines that allows users to filter any listing without photos.

It’s one thing to have a fairly good photo, and it’s another to have an insanely good photo. The latter is really unnecessary, unless you can afford to have two or three professional photos taken for a single item.

No matter how old or unappealing your junk may be, how you present it to the market matters a great deal. Your item’s image quality can classify you as either a dealer, a spammer, or someone to work with for the long-term.

The first (and possibly the only) step to taking a good photo is to give your item(s) a good dusting, cleaning or quick wipe. Digital cameras are capable of magnifying even the slightest grime.

The background should be plain and the lighting should also be perfect. Steer clear from using shadows, flashes, or glares on your item photos. The greatest light source you need is outdoor light.

As you do your best to make the picture look good, don’t make it perfect. Include any defects or imperfections that the buyer should be aware of before they make their purchase. You’d be surprised at just how many people prefer vintage to newer items.

Figure Out the Best Platform to Sell Your Items

Thanks to the internet revolution, anyone can sell their stuff online. Gone are the days when customers were only limited to brick and mortar shops. Nowadays, there’s tremendous potential for anyone to make money from selling whatever, whenever.

With all the online stores to choose from, first-time sellers may find it difficult to pick out the right store for what they have to offer.

After all, trendy online stores differ significantly from established e-commerce platforms in more ways than one.

By picking out your preferred selling platform, you can anticipate a hefty profit from your old junk. If you plan on sticking on the online sales venture, you can grow strategically once you’re rooted in one specific online store.

Some levy unreasonable fees without the assurance of a steady flow of customers, while others offer invaluable resources for first-time and regular sellers.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, have a list of all the most established marketplaces online. Compare their features and check out if they cater to your personal needs. Also, read through a few reviews to find out if they draw the biggest crowd for your merchandise.

Ensure You Don’t Get Scammed

This is the number one rule of making money online. Sadly enough, when it comes to interacting with buyers, none of them can be trusted. Often, a naughty few will try to scam you of your outdated but valuable merchandise.

No one enjoys getting duped. It’s the most unpleasant and most embarrassing situation that can happen to anyone.

On that note, it’s up to you to find out what you can do to stay immune to scammers. One of them is to read through your store’s security guidelines and what you can do to ensure you remain protected from any fraudulent individuals.

Your ideal store should have an official mode of payment. Any method other than what’s stated on the store’s guidelines is not to be trusted. Never accept to carry out any transactions outside the platform.

If the site you’re dealing with has a https:// in the address bar rather than the common htpp://, be very wary of that site. This may not be the only thing you have to keep an eye out for considering the rapid changes in scamming tactics.

If you sell your old junk via auction, make sure it’s reputable. Don’t be shy to ask for the identification of the coordinator and any other participating parties.

What are You Waiting For? Start Making a Fortune Off of Your Junk

Most homeowners are prone to get overly anxious once there are different forms of clutter around their homes.

Getting rid of them on impulse without first considering the profit you can make from them may come to haunt you sooner than later.

Even the most overlooked item in your collection of junk is worth something in someone else’s eyes.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of options of putting your old junk up for sale. Take advantage of the ‘one man’s trash’ philosophy and rack up a few bucks from stuff you’ve not used in a long time.

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