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10 Ways on How To Throw A Budget Birthday Party

10 Ways on How To Throw A Budget Birthday Party
Lee FitzSimmons Nov 6, 2019
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In this article, you’ll be presented with 14 suggestions about how to throw a low cost birthday party.

If your budget doesn’t allow for expensive cakes or exotic locations, you can still get creative.

By using these suggestions, you can save money and create an amazing event for your family and friends.

1. Create Your Invitations

There are many great services that’ll help you create invitations for your birthday party, and they’ll also assist you with sending invitations for your birthday party.

However, these websites aren’t free, and professional printers aren’t free either.

The good news is that you don’t really need them because there are a few options that are cheaper than anything else, and they’re free.

Just send your invitations by email or call your guests on the phone and invite them verbally.

By doing this, you’ll not have to pay for cards, printer ink, paper, envelopes, or professional printer fees.

All of these things add up to quite a bit of cash, so it would make sense to eliminate these costs and save.

Doing this will help you in your attempt to throw a low cost birthday party.

Design of Your Invitation Email

There are numerous elements of design for you to consider when you’re creating your email invitations.

First, you should consider your font sizes.

Remember that you can make different sections of your invitation have different size fonts.

Next, you should consider which font you’ll use.

You could use Arial or Times New Roman, but you might want to consider something a little more decorative.


After that, either choose or make an image or two to place in your email invitation.

A picture of the guy or gal who is celebrating their birthday would be highly appropriate; however, you can be creative and add any type of picture that you feel captures the essence of your party’s theme.

Deliver Your Message

You’ll need the email addresses of all of the recipients, so you can send them an invitation.

If you don’t have someone’s email, then ask somebody who knows what it is.

In addition, if one of the individuals on the list doesn’t have an email address, then call them and invite them.

Also remember that you can send a handwritten letter by snail mail or go visit someone’s residence (if it is not too far away) and invite them personally.

By either calling, emailing, snail mailing, or visiting your guests, you’ll have discovered several techniques that’ll help you throw a low cost birthday party.

2. Use a Location That is Free

Your best choice about location is either your house or the residence of the person who’s having a birthday.

You may also use one of the homes that belongs to your family or your close friends.

The key here is to select a location that’s free, so you can throw a low cost birthday party.

You’ll have to spend a lot of money if you want to rent a location.

The only downside to throwing a party at your home is that it means doing more of the work by yourself.

You’ll have to be responsible for the cleanup and the setup.

However, you’re in a great position to keep all of your costs to a bare minimum.

This will help immensely with your efforts to throw a low cost birthday party.

If you don’t like the idea of having to clean up after a bunch of children, just remember that you might be able find a good maid service to clean up the mess.

Renting a maid service is usually a lot cheaper than renting or booking a facility to have your party.

Having a birthday at your home or at the home of a close friend or relative will create special memories that you can share forever.

3. Don’t Invite Too Many Guests

The easiest way to lower your birthday party expenses is don’t invite too many people.

Only invite your closest friends and relatives because if you start asking too many people to your party, then you’ll have a much larger bill.

When you invite fewer people, you can concentrate on making those who’ve been invited feel even more special.

An intimate party means so much more to everyone involved because it’s easy to get lost in the crowd if there are too many guests.

For instance, you can let your child choose a dozen or so friends, and each one of these children will feel special that they have been invited.

In addition, if you decide to go somewhere special, like a roller rink or a children’s arcade and pizza establishment,  then have your child only invite their closest friends.

The same idea holds true for an adult’s birthday party.

The more expensive the cost per guest is going to be, then the fewer number of guests you should invite to your party.

This is another great idea that’ll help you in your endeavor to throw a low cost birthday party.

4. Make Your Cake and Eat it Too

Whether you make your cake from a premade mix or from scratch, making your cake will save you a tremendous amount of cash.

If you’re not the imaginative type, then you should know that you can find a lot of really cool decorating ideas on Pinterest.

This is yet another thing you can do that’ll let you throw a low cost birthday party.

If you think that making your own cake sounds too hard, then why not make cupcakes!

They are a simple solution because they’re just the right size for children, and they’re rather easy to decorate.

For most of the common party themes, all you have to do is just change the color of the frosting and add some cute little decorations from your local dollar store.

5. No Goody Bags for You

Most of the birthday party staples that’re given to guests in goody bags usually end up cluttering the houses of your guests with cheap little plastic toys.

Instead, you should give each child an inexpensive gift that you can buy or make for under a dollar or two.

Some ideas for this thrifty suggestion include crayons, coloring books, miniature cars, or Playdough.

By doing this, you have figured out another way to throw a low cost birthday party.

6. It’s All About the Timing

Another way to drastically cut your expenses is to time your party appropriately, so you’re not obligated to serve either lunch or dinner to your guests.

Feeding a room full of children is difficult, so throw your party in the afternoon so that there’ll be no expectation of a meal..

Instead, you can go with a low cost alternative such as finger foods or some other type of appropriate snack.

If you’re a creative type of individual, you can create snacks that follow the theme of your party.

If not, then a fruit plate, cheese and crackers, and some veggies with dip will make most children extremely happy.

Other good reasons why it’s good to avoid serving a meal is because of things like food allergies and child pickiness.

However, if you do choose to serve a meal, then the best way to reduce your expenses is to prepare it yourself.

Mac and cheese is an easy kid-friendly meal that you can make in bulk.

If you’re having adults at your party, and you really don’t have the time to cook, then find the cheapest pizza store and have an adequate amount of pizzas delivered.

Most kids only need a single slice of cheese pizza for a meal, especially if you’re serving cake and other goodies, and two or three slices of pepperoni pizza will feed most adults.

You should also remember that restaurant coupons available online can help you keep your expenses lower.

These suggestions are going to help you throw a low cost birthday party.

7. Keep Your Party Short

The longer your party is, the more that you’re going to have to spend on activities, food, and entertainment.

So keep your party short so that you can save money.

Younger children tend to get overstimulated rather quickly.

This is why your party should only last for a couple of hours or so.

If you’re hosting an event for older children, you might be able to go a little longer.

Keeping your party short is a great way to throw a low cost birthday party.

8. Create Your Own Decorations

There are few things as amazing as creative art made by children to use as decorations at your birthday party.

Help your children cut some construction paper into all sorts of interesting shapes.

You can then take these creations and decorate them in any number of ways.

By doing this, you and your child can have the time of your lives by making beautiful party decorations for their birthday party.

In addition, you can avoid having to go to the store and spend an outrageous amount of money on party decorations.

It’s also good to know that homemade party decorations are so much more fun for everybody.

This is because of the love that you have put into them, and everyone at the party will see this.

Ideas for Your Homemade Party Decorations

So let’s discuss some artistic suggestions for your homemade party decorations.

Get some glitter and glue and make drawings on your already cut construction paper.

You can also use a magic marker or two to decorate your party balloons.

Now if you feel REALLY adventurous then try and create origami flowers out of colorful paper.

Creating these sorts of decorations is not as hard as you would think.

Because most children love to create things and hang up their artistic concoctions, then why not take advantage of this.

Let them be proud of how much they contributed to the decorations of their own party.

You and your children will be happy because these activities that let you throw a low cost birthday party are enormously fun for everyone.

9. Free Party Games

By playing free games, you can fill up time and avoid having to pay for something more expensive, like a clown show or a balloon twister.

There are two party games that are loads of fun and will cost you absolutely nothing.

They are musical chairs and limbo.

Musical Chairs

For musical chairs, you’ll need a loud home stereo, radio, or musical instrument (and a person to play it).

You’ll also need several chairs.

Now here are the instructions that’ll show you how to play musical chairs.

However, the rules are quite simple.

All you have to do is line up several chairs in a circle with the seats facing outwards.

The number of seats is determined by the number of participants; you want to have one chair less than the number of players.

Next, play the music and let the players walk in a circle around the chairs.

When the music stops, the players have to immediately sit down in one of the chairs.

The participant that doesn’t get a chair is out.

Remove a chair and repeat this procedure until there’s only one person left; this individual is the winner.

This magical game will keep everyone occupied for as long as thirty minutes or so and will cost you absolutely nothing.


The other game is limbo, which is fun for both children and adults.

To play this game, all you need is a limbo pole (a broomstick will do just fine) and a recording of the song, “Limbo Rock.”

You can get the complete instructions for limbo here, but basically, the game involves everybody forming a line to take turns shimmying underneath the limbo pole.

If somebody can’t do this, then they are out.

After everyone has tried to limbo under the pole, the pole is lowered and those who are not out try to shimmy underneath the pole again.

This cycle is repeated until there is only one person left, and that person is the winner.

These two games will make your party a hit with all of your guests, and the best part is…

You don’t have to pay a dime!

These two birthday party freebies are perfect activities for you and your loved ones when you want to throw a low cost birthday party.

10. Have a Treasure Hunt!

This game is great for children who can read because you’ll need to make up several clues and then give separate clues to each child.

If you have a lot of kids, then divide them into teams and give each team a clue.

You can give one, two, or even three clues to each child or team and have each clue lead to the next clue.

The final clue leads to the treasure.

The main to remember is that you need to have enough “treasure” to give to each child once the booty has been found.

One of the better choices for the “treasure” in your treasure hunt are the little chocolate candies that look like gold coins.

This game will occupy your children’s attention for up to 30 or 40 minutes or so.


Here are some sample clues that you can use at your next treasure hunt:

  1. I’m kind of like shoes, but you find me on a car.
    I help the car run really fast and really far.
  2. During the day, I store the light of the hot, glowing sun.
    During the night, I shine ever so brightly when the light of the day is done.
  3. I’m a cute little house, but there is no one living inside me.
    Gadgets and tools are the only things that you will see.
  4. I swing out and I swing in so that I can let you through.
    However, I sometimes creak, and that will be your final clue.
  5. When you are on me, you can speed along like a bird that’s in the sky.
    This is because the two wheels that I have will make you fly!
  6. I sit and do not move when I don’t have a rider.
    So sit down and learn just why everyone calls me a glider.
  7. I have a ring and nobody is able to wear it.
    Sometimes my ring is so noisy that you just can’t bear it.
  8. I’m a friend to all of the people who like to have things neat.
    That’s because they really like it when you wipe me with your feet.
  9. I give you a lot of privacy from the people who are living next door.
    So if you have really bad neighbors, you might need me even more.
  10. All of the people love me. That’s because I’m pretty and smell so very sweet.
    If you look down to find me, you’ll find that I’m near your feet.


1. Tire 2. Solar light 3. Tool shed 4. Garden gate 5. Bicycle 6. Garden glider 7. Doorbell 8. Doormat 9. Fence 10. Flowers

So take advantage of this wonderful game that helps you throw a low cost birthday party that will be remembered for years.

11. It’s Showtime!

If you have some old costumes or outfits lying around, then why not put on a show!

Hiring actors and actresses to perform for your party will cost you money.

So why not put on a show yourself?

You can do it, or you can get some of the other children’s parents or friends to perform with you.

Don’t Worry About Talent

Don’t worry about having talent because horrible performances might be even more funny.

Make your own simple script and place index cards in the palms of your performers, so they can have easy access to their cheat sheets.

If you do everything right, or even if you make lots of mistakes, the attempt alone will be very entertaining for everyone.

By putting on a show with your close friends and relatives, you can save hundreds of dollars.

This is a very entertaining way to throw a low cost birthday party.

12. Have Fun With Crafts

Another activity that you can make a part of your event when you throw a low-cost birthday party is to have fun by indulging your senses with one or more of the popular crafts

If you’re at a loss for ideas, then you should check out or other similar websites for inexpensive craft ideas.

Some of the more popular options include constructing picture frames from Popsicle sticks or having each one of your guests bringing a plain white t-shirt to decorate.

If you have older guests and you’re feeling somewhat brave, then set up a decorating bar for cupcakes or other pastries and let the children design their own desserts.

You can also buy colored chocolates and molds and send your guests home with their tasty creations.

All of these options are extremely inexpensive.

That makes this handy tip a great way to throw a low cost birthday party.

13. Let’s Watch Some Cool Shows on the Widescreen Television

This activity is a great way to help your young ones cool down after an eventful playtime.

It’s also a great way to continue a party if it has been rained out.

You can watch a good movie, but the attention spans of your guests might not make it for 90 minutes.

So instead of watching a full-length movie, why not watch a popular children’s program or a cool video that you found on YouTube.

This is a great way to keep everybody entertained without having to spend a lot of money.

You’ll definitely enjoy this activity that helps you throw a low cost birthday party with the greatest of ease.

14. Your Hometown Has Got Talent

Why not have your guests do some of the work?

You can throw a talent show and have each one of the party’s guests compete.

You and a few of the parents or older guests can act as judges.

If this is at a kids’ birthday party, then make sure that everyone gets some sort of inexpensive, yet cool prize for their presentation.

This will inspire the children to participate in the show.

You should award a modest prize for the winner of the event.

Throwing a talent show like this will let your guests entertain themselves by showing off their abilities.

Even if a child has little or no talent, just standing up in front of the group and doing anything at all means that they will also get to have a prize.

Also remember that you can save money by creating your own prizes.

Final Thoughts About How to Throw a Low Cost Birthday

So remember that there are lots of ways to create a fantastic birthday party without having to spend a small fortune.

The main thing to remember is to do as many things as possible by yourself.

By doing this, you can have even more fun and be creative all at the same time.

Just remember that it can be fun when you save money and throw a low cost birthday with your friends and family.

So before you book that expensive venue or buy that costly birthday cake from the local bakery, just remember that you are your own best discount.

So never, EVER forget that the memories you make from do-it-yourself parties will be the ones that you cherish the most.

Lee FitzSimmons

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