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10 Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas That Will Help You Save Money

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inexpensive home decor ideasIf you’re keen on sprucing up your home without splurging on expensive decorations, the first step would probably be to do away with home decor magazines and TV shows.

Decorators on reality TV shows make a home look amazing using high-end decorating techniques that are quite costly.

There’s great news; there’s a lot you can do to come up with an elegant look for your space without breaking the bank.

The first thing you should do before anything else is to organize your space and do some general cleaning.

From there, you’ll be ready to try out these straightforward and inexpensive home decor ideas:

1. Reposition Your Furniture

You can drastically change the look and feel of your living room by simply making a few tweaks to your furniture arrangement.

For instance, among the first things that catch your eye when you step into your living room your shelf. By moving the shelf to a different space – like in a secluded corner – you’re improving more than just the state of your living room.

Adjusting the layout of a single room can do a lot of good. The following are a couple of benefits of repositioning your furniture:

You Give Yourself Reason To Declutter And Donate

Rooms tend to lose their style and elegance when they remain the same way for years. You probably have some clothes piled up in your bedroom or knickknacks all over your living room.

Restructuring the position of furniture in your room will give you the opportunity to sort out the clutter. Some of what you find can be passed on to a family member or better yet, donated to charity.

Organizing Your Accessories Will Become Easier

The first tip to organizing anything is to group the same items together. Rearranging your furniture helps you find the right place to store each one of them. There are more ways than one to create extra storage space in any room.

For instance, in your living room, consider getting an ottoman to store basic stuff like magazines and TV remotes. Besides, an ottoman can add a lot of style and functionality to any room

Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

Believe it or not, your home’s layout can either raise your spirits or bring you down emotionally. Changing the position of your desk or couch can positively affect your mind.

Therefore, take a chance and try adjusting the placement of your furniture to give you a feeling of accomplishment and revitalization.

If you were planning on buying new furniture, you’ll realize that perhaps all you needed all along was to sort out the ones you already have.

By using the existing furniture in your living room, bedroom or guest room to decorate your home, you could save tons of money.

Do Some DIY Redecoration and Remodeling

Any job – including remodeling – is way cheaper when you stop hiring the pros and make yourself one.  The cost of decorating your home can cost more than what you bargained for.

A study at Harvard University in 2012 revealed that homeowners valued things they built themselves than those put together by professionals.

To put that into perspective, you’re more likely to hold dear a $100 self-made study desk than the one recently bought for $1,000 at the store. Even though the one you made yourself may not be as perfect as it should be, you made it yourself.

The following are some a few decor items that you can make at home:

Chic Cabinet Tray

Turn your salvaged door into a TV dinner tray or makeshift cheese board. Drill two holes on either side of the tray and screw in handles.

Book Side Table

Got some encyclopedias you don’t use? Stack and slightly twist them. Drill holes at the center of each one. Skewer a dowel through the hole and attach a table top.

Patterned Dresser

If you have an IKEA chest lying around, spruce it up with fresh wallpaper, paint, and hardware. Don’t be shy to incorporate your favorite swatch prints.

Wall-Mounted Easel

Using kraft paper, you can put up your little ones’ artwork on display at any place in your home. If possible, hang it somewhere next to the door where it is noticeable to anyone who walks in.

Blanket Ladder

This is the best way to make your living room cozy enough. Create extra large tassels on a plaid blanket and knot them on the ends. Hang the blankets on a mid-sized ladder anywhere in your living room.

Cork Lamp

On a sizeable cork, notch a tiny hole to allow the cord to poke through. Cut a small but precise circle at the top of the cork and attach the lamp’s base using hot glue.

Tissue Box Cover

It’s a normal household item, but it can drastically change how your house looks. On a wooden tissue box, glue 2-inch wide veneer strips on each side and coat using polyurethane.

Spill-Proof Placemats

Placemats have a subtle way of aligning with your decor. With a fabric of your choice, cut it to the exact measurements of your placemat. Iron some fabric on both sides of the mat then trim the edges.

Ruffle Accent Lamp. To make this, all you need is an old lamp, linen fabric, and a hot glue gun. Cover the lamp with the linen and marvel at the Anthropologie-inspired finishing it brings to your room.

Home decorating jobs are one of those projects that can be fun and engaging provided you know what you’re doing.  A key aspect of DIY redecoration and remodeling is to craft a couple of accent pieces for a personalized feel.

By decorating yourself, you enjoy the satisfaction of showing just how creative you can be using pieces on your wall, ceiling, furniture, etc.

3. Don’t Always Settle for Band New Stuff

Decorating your home by purchasing new items doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair. There are a number of places you can find good secondhand furniture and other lovely decors for amazingly less.

Thrift stores, for instance, aren’t just for shoes and clothing. Most larger thrift stores like Goodwill are loaded with home accessories and furnishings. You can also pick out the best glassware, artwork or lamps at smaller thrift stores.

If there’s any reuse center like the Habitat for Humanity Restore around your locale, you’d be wise to take advantage of it. That should be the go-to place for all your home projects.

Stores like these have a wide variety of materials that have probably been salvaged from old sites. All for a fraction of a retail cost, you can come across home-remodeling materials like appliances, furniture, etc.

If you’re in a Craigslist group, that’s another perfect spot to find affordable home furnishings. Simply look into the ‘For Sale’ or ‘household’ category for a listing of antiques, appliance or furniture.

Free stuff is no doubt the best bargain. Freecycle is a global network of groups that brings together individuals who want to sell their unwanted stuff with those who need them. It’s like a free version of Craigslist.

Visit to find a cost-free Freecycle group around your area and provide your location.

Everything (well, almost everything) you find on Freecycle, Craigslist, local thrift stores or reuse centers is worth your time.

Break the norm of stopping by high-end stores for small but costly items which may not actually add any value to your home in terms of style and elegance.

4. Change Your Paint Color

A touch of color on your walls alone is enough to transform the state of your home. Not only is it an affordable endeavor, but it’s also a fun and family friendly-activity.

In one hour or less, you can make your dingy or faded walls a fresh look by using the same shade or switching to a different one. A gallon of high-quality paint goes for approximately $35.

Depending on the size of your room, it might take you two gallons (seventy bucks) to redecorate your home.

Explore different techniques of painting your walls and combine as many colors as possible to come up with different eye-catching effects.

One of the simplest paint finishes you can try out is painting colored (or just a single color) stripes on a white wall. Do this by taping off various sections of a wall and paint in between the taped stripes.

If you happen to be more ambitious, don’t be shy to give your walls that much-need ombre effect. This can easily go from bright to dark brown horizontally on a clear wall.

First off, paint your wall using a single color then leave it to dry. Using the same paint, apply a darker shade on top to two-thirds of the bottom wall. After it dries up, paint a dark color on the bottom section.

Other paint styles worth trying out are color-washing, sponging, sponging off, ragging, rag-rolling, and dragging.

Expert decorators recommend painting as a simple way of making spaces feel separate, small rooms appear bigger, thereby creating an accent wall among other fine architectural details.

5. Download Legit Inexpensive Home Decor Apps

Adjusting your single bedroom, house, loft or apartment to reflect your individual tastes can be somewhat stressful if you have no clue on what to do.

With the ever-growing number of decorating apps on the web, sprucing up your living space won’t be such a hustle.

Pinterest is a good place to get your decoration ideas from but it only works to a certain extent.

While drawing inspiration from other people’s ideas may be helpful to some people, others are still left with questions on the impact of different ornaments in their living spaces.

The wide array of apps today will help you to not only visualize, but also put the plans into action around your home – at no cost at all.

Here are some of the apps you should be having in your smartphone if you’re looking to get some digital design ideas. Each of these apps is available for download on Android and Apple phones:

  • Hutch
  • Houzz Interior Design Ideas
  • ColorSnap
  • Mosss
  • Brit + Co
  • Flipp
  • bHome
  • DesignHome

From minor home decor redesigns to gut renovations, each of these intuitive apps will make every step of the process straightforward and relatively simple.

Though not included in the list, is among the most recent home improvement applications. You can consult project advisers on a variety of stuff, buy different tools or supplies and track your orders.

The app is free but the items in it obviously cost money. If you need to round up a few supplies for your decoration project, is the go-to app. Think of it as the Amazon for all things construction.

Therefore, instead of running to an interior designer or spending massive amounts of cash on ornaments that are probably not the right fit for your home, give these apps a shot.

6. Remodel Old Furniture and Accessories

It’s possible to make something out of your old furniture. Remodeling or repurposing is a creative way to change an item’s look but for a different purpose.

Getting the best out of your old stuff will require a lot of handy work, so it’s best you start dusting your toolbox.

If your friend or a family member has some old-timey collector’s item, that’s probably all you need to add some sparkle to your home. One person’s trash may turn out to be your treasure with just a few tweaks here and there.

Alternatively, you can find some old furniture pieces to remodel at Craigslist, flea markets, yard sales or even thrift stores. The best part about buying used stuff is their affordability.

Just the thought of turning an old dresser worth twenty bucks into an entertainment piece worth hundreds.

All it takes is to enjoy redoing furnishings and DIY projects that can turn out to be the best aspects of your home.

The next time you step into a yard sale, thrift store or anywhere else where you’re likely to find furnishings, focus on how affordable the old furniture is. Also, look into what useful piece you can turn it into.

There are loads of ideas on the world wide web that can help you decide on what to make of your old furniture. Anything you make can turn out to be a great fit for your living room, kitchen or any room in your home for that matter.

By repurposing, you get to spend a lot less than if you were to buy it retail.

7. Take Advantage of the Wide Variety of Wallpaper Patterns

Home wallpapers come in various patterns, with most of them being too hard to replicate using paint. Wallpapers also make a durable surface that are surprisingly easier to wipe off compared to a painted wall.

Despite the fact that wallpapers are out of reach for some, there are still those that are easy on the pocket. Even with the smallest amount, you can still get a noticeable impact when you use it for highlighting a sizeable room.

Costs aside, the only problem you might run into with wallpapers is how hard they are to put up on the walls.

Note that you don’t need them to cover the entire room. Spread the wallpapers only in the small area you wish to highlight and use paint on the remaining areas.

A second option you can try out is to get rid of some of your cabinet doors and cover the walls behind the shelves with a floral paper with a lighter shade.

This will cost you a mere $50 (more or less) and is much simpler than painting a certain design in a small space.

When putting up wallpaper in your bedroom, use the headboard as your focal point. Don’t have one in your bedroom? Just install one to the wall directly. Cut a sizeable piece of wallpaper and plaster it behind the bed.

Wallpaper can also look good on furniture – even though doing so may go contrary to its name. Like paint, wallpaper can be used to give your furniture a fresh look, a newer design and show how creative you can be.

8. Mix Up the Fabric Colors

Changing the colors of your wall is a good way to decorate your home and doing the same to your fabric has an even bigger impact.

Rugs, pillows, curtains, furniture, etc., are either made of or covered in fabric. Mixing up the colors of the different textiles in your room is a nice way of livening the atmosphere of the room.

Curtains are the most prevalent fabrics that are easily noticeable especially when one walks into a room. Take the opportunity to change the look of your window – or room for that matter – by purchasing curtains with a brightly colored fabric.

Get that light and comfy feel with a simple, bright and absolute curtain. If you’d rather the formal look, go for dark satin, heavy-lined drapery.

Your budget will easily be met only when you keep it simple. It’s more than possible to find plain panels for as little as $5 a piece. If you’ll not find curtains with your ideal fabric, make one yourself.

All you need is an unused fabric that suits your style, a machine, and basic sewing skills. The fabric in question should be the right fit for your curtain.

If you’re not up for the tiresome sewing process, just attach the fabric to some clips. Home decors are all about creativity, right? Colorful fabrics can be used in the most unusual ways with the right level of creativity.

The fact that they’re cheap is enough reasons to give your home the decor it deserves without worrying about the extra expenses.

9. Add Your Own Type of Woodwork to the Interior and Exterior

Older homes including the Craftsman bungalows and the Victorian mansions give prominence to some beautiful woodwork designs.

A room with eye-catching woodwork portrays visual interest. Unfortunately, modern homes find such classy designs outdated.

Home decoration comes in various styles, materials, and sizes. Whether you decide to adopt the Victorian-style woodwork on your walls or settle for a colorful wallpaper, that’s entirely up to you.

Getting some decorative woodwork in your home is a smart move; you’ll basically be transforming it from casual trends to customized elegance on a very low budget.

Most modern homes nowadays incorporate a small but simple trim all around the floor edges. This covers any gap between the walls and the floorboard, thereby giving the floor a finished look. This type of woodwork is known as base molding.

If you want, you can take it a step further and add a ‘shoe’ molding which is basically a second, smaller molding. The least expensive shoe moldings go for a mere $2 – $3 for an eight-foot length.

Looking for something fancier? Carved moldings of this kind have significantly better and more elaborate shapes that go for anywhere between $4 and $8 per eight-foot length.

Other types of woodwork worth trying out include crown molding, chair molding, picture rails, and wainscoting. Redoing your entire home using either one of these will cost you $300 or less.

10. Details, Details, Details

Isn’t it interesting how much focusing on even the slightest details can greatly impact a room? An act as simple as replacing accessories or hardware can give your space a whole new look for a few dollars or nothing at all.

To put this into perspective, try adding a couple of accessories to your collection. A couple of candles, a vase of flowers or even a bowl of fruit on your dining table are some of the most overlooked accessories.

If there are certain items around your home that you don’t find valuable, sell them online and get money to buy newer and affordable accessories.

Family photos in similar frames are also great decorations that are most likely to appeal to anyone seeing them for the first time. Choosing the same material for your wood makes your photos less distracting.

Accessories are nice, but when overdone they’re a total disaster to your living space. Try to picture different souvenirs, greeting cards, seashells, and other whatever else you can think of everywhere around your home.

Dwell a little on the accessories as you also focus on the lighting (don’t expect your room to look good with poor lighting), kitchen faucets, lamp shades and other stuff in your home that are worth looking into.

Final Thoughts

To redo your room on a low budget, you’ll need to adopt a fresh mindset. Rather than change every design and decoration from scratch, your primary goal should be to do as little as you can.

At the same time, try and figure out a way to maintain the newness of your old items. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving an old room a fresh appearance. It’s even better being able to do it without breaking the bank.

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