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Last Chance To Get 15% Cash Back On Amazon With Giving Assistant

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We recently announced how you can get 15% cash back on all of your Amazon purchases mostly thanks to Giving Assistant giving 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases. Unfortunately, this promotion is coming to an end on November 1st and will no longer be giving such a high amount of cash back.

However, not all is lost. We’re going to recommend you some alternatives on how you can maximize your cash back on Amazon and how you can prepare early before the first of next month.

How Do I Get 15% Cash Back?

Giving Assistant is an online cash back portal that pays you money to use their affiliate links. Each time you make a purchase, they receive a commission and then give that money back to you in the form of cash back. I’ve always preferred this cash back site because they give you 100% of the money they earn or give a portion to charity. The way they make money is through relationships with other retailers.

Giving Assistant is currently giving 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases no matter what the category. This has been going on for the past few months, but it looks like it’s coming to an end on November 1st.

It’s difficult to say what percentage of cash back you’ll be able to get through Amazon starting the first of November, but I would guess that it will go back to what it was before at2.5%. Sign-up using our referral link and get a free $5 after you make your first purchase.

Discover It Card

While Giving Assistant gives us 5% cash back, the Discover It Card is holding a Double Cash Back Promotion on all purchases that expires at the end of the year and can give us the additional 10%. This offer is only available to new members.

Apply Now

One of the great benefits of the Discover It Card is that it gives you 5% cash back on specific categories that rotate quarterly. One of these categories is purchases on Amazon that lasts from July all the way until December.

Since you normally get 5% cash back on purchases, you’re actually going to get 10% cash back with their promotion. Take note that this amount is on up to $1,500 per quarter. Otherwise you’ll be getting 2% cash back on all Amazon purchases (normally 1% on all purchases, but doubled thanks to their promotion).

Using the Giving Assistant Portal along with your Discover It Card gives you a total of 10% + 5% = 15% cash back on all Amazon purchases.

Note: The terms of the Double Cash Back Promotion state that only half of the cash back amounts will be given to you at the end of each billing cycle (5%). The other half will be given to you at the end of one year, or your 13th billing cycle (the other 5%).

Stock Up On Gift Cards

If you’re not sure on what to buy to take advantage of this 15% cash back opportunity, go ahead and buy Amazon Gift Cards and save them for later. Even if you’re not going to use them immediately, you’re still getting 15% cash back which is a great deal, and we don’t know when this opportunity is going to happen again. Even if you don’t use them down the road, you can sell them to friends and family members at a 5% discount and still make a profit!

I Already Have A Discover It Card – Can I Still Get The Promotion?

Technically, the Discover It Double Cash Back Promotion is only available to new members. I was already a cardholder due to the incredible Discover benefits that you can get, so I was a little bit disappointed. Yet when I found out that I could double all of my cash back, I wasn’t about to give up. I contacted Discover immediately if I could be entered into their promotion.

The first time I called in and they said without hesitation a big, fat “No.” At that point there wasn’t anything I could do. I was a little bit irritated at that point so I pushed a little further, explaining that I had been long-standing cardholder and I didn’t want them to lose another member.

This pushed them over the edge, and within a couple of weeks I was accepted into their Double Cash Back Program. You just have to be a little persuasive. If you don’t end up being placed in their promotion, the Discover It is still a great card and you can still get 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases.

Now How Can I Still Get A High Amount Of Cash Back?

Even though Giving Assistant is changing their terms, we can still use other shopping portals that give us cash back on Amazon purchases. However, there is one big difference. The other portals currently available only give you cash back at Amazon on specific categories

Let’s take the example of one of my favorite cash back portals, TopCashBack (free $10 on sign-up). They mention on their site that you can get up to 6% cash back on Amazon purchases, and this is true. It just depends on what you’re buying. This currently includes the following categories (changes frequently):

Anything outside of these categories will not give you cash back, so be careful when making your purchase. If this is the case, it’s still better to go with Giving Assistant because even though they’re lowering their percentage of cash back (we’re guessing back to 2.5%), you get cash back on all purchases, even gift cards!

The one thing I do like about TopCashBack is that they do cater to the time of year. Since it’s Halloween, they’re offering a promotion on Halloween costumes at 6% back. It’s usually best to check here first before you make your Amazon purchase.

If the category that you’re purchasing under isn’t listed on their website, then you can always go back to Giving Assistant and make your final purchase (it will be lower than 5%, but you’ll still get some cash back).

BeFrugal (free $10 on sign-up) is another, excellent cash back portal that I highly recommend and gives more or less the same deals as TopCashBack, so be sure to check both.

You usually need a $20 minimum from both portals before you can withdraw your earnings. You can use them for purchases to thousands of online retailers other than just Amazon. This way you should get to that minimum amount in no time.

Final Thoughts

Giving Assistant will no longer be giving 5% cash back on Amazon purchases as of November 1st, so make sure to stock up on gift cards while you can even if you’re uncertain as to what to buy.

If you’re ever making a purchase on Amazon, just make sure that you’re getting a decent amount of cash back, or else you’re missing out on some huge savings. If you have any questions or comments, you know where to leave them. Enjoy your Amazon purchases!

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