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20 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $20

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Looking for some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? If you’re running out of time, there are plenty of gifts under $20 you can get last minute. There are plenty of gifts perfect for your wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend. In addition, you can also use inexpensive gifts to create a unique Mother’s Day basket.

Keep in mind that all of these gifts on this list are found on Amazon. When you sign-up for Amazon Prime, you get FREE two-day shipping for the entire year. That’s what makes it great for last-minute gifts. Students can sign-up for Student Prime which gives them 50% off of their membership with a valid university email address.

Let’s get started on our top 20 last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas all for under $20. See one that’s not on this list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Did You Feed the Dog Reminder Helps A Forgetful Mom

last minute mother's day gift ideas dog reminder

When your conversations with your mom on the phone tend to revolve around her dog or cat, finding a gift that suits them both is a Mother’s Day essential. Especially if your mom barely uses a smartphone, the under $10 “Did You Feed the Dog?” manual-slider reminder from DYFTD is an ideal choice.

The idea behind this product is simple. It serves a visual reminder that lets owners move a slider to indicate if they remembered to feed the dog that day. This is a recommended gift for anyone that is forgetful as well as a way to prevent obesity in animals.

The product is also designed to be mounted so that it can be seen at eye-level next to the pet feeding area. The reminder allows the owner to collect data from a full week.

No batteries are required to operate the reminder. Furthermore, the design construction looks like brushed stainless steel. This means it fits in with any surrounding interior design schemes.

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2. Coastline Global’s Pet Check-up Kit Helps Mom Worry Less About Her Dog Or Cat

last minute mother's day gift ideas global check for pets

If your mom is on a fixed income and owns a pet, you might want to help prevent her from spending extra money. Instead of the expense of rushing to the vet only to find out the cat or dog is fine, this pet check-up kit from Coastline Global can help detect diabetes, blood in the urine, a UTI or other kidney conditions.

The inexpensive test is done through urine collection. Furthermore, the results do not need to be shipped to a lab for an additional cost. Instead, your mom can get the test results in minutes, and it covers the four most-common medical ailments that cause pets to need to be rushed to the vet clinic.

This product is non-invasive and is also vet-approved. Another aspect that sets this test kit apart from similar products is the unique collection method. This technique is much more dainty in nature than other kits, but still maintains a low cost. If the test indicates a problem, it can be shown to the vet.

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3. Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speakers For Music-Loving Moms

last minute mother's day gift ideas portable bluetooth speaker

If your mom owns a smartphone or a laptop, you can amaze her by giving her one of the new Amazon Basics brand portable Bluetooth speakers. They come in multiple colors like red, blue and black.

These mini-speakers also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift because it is small enough to carry around the house while she does other things she loves like working in the garden or relaxing by the pool.

One other nice aspect to the Bluetooth speaker is not having any extra wires or parts to buy. To recharge, a cord is provided that can easily hook-up to a laptop or smartphone to recharge. Although it’s less than $20, this unique Mother’s Day gift has other benefits compared to others on the market.

For example, it has a 33-foot wireless range and also has an old-fashioned 3.5mm aux-in jack so your mom can still connect to her old non-Bluetooth audio devices.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 8-hours of play-time while remaining at full-charge. Not only that, but this speaker has a built-in microphone that lets mom use the device as a hands-free speakerphone.

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4. The TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb Gets Mom Started With Smart Home Technology

last minute mother's day gift ideas smart bulb

Is your mom only recently taking the plunge with smart home devices? To help mom get her feet wet with smart home technology, the TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb is an affordable way to give her some training wheels.

The TP-Link device has a number of benefits outside of being dimmable. For example, the low cost includes up to 50 watts power. Furthermore, it’s easy to use with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

One unique feature your mom will love is being able to adjust lighting from daylight to soft-white and this can dramatically improve the way interiors look. In addition, if your mom forgets to turn the lights off after she leaves the house, she can use her smartphone to turn them off.

There are also features to set scheduled timers for the lights, and this is used as a safety feature. For example, if you get an alert on your phone from the security company, suddenly turning on a light remotely can help scare burglars away because they will think you turned on the switch in the other room.

Having lights on a timer is also an effective way for environmentally-friendly moms to cut down on power usage and have a smaller carbon footprint. This is also a helpful way for your mom to read in bed, and schedule for the light to shut off in case she falls asleep over her book.

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5. The Axis Scarf Hanger For the Mom That Has Dozens of Scarves

last minute mother's day gift ideas scarf hanger

If your mom has collected a lifetime of scarves, you know she has boxes stuffed with them. Instead of keeping them in the drawer, the InterDesign company has a product called the axis scarf hanger.

This is built to be snag-proof, and it is ideal for other items like Pashminas, necklaces, shawls, belts, ties and scarves. The top of the axis scarf hanger is a traditional hanger, and the bottom has 18 loops.

These loops form a rectangle, and the idea is that you thread a scarf or tie through the loops. The construction is sturdy, and the metal hanger is made from copper. This means it looks great on display. It can also be hung on a bathroom door for last-minute scarf choices.

It’s an attractive choice inside a crowded closet. With just one nail, the scarf hanger can use wall space where shelving cannot be installed.

Once your mom has this item in her life, she could find that it has uses elsewhere. For example, this item can be used by men to sort their ties. It is also a helpful tool for teaching children how to stay organized when sorting clothes they will wear the next day.

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6. KeyZone’s Toothpaste Squeezer Is A Funny Way to Kiss Mom Everyday

last minute mother's day gift ideas bathroom lip kisser

If your mom is difficult to shop for, but you’re tired of giving her the same old flowers for Mother’s Day, try something different. Some of the best gifts for moms are also usually practical in nature.

On rare occasions, you can combine joke gifts with practical purposes. Fortunately, there’s a product that suits both of these Mother’s Day gifting intentions. For $6.59, the KeyZone lip kiss toothpaste squeezer is a funny way to say “I love you” but still provides something that is practical.

Every time your mom squeezes out her toothpaste, she will see the big red or pink lips and think of you. When times are tough, the comical presentation of the plastic lips might get her to laugh when nothing else will.

Either way, she may not know what to assume from you next once you have broken her cycle of Mother’s Day gift expectations with a silly gift like this. Made from flexible plastic, this product also gives moms with arthritis a break from squeezing the tube.

The squeezer can be used for any toothpaste in a tube, and other products that come in tubes such as hair gel or lotion can benefit from the squeezer. In addition to saving money on products, this item is perfect for green moms because it helps cut down on waste.

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7. Flower-shaped Sink Filter Gives Mom a Flower That She’ll Use Everyday

last minute mother's day gift ideas flower sink

Is your mom the type that wants every aspect of her life to be highly decorated? When it comes to the kitchen, you can literally decorate everything but the kitchen sink.

To surprise mom in a way she is not expecting, DCDEAL makes a silicone kitchen sink strainer that has a lacy floral design. This definitely gives your mom’s kitchen sink color, design and an unexpected twist that makes her friends jealous.

You can double up to get her drain catchers for the bathroom as well as both kitchen sinks. The drain catcher comes in two pastel colors, and the drain holes in the catcher are dotted with stars, butterflies, and dots that create a batik-floral design.

The style is effective for keeping the drain free of smaller pieces of food such as rice, but the design keeps water flowing. When used in the bathroom, it easily collects hair from the bathtub drain, and is easy to clean.

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8. Animal Toothbrush Covers Keep Grandma From Getting Sick When Grandchildren Visit

last minute mother's day gift ideas frog toothbrush

Has your mom had a recent health issue that has compromised her immune system? When the grandchildren visit, this might mean that special caution is paid to keep the kids from giving their mom an infection.

Whether they are your kids or grandchildren, there’s no need to worry about the toothbrushes being another problematic area. These adorable toothbrush covers help everyone follow the rules while still having fun.

VISKEY’s toothbrush covers are also made from materials that promote an antibacterial environment, and there are five covers in one package. Instead of letting them get crowded on limited counter top space in the bathroom, the covers can be mounted to the wall or a bathroom mirror with the pre-attached suction cup.

This also helps kids keep track of which toothbrush is theirs, and this leads to fewer cross-contamination issues.

The covers will also keep the toothbrushes safe if younger children play in the bathroom when they are not supposed to. The animals represented in the five-pack are a frog, cow, pig, rabbit and cat.

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9. A “Flower” Gift For Sick Moms In Hospital Beds On Mother’s Day

last minute mother's day gift ideas cotton swab holder

When your mom lives in a medical facility, it can be difficult to find small ways to cheer her up. This is especially true if the facility where she lives has restrictions on what she can keep in her hospital or hospice room.

For example, you might not be able to give your mom flowers in a hospital setting or nursing home because they contain allergens. Instead of everything looking like the inside of a pharmacy, there is a unique gift that will add a little more beauty to her life in a practical way. Try giving your mom a lotus-shaped cotton swab holder.

The decorative organizer can sit beside her table and remind her of the flowers you wanted to bring her. Staff that are caring for your mom will also love the lotus cotton swab organizer, and this gives them a chance to bond with your mom.

Having an icebreaker for the staff to talk about to your mom could be important if she is unable to use her voice. The lotus can also be passed on as an inexpensive gift to staff that they will actually appreciate when your mom leaves to go home.

The size of the organizer approximately 3.5′. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with cotton swabs included. The easy-to-remove top of the organizer is constructed of clear plastic, and it is designed to keep the cotton swabs sterile.

In addition to having this product next to your mom while she is in a nursing home or hospice situation, it can also be used with her home makeup and manicure kit.

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10. The Perfect Aromatherapy Gift For Frazzled Moms

last minute mother's day gift ideas essential oils

Does your mom spend a lot of time trying to make the house smell good? Instead of relying on companies that only want you to use their replacement products, go independent by getting mom a URPOWER essential oil diffuser.

This essential oil diffuser can also release a cooling mist. The mist mode is adjustable, and it has an auto-shut-off. The device holds 100ml of water, and it is the same height as a smartphone making it ideal for cramped bathroom counter tops, bedside tables or office cubicles.

For a mom that has a lot of sniffles, the mist feature works as a mini-humidifier to moisturize the air. This can help prevent dry skin, sinus dryness, and chapped lips. The aromatherapy diffuser can be programmed for on-and-off cycles and will automatically shut off if the water runs out.

The whisper-quiet operation time lasts about six hours, and it is power cord operated. One other unique aspect to this Mother’s Day gift is that it has seven pastel colors that can softly change. This is ideal for relaxation, but this feature is also used for nightlight or nursery light purposes.

The diffuser only needs to be filled with water and a few drops of essential oils to operate. A power supply cord is included, and it is about 69-inches-long. This product is a big hit with families because the night light can also be used to keep everyone from bumping into things in the bathroom at night.

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11. Brighten Mom’s Daily Cup Of Tea

last minute mother's day gift ideas nessie tea infuser

Does your mom like a fresh cup of tea that she makes by putting a tea ball or a diffuser in the cup? Last year for Mother’s Day, you got her the perfect mug, and the year before that, you got your mom the top tea kettle.

This year, instead of giving her another honey gift basket to incorporate into her favorite daily ritual, throw in something fun she is not expecting. Friendly Chef has several colorful silicone tea infusers that represent many animals including the original Nessie Tea Infuser.

Having a dinosaur in your tea will get a good laugh out of your mom, but there are other unique designs you can add to her collection.

The infuser is made with food-grade BPA-free silicone and this means it is safe to put in hot tea. It’s also guaranteed to not affect the taste of the tea.

Each tea infuser is constructed with an internal stainless steel counterweight to keep the light-weight silicone from bobbing. This product can also be put in the dishwasher and is safe in case it accidentally ends up in the microwave.

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12. Help Your Mom Keep Her Feet Warm In A Home Spa Environment

last minute mother's day gift ideas memory foam

When it comes to pampering, the bathroom floor is still one of the biggest barriers. Even if you can keep the tile or vinyl flooring from being slippery, there is still a need to keep your feet from getting too cold.

Worse if your mom has trouble standing. Her bathroom rituals for getting ready for her day could feel uncomfortable. One product that covers many bases is the Amazon Basics memory foam bath mat.

The mat comes in sage, dark brown, beige and light gray. The measurements are a standard 18” by 28”, and it has many unique traits that set it apart from traditional bath mats. For example, if your mom uses a cane or walker, she will appreciate that this bath mat absorbs water quickly.

The water absorbs into the core instead of leaking out the underside. This means that your mom can have a bath mat that provides memory foam to give her a dry and also comfortable area in front of the bathroom mirror.

The mat is designed to hold up to four-times its weight and also is engineered to dry fast. The mat can also be laundered in the washing machine with no special preparations. This gives your mom a chance to have the medical equipment she needs while still looking fashionable and feeling comfortable.

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13. Mom Will Think Of You When She Gets A Cup Of Coffee

last minute mother's day gift ideas coffee

Has your mom become addicted to coffee pods and now her counter top is littered with them? To help her keep the flavors organized, the Mind Reader single serve coffee pod drawer is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The drawer is intended to rest under the coffee maker. This product also comes with a milk frother as a free gift. Depending on the type of coffee maker she loves, the coffee pod drawer comes in different styles.

For example, Nescafe’s coffee pods are different than the K-cups. For this reason, be sure to choose the right drawer model for the machine your mom uses. In some models, there is a single drawer in a single unit, and in others, there are two or three drawers in a single unit.

This product is also available in colors like red or black as well as playful prints. The drawer units are intended to hold up to 36 coffee pods. Your mom will appreciate getting back her counter top space, and it is also designed to be attractive in office spaces.

This product was designed to replace the wire mesh holders or coffee pod carousels, and is constructed from high-end and durable plastic. The design is intended to hold up a coffee maker being placed on top.

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14. A Funny Gift For Mom’s Reading Glasses That Has A Family Tradition History

last minute mother's day gift ideas glass

Is your mom self conscious about the fact that she now has to wear reading glasses? Worse is when your mom is totally blind when she takes her glasses off and can’t find them.

Instead of fumbling around for her eyeglasses, a spectacle holder shaped like a giant nose might be the perfect way to keep her from losing her next set. This eyeglasses holder from PMK is hand-carved wood. It’s sure to get some laughs out of your mom for Mother’s Day.

The front of the eyeglasses holder resembles a big nose, and this is where the bridge of the glasses rests. In the back, there’s a small slot that allows a pair of glasses to rest securely without slipping.

Like other family traditions, this item is part of a family business in India. They’ve been making these eyeglasses and spectacles holders in this particular style for generations.

The wood used is called East Indian Rosewood, and it is also referred to as “sheesham” from the scientific genus “Dalbergia sissoo.”

Sheesham wood is also used in America to make high-end guitars. East Indian Rosewood is considered a “true rosewood.” In other words, this can be an heirloom item that you can pass down through generations for your family.

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15. For Moms That Are Afraid To Turn On The Grill

last minute mother's day gift ideas grill

Does your mom love to grill but refuses to do so when no one will operate the propane tank Moms that live in the Pacific Northwest might get tired of trying to fire up the grill when it has been raining everyday for months.

In other words, sometimes it does not work out to go outside and grill. Thankfully, there’s a solution for grilling when it is not “grill weather” outside. If you do not want your mom to go without her favorite grilled vegetables or meats, consider a compromise with the Westinghouse seasoned cast-iron grill pan.

The square cast iron pan can be used in the oven, broiler or on the stove top. It’s the perfect fit for when Mom is having dinner by herself. It’s also an ideal product for making a low-fat grilled fish dinner for up to four people.

The grill pan is 10.5-inches in diameter. Unlike some grill pans, this one has walls that allow it to be used like a saucepan. For example, the pan can be loaded up with salmon and vegetables in the oven or broiler. Your mom doesn’t need to worry about the grill pan leaking grease over the edges and making the kitchen smokey.

When the weather is back to sunny, your mom can take this grill pan camping to use over a campfire or on top of her outdoor grill. Another advantage to this grill pan is that it does not need to be seasoned. It can use occasional upkeep by baking it in the oven with the recommended generic cooking oil.

This grill pan is also ideal for people with arthritis because it is easy to clean compared to other grilling options.

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16. Surprise Mom With A Joke Gift For Mother’s Day

last minute mother's day gift ideas toilet

Does your mom keep complaining about how other residents of her home don’t seem to be able to use the toilet properly? Your mom might not appreciate this gift for long-term use, but she will likely get a good laugh out of the RainBowl.

This motion-sensor activated toilet bowl night light has eight different colors that flash on when the toilet bowl lid is lifted. Outside of being a joke gift your mom has never seen before, the purpose is to create safety.

Instead of being blinded by turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night, RainBowl provides a dim source of light.

This keeps your mom from bumping into things, and RainBowl claims there are at least 30,000 toilet-related injuries in America each year.

It’s also an energy-saver. The device is only activated if there is no other light in the bathroom. It is also programmed for two minutes after the last motion was detected. This means it is conserving energy in a second way.

For grandmas and moms that are teaching small children potty training, there’s a remote control. This allows the adult to play with the RainBowl lighting to entertain the child on the toilet.

In other words, this easy-to-install self-contained night light with a lifetime guarantee is great for creating some interesting family stories.

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17. A Gift To Increase Mom’s Parking Lot Safety

last minute mother's day gift ideas light

Having worries about your mom being in a dark parking lot or busy parking structure at night? To ensure  her safety, consider getting her an Olight for Mother’s Day.

This key chain attachment not only helps her see her keyhole or the ground in front of her while she is on her phone, but the tiny flashlight also has a secondary safety feature.A non-lethal and non-contact way to help your situation is to blind them by shining a flashlight directly into their eyes. While many internet sources cite 50 Lumens as effective, the Olight packs 90 Lumens.

This flashlight is also different from other models because of its small size. However, it boasts a surprisingly large area of illumination. For instance, this is a twist and not a button model.

This also only requires one AAA battery instead of two. This is to ensure a lighter carbon footprint. The battery gives you 60,000 hours of illumination, and the flashlight carries a five-year warranty from the manufacturer.

For moms that are preppers or hikers, they can use these flashlights in their emergency kits for a backup.

Get it on Amazon

18. Give Mom A Pool Or Shower Speaker To Listen To Music

last minute mother's day gift ideas waterproof speaker

Is your mom the type that likes to sing in the shower, but she still does not think moisture and speakers mix? To upgrade your mom’s daily shower experience, get her a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can let her listen to music when she is anywhere near water.

This means she can use it for boating, swimming or showering, but also when she is cooking and washing dishes. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from CAMTOA is sold as an outdoor or sports model.

It can also double as a hands-free speaker and has a specific button for answering the phone. This ability to answer the phone via the speaker when you are in the shower comes in handy for busy moms.

The speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology and has a pendant attachment with a mini-carabiner. The unit takes three hours to charge. They estimate that it will provide roughly 12 hours of music playtime.

What sets this speaker apart is the fact it is small, but large enough to release sounds that are precise instead of sounding muffled. This is also a big hit for moms that like to ride bikes but do not want to wear headphones or earbuds because they will not be able to hear traffic.

Get it on Amazon

19. Keep Mom From Burning Herself In A Bubble Bath

last minute mother's day gift ideas frog

Is your mom obsessed with taking the perfect bubble bath at the end of a long day? Especially if it is part of a physical therapy routine, having an ideal temperature for bathing can be tricky.

You can get her a set of water temperature indicators that have a fun presentation. The tub water temperature devices are from Mommy’s Helper. They look like green frogs when there is no water in the tub.

When you add water, they respond to the temperature of the water by changing colors. The frogs are about 8′ by 6′. Keep in mind that you should place these at the bottom of the tub.

They also have a secondary purpose of helping the bottom of the tub have more skid-proof features. Six frogs come in each package, and there is one that is specific for temperature sensing.

There are also three optional non-slip strips for placing in other areas of the tub. Each frog is easy to install, and they have an adhesive backing.

When the frog gets too hot, the heat-sensing frog changes from blue to magenta. Along with being great for any adult, kids will appreciate the style of the frogs, and they help keep everyone from getting burned in the bath.

This is also a great gift to include in a bigger Mother’s Day basket that has a lotions, soaps and a spa theme.

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20. Get Mom A Classic Cut-Crystal Decanter And Glass Set

last minute mother's day gift ideas glass set

Did you buy your mom an expensive bourbon for Mother’s Day that has remained unopened on her mantle because she does not have anything fancy to drink it out of? If you know a mom that appreciates the luxury styles of the 1950’s or 1960’s, this classic Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-piece whiskey gift set is a must.

Instead using it for alcohol, you can also use it to decant other drinks or tonics. For moms that like to drink a shot of kombucha, apple cider or vinegar everyday, this product allows her to upgrade her style to something appropriate for an office setting.

Alternatively, your mom might be the type that likes to have a drink and a cigar. This gift makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Not only that, it can easily be accompanied by a bottle of a brand that is sentimental to your family.

Unlike cut crystal tumblers, this heavy-weight glass set is designed for the modern age to be dishwasher-safe. Regardless, handle this set gently in the dishwasher. It’s handcrafted glass with artisan details.

This decanter set is made by glass artists in Parma, Italy. Furthermore, it has the classic ornate starburst pattern etched into the glass. The six rock glasses are 9.5 ounces and the decanter holds 33.75 ounces. By far, this will be a Mother’s Day gift that she was not expecting.

Get it on Amazon

There Is Always A Fun And Inexpensive Gift For Everyone On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a highly personal holiday, and it is not always one that every mom looks forward to. This is especially true if no one can celebrate the holiday in-person.

Instead of getting them flowers or a card, every mom could use a few laughs from people outside of her children. If this is your daughter’s first Mother’s Day, celebrating it with her is an exciting time.

Regardless, if you want to get something to put a smile on her face, these 20 unique gifts for under $20 will not let her down for Mother’s Day. See something that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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