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Make $15/Month In Passive Income With The Media Insiders Panel App

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If you want to make an extra $15/month in passive income without having to do anything, Media Insiders Panel is the app for you. This app will pay you to leave an app quietly running in the background on your phone without taking up any resources.

What Is Media Insiders Panel?

Media Insiders Panel is an app that is used to gather research on your phone. Once installed, it will run quietly in the background, slowly gathering information. This data is then sold off as market research, and you as a user will get a small portion in the form of cash.

Absolutely no work is required other than installing the app and cashing out. You just have to leave it running. The phone isn’t intended to interfere with your battery usage or take up a large amount of resources, so you shouldn’t notice when it’s running.

Media Insiders Panel seeks to gain knowledge about how media is shared on your device (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They will never hand out information regarding your identity, family, friends or anything related to your personal life, ever. Here is currently what type of information they capture:

    • Web page visits
    • Videos Watched
    • Ads viewed
    • Facebook and Twitter Activity
    • Surveys taken (optional)

These devices currently support the Media Insiders Panel App:

  • Android devices that support Android version 4.0 or greater that aren’t rooted
  • Kindle Fire HD Devices with built-in microphones
  • iPhone versions after 5 that run iOS 7.1 or later

How Do I Start Earning Money With Media Insiders Panel?

Getting setup with Media Insiders Panel can be a little bit tricky depending on what device you use, but we’re going to show you the simplest way in 5 short steps.

1. To sign-up, go to You can sign-up from your mobile device, but from a PC or Mac will be much easier.

2. You will be asked to fill out some personal information such as your name and email address. When you get to the question about which rewards program to join, you can choose either Perk Points or the Sweepstakes option.

perk points or sweeptakes media insiders panel

I highly recommend choosing the Perks Points because this way you can earn a steady flow of income, earning points that can be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards or cash deposited into your PayPal account. If you choose the sweepstakes option, you will automatically be entered in a drawing that goes weekly, monthly and quarterly.

3. After your account is setup, go ahead and download the Media Insiders App to your phone, whether it be an Android platform or iOS. When you open the app, click “Activate” and enter your email that you used to register.

media insiders activate

4. If you logged-in correctly and your account is setup, you should get a screen like the one below.

Media Insiders Login

5. Wait a minimum of 48 hours before noticing any activity on your account. Check back to make sure that Media Insiders is giving you the points you deserve. This should be denoted with green checks next to the days you are using the app.

There are three ways you can earn points through Media Insiders:

  1. Mobile Meter: Have the Media Insiders installed on your phone. It will quietly run in the background and award you points.
  2. TV Activity: If the app hears a TV running for at least one minute throughout the day, you will be awarded points. The phone just has to be close enough to capture sound in order for it to count.
  3. M-Connect: This is a VPN service which is completely optional. By using the VPN that they provide, you will earn more points. However, I do not recommend using M-Connect because a VPN will interfere with other rewards programs such as Perk TV and Swagbucks.

6. You can check your total amount of points by log-in at Go to the Member’s Page and click the “Check Your Perks Points” to see your current point status.

perks points media insiders panel

7.  You can view the available rewards by clicking the “Rewards” tab at the top. When you have a minimum of 500 points, you can cash out for a gift card or directly to PayPal. Enjoy!

How Much Can I Earn?

The amount of money you can earn with this rewards program depends on what activities you decide to partake in. If you leave the app installed on your phone, watch TV at least once daily, you will be on track to earn 50 points per week.

You can have a maximum of 3 mobile devices and one PC device in each household. By having these 4 devices running Media Insiders Panel, you will be on track to earn roughly $15 dollars/month, all without having to do a think except install their software!

media insiders panel multiple devices

Each week Media Insiders will send you an email regarding your current point status. If your phones are not ever receiving points from Media Insiders, you should receive an email as well.

media insiders panel how much money can i make

You can use their VPN to earn even more points, but I highly recommend not using the VPN due to the fact that a lot of the rewards programs mentioned on this site will ban you for using a VPN.

After 5 days of having a new account registered, you will be asked to run M-Connect.

You will also receive a bonus of 500 points ($5.00 dollars) after running the app for 12 weeks consecutively. This puts us at $185/year in passive income from one app.


Media Insiders Panel is an excellent app for earning extra cash on the side without having to do a thing. By running it 24/7 on 3 mobile devices and 1 PC, you are on track to earn $185/year in passive income.

This app can be run in conjunction with other apps on your phone, not taking up any necessary resources. Again, I recommend not using the VPN or it may interfere with other rewards programs.

Media Insiders Panel has one of the best support systems out there. If you have any questions, they will respond usually within the 24 hours. They can be contacted via email at, and will even respond on weekends!

If you have any questions about setup or would like to share how much you’ve earned so far, feel free to leave your experience in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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